10 New Items In My Beauty Drawer
Hi guys! Going to be a quick post today since I have a ton things to get done before we leave tomorrow (hair, nails, eyebrows, laundry, last minute packing. eeeek!). But I wanted to share some new noteworthy beauty items! Let’s start with this Supergoop hand cream. I got hooked on this when I raided my moms beauty closet last month. It’s moisturizing and has SPF 40! You don’t realize how much sun your hands are exposed to everyday – especially while driving. I wish I could keep it in my car but it’s too hot here. I keep it next to my sink so I don’t forget!
You might of seen on insta stories but I shaved my face for the first time on Sunday! I can honestly say I’m sad I didn’t start doing it sooner lol. My mom has done it for years and swears by it. I don’t have a lot of facial hair (just a little peach fuzz) but it is great for exfoliation and your makeup goes on smoother! I got these razors off Amazon and watched this video before I did it. And no, your hair will not grow back thicker!
I switch off between the Tula cleanser and this Elemis one. Honestly both are great so I keep one in the shower and the other by the sink. It doesn’t dry out my face and a little goes a long ways! I also started using this recovery cream-oil after I wash my face at night. I’ve only been using a week but so far so good. Anything that makes my skin feel healthy and moisturized is an A+ in my book!
I’ve actually had this dpHUE agan oil for awhile but found it tucked away in the back of my drawer. I love finding old treasures! Some oils weigh my hair down but this is lightweight and makes my hair feel silky smooth.
This ice roller is my new obsession. I use it in the AM and PM because it’s just so refreshing! It really comes in handy when you’ve had one too many cocktails…bye bye puffy hangover face! Read all about the benefits here.

I’m always on the hunt for new nudes and have fallen in love with Nude Envie! My two favorite colors are pure and radiate.

The steep price tag of this Giorgio Armani foundation scared me off but after seeing so many amazing reviews and articles on it (here), I had to see what all the hype was about. Andddd it is literally amazing! It’s lightweight, sinks into your skin, good coverage (not too heavy), and stays on all day. I use this primer and apply it with a damp beauty blender.
I mentioned this body oil last week on #coffeetalk but had to share again because it’s so good. I use right after I get out of the shower and my skin feels nourished all day. I don’t think I can ever go back to regular lotion!
I haven’t used these Colorescience sunscreen brushes yet but have them packed in my bag for Cabo. After posting them on insta stories so many of you responded that you use and love which made me even more excited to try. I will definitely report back on how they work!