5 Things We Do Every Morning
1. Work out. I don’t do this every morning but strive for at least three days a week. I go to Orange Theory on Tuesday and Thursday and go to the gym one (sometimes two if I’m really feelin’ it) other day a week. It feels sooo good getting your sweat sesh out of the way! Sometimes I even hit up the grocery store afterwards so I don’t have to bring Cam there during the day. I love feeling so accomplished by 8am.
2. Make a to-do list. I’m a list person and it helps me to write down everything I need to get done for the day. Also, there’s no better feeling then getting everything crossed off your list lol.
3. Take care of my skin. You have probably noticed from insta stories that I love eye masks and ice rolling! My current favorite eye patches are these 24k gold lift & firm ones and these instant energizing ones. And I use my ice roller alllll the time! It’s a great way to wake your skin up in the AM! I also drink chlorophyll water which not only benefits your skin, it also detoxes your blood, energizes your body and supports weight loss.
4. Manifest. Brooke and I have mentioned this several times before but we are strong believers on the power of positive thinking and manifesting. Each day I write down my goals (big and small) and how I’m going to work toward them.
5. Get dressed. If you are a stay at home mom you can most likely relate to this: sweat pants, hair in bun, all your time is dedicated to you kid(s). When I first had Cam I had a hard time adjusting and felt so frumpy for being in sweats all day. Now I make sure to get dressed so I feel like my old self. But it really starts with whats underneath your clothes. Lately, I have been loving ThirdLove bras and underwear. Most days I wear this t-shirt bra but if I want to spice it up I put on this pretty lace one 😉 I got these matching undies to go with! This bra goes so well under any outfit, and you don’t even care if it’s peeking out because it’s so pretty ;).
1. Make my bed. I do this every day as soon as I wake up get out of bed. It’s one less thing to do later in the day (which is when I feel like I have a mile-long “to do” list), and starts your day off in a positive/productive way! 
2. Meditate. This is a fairly new addition to my morning routine, but I’m so happy I started because it helps me get set for the day rather than running straight for my coffee maker. I downloaded the app Headspace after a reader recommended it, and so far I’m loving it! 
3. Read & respond to emails. We get a lot of emails every day, so I like to go through all new emails in the morning, and respond to as many as possible so I have one less thing to do. It stresses me out to know that emails are just sitting in our inbox!
4. Get dressed & ready. On weekdays I get dressed for the gym, but on the weekends I get dressed and ready to go for the day right away in the morning. I hate making my family wait on me, so if I get it out of the way it’s better for everyone ;). Totally agree with Meggan – it’s all about what’s underneath. I cannot handle an uncomfortable bra/underwear. I’m wearing this bra from ThirdLove in these photos & am shocked at how comfortable it is since I usually prefer a wireless bra (this one is my favorite for everyday – definitely the most comfortable bra I own!). I love the lace detail, and have already ordered it in two other colors – black & aqua-mint.
5. Drink coffee. Sometimes I literally go to sleep thinking about my morning coffee lol. I always have a glass of water first, but live for my 1 cup of coffee in the morning (any more than 1 and I start to feel shaky).
Such pretty details. This bra comes in 10 different colors and the material is so comfortable. The seamless undies are my favorite for the gym – I  have them in several other colors as well. PS – one of the best parts about ThirdLove is they let you try before you buy! Try any bra (for free!) for 30 days before deciding if you love it or not. Spoiler alert: you will!  
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