1. I recently purchased these FP sandals, but am having trouble finding outfits to wear with them, any suggestions? 

Looooove those sandals! My mom and SIL have them and love them as well! They look great with skinny jeans and a fun boho blouse (like this one – obsessed, on major sale!), a midi/maxi skirt, and a dress like this one! Once you start wearing them, you’ll feel more comfortable with putting together outfits. Sometimes it just takes that initial wear if that makes sense ;).

2. Meggan – you said you are going to have floral centerpieces in gold vases for your wedding. Where did you get the vases? What do they look like? Do you guys have any other recommendations of gold vases that could be used for centerpieces?
My florist and wedding planner are in charge of that and I honestly have no idea what they look like! I would check Home Goods or Hobby Lobby for vases though. They always seem to have a big selection.

3. What are the best tops to wear with maxi skirts? I have a few skirts that I love but can’t find tops to wear with them.
Definitely crop tops because most maxi skirts are high waisted, so anything longer than a crop can look sloppy! A few we love – here, here, and here!

4. Meggan – congrats on your upcoming wedding! So exciting! Can you gives us the deets on that villa the villa you’re staying in (you know, withe the stocked cereal cupboard on insta stories ha)? It looks amazing! 
Thank you! That is a family friends house in El Dorado. They were so kind to let us relax there for a few days before the wedding festivities started.

5. I forget if it was Meggan or Brooke that was going to try the Hum Vitamins. What do you think of them and would they recommend them?
That was me (Brooke), but I actually haven’t even tried them yet! I’ve heard amazing things about them and they have great reviews, so I would try them if you’re curious. I’m also very interested in trying Ritual vitamins (which also come highly recommended).

6. My BFF’s baby boy is turning one next month and I need help with gift ideas! I’m thinking some kind of outdoor activity but open to ideas!
A water table, this little pushable car (kids are seriously obsessed with these!), a basketball hoop (hours of fun), or a ball pit! Our kids have and love all of these outdoor activities, and all are do-able for a 1 year old!

7. Meggan – I wanted to ask you about shaving your face! You mentioned it was a game changer! Do you still love it or regret it? Can’t decide if it would make things darker and thicker in the future.
No I don’t regret it! My face feels super smooth and it feel like my makeup stays on better. I shaved about two weeks ago and nothing has grown back yet! I read it’s a myth that it grows back darker and thicker. I used these razors.

8. I’m needing some work sandals for the summer in brown and black that will look good with long dress pants and ankle/capri dress pants. Any ideas?
These criss cross block heels are cute, love this slingback heel, and these t-strap heels are a good option!

9. Any fun/sexy & lace bras you love? Love the “peekaboo” look, and looking for some pretty bras. 
We both just got one from ThirdLove that is so pretty – this one in black and in the orchid-petal! They have so many different colors, and we love the fit (a lot of lace bras have zero support which is fine at first, but then they start to stretch out after a while).

10. Brooke – love your post from Tuesday about comparison! Will you ladies do more posts like that please?! 
Thank you so much! I was kind of blown away by all the messages I received about the post and thankful that so many of you enjoyed it (and could relate!). We will definitely be doing more posts like this! Also, if you guys have any specific topics you’d like us to cover, please leave us some suggestions!

11. I’m going to Germany in June and need some outfits! The temps can be anywhere from 65-80 with rain. Day/night outfits? Rain jacket? Wish you could pack my bags for me! 
This rain jacket is cute and under $100, and we also love this one. During the day, we’d probably go for comfy dresses with sandals or sneakers – loving this dress, this one, and this one. For nighttime – this dress with simple heels, this romper, and this dress (so gorgeous and 50% off today!).

12. I’m turning 21 soon, and want to take a trip to wine country/California with my mom. Do you have any recommendations (places to stay/see)? I’ve never been to California, but am dying to go! 
Meggan: I’ve never been to wine country but I go to San Diego often and love it! Would definitely recommend making a trip there.
Brooke: I’ve been to Napa a few couple and love it! We’ve stayed at Solage Calistoga and Carneros Inn – both were great. We visited a lot of different wineries and my favorite was Nickel & Nickel – sooo charming! Morimoto in Napa is so good – best sushi I’ve ever had! We used to live in Southern California – also a beautiful place to visit! Laguna Beach & Newport Beach are probably my favorite spots in OC and have tons of great restaurants and beaches! We’ve stayed at Pelican Hill Resort & The Montage and I would highly recommend both! I really want to go to Malibu (can’t believe we never went when we lived there!), and Santa Barbara! It’s hard to go wrong when you visit California!

13. Meggan – where is your dress from that you wore last night for rehearsal dinner?
This is it here (also comes in black). Just a warning that if you get the white you will need a slip!

14. I’m going to my boyfriends sisters wedding next month (meeting the rest of the family, so want to impress without being too much) it’s on a ranch so I don’t want to over dress either. I’m also going to be attending the rehearsal dinner so need two outfits. Any ideas or help would be so appreciated!
Some dresses we love for both events – here (see it on Meggan from Monday’s post), here (cute for rehearsal + on sale!), here, here, this top and skirt, and this dress! Good luck and have fun!

15. Will you ladies PLEASE do that post all about your handbag collection you had talked about doing? I feel like you both have amazing bags, and I’d love to see your reviews of them – I’m trying to figure out which bag I want for my first designer bag! 
Yes! We will definitely do this post within the next month!

16. Brooke – sorry if I missed it, but do you have a recipe for that bowl you make on insta stories?
Yes – lol, I have it almost every single day! It’s so good! Here’s the recipe!

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