1. I had no idea Brooke used to live in Chicago! Curious where else you ladies have lived?
Meggan: When I was younger we moved around a lot – Iowa, Seattle, Minneapolis, then back to my hometown but in South Dakota (tri-state area). Then Iowa City for college, Chicago for 5 years after I graduated, and now Texas!
Brooke: I grew up in Iowa, then went to college in Arizona, Iowa & Chicago (yes, I went to 3 different universities lol). After I graduated in Chicago, I stayed there for a few more years, then moved to California, and now New York! 

2. Can you round up the best masks and products you use that truly work to get rid of blemishes or make your skin feel radiant? Also, any good skincare products you use on oily/dry skin to keep it balanced and moisturized? Is there a line of products you have found the best luck with?
Meggan: The two skincare lines that I’ve found work best for me are Tula and Elemis. Neither of them dry out my skin which I had issues with other brands. I use their face wash, serums, eye creams, and face cream. Since I started using both lines my skin has never felt so good! And face masks I use religiously are this Tula one (exfoliates really well), this Kiehl’s deep pore cleansing mask, and this GOOP mask. Also this facial oil is the ultimate hydrator!!
Brooke: I struggled with acne during and after my second pregnancy, and had never dealt with it before so it was super frustrating. The #1 thing that I believe has cured mine is going dairy-free & cutting as much added sugar as possible. I recommend that to anyone struggling with skin issues! My skin has not looked this healthy for as long as I can remember. As far as acne-related products I love: these padsthis face wash, and this masque – these were my holy grail products. I currently use this cleanser in the morning & this one at night and love both! I know I can always rely and Tula & Origins products! 

3. Any suggestions for cute wall tapestries – wool or woven wall hangings? Love the Janelle Gramlings wall hangings on West Elm but they’re too expensive to buy two. Hoping to keep it under $200!
Urban Outfitters has some really cute ones that are budget friendly. Our favorites are here, here, and here. Another place to look is Etsy – there are so many unique ones! How amazing is this one and this one? Also, you need to follow Meghan Shimek on insta. She makes the COOLEST wall hangings!!

4. Can you do a roundup of your favorite hats? I’m looking for a good one for summer!
Meggan: I pretty much live in this one (under $50 and so cute!), this one, and this one! And I got this one (in white tweed) for my honeymoon and can’t wait to wear it!
Brooke: This is my favorite hat I have, I’m loooving this one (in black and white) for a more casual look, and my friend just got this one – it’s SO cute and only $48!

5. I saw an article online where people were commenting about some bloggers and saying that blogging is for people who can’t find “real jobs”. Since you ladies (and a lot of other bloggers I follow) went from full time “real jobs” to blogging, I’m curious to see how you feel about that or what you would say to people like that?
Meggan: Why are people so bitter lol…I guess some think a “real job” is a 9-5. I’m happy for anyone that can make a living doing something they love. Blogging is definitely a “real job” if you make it one. We put in a lot of time and effort to create content and it’s definitely not always easy! I will be working during our wedding week and while on our honeymoon, but if I had a “real job,” I would have that time 100% off. There’s definitely give and take, but I wouldn’t trade it! 

Brooke: Agree with everything Meggan said! Obviously, we wouldn’t have left our “real jobs” to pursue blogging unless it was something we loved & that was worth it to us. We’re so thankful (and still kind of blown away) that our blog has afforded us to be able to stay home with our babies while making a “real” living! We’ve talked about this before, but we put more hours into our blog than we put into a 40-hour/week job. Some people may find that hard to believe, but there’s a lot more that goes into blogging (as a career) than most realize. Blogging probably won’t be our “forever jobs,” but that’s not something we are worried about. As long as we are growing, challenging ourselves, and having fun – we’re happy! When this chapter closes, we will move on to the next!

6. Can you please share your favorite lip gloss brands and shades?
Brooke: This isn’t necessarily a gloss, but it’s SO hydrating, gives a little color and appears as a gloss – my all time favorite! I love shades My Flip Side (nude-brown), and It’s Really Me (nude-pink). I also love these glosses – just added Peach Daquiri and Pink Champagne to my drawer and both are great nude colors for summer!
Meggan: I have a lot of favorites…lip gloss is my weakness! I love Burt’s Bees lip shine in whisper, Urban Decay gloss (in lovechild & walk of shame), NXY butter gloss in fortune cookie, Stila stay all day liquid lipstick in perla, Buxom in white russian, and this YSL plump up gloss.
7. Brooke – are you and your hubby heading to Mexico for Meggan’s wedding? If so, what are you planning to wear?
Sadly, no – feeling super depressed about it right now! 🙁 If I were going here’s what I would be wearing: this dress to the rehearsal dinner & this dress to the wedding/reception.

8. Any recommendations for places to buy a set of 2 counter-height bar stools? Trying to stay around (or under!) $150 for both combined.
Loving these, these, and these (look soo $$$$) – all under $150 for 2!

9. I’m looking for some cute/sexy lounge & sleepwear for summer – preferably 100% cotton. Any favorites or suggestions?
This set is pretty cute, love this one, these are super cute (wear a lace cami under with the top unbuttoned for a sexier look), and this set is kind of amazing! 

10. My youngest sister is graduation the second weekend of June, as well as my husband comes home that same weekend on leave from a year military deployment (yayy!). I’m looking for something that makes me feel “extra cute” as I will be with my husband for the first time in months, but also something modest enough to be at graduation. Under $100 if possible!
Yay – so exciting! A few options we love here, here, here, and here!

11. Brooke – what size curling wand do you use? Is it the 1 or 1.5 inch?
12. I’m looking for a great neutral nail polish for summer. Do you have any drugstore brand colors that you love?
Meggan: My go-to neautrals are OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around, Essie Sand Tropez, OPI Funny Bunny, and Essie Chinchilly. Oh and CND Romantique is a good one – just did it on my hands and toes for my wedding!
Brooke: Funny Bunny & Romantique are my go-to’s also! Another one I love is Winter Glow – so pretty!

13. Besides Disney World (if you’ve been there with the family), how old were your kids and where have you and your families gone for trips? I have a 1.5 and 4.5 year old and want some ideas for family vacations!
Brooke: We haven’t done Disney yet, but planning to do it for Sophia’s birthday coming up! Miami is our go-to spot for vacation with kids b/c there’s a lot for adults & children to do (and our kids love to swim), and we’ve also done Scottsdale, and Vermont (in winter – skiing) with our kids – all were great places!
Meggan: We haven’t really taken any kiddy vacations (will do Disney when Cam is older and talked about Atlantis) but we’ve gone to Cabo, Turks & Caicos, Scottsdale, and San Diego. All are definitely family friendly! My family goes to Colorado every summer too (I’ve missed it the last two years) and the little kids love it!

14. What are your favorite shampoo and conditioners?
Meggan: For shampoos I rotate between Fekkai technician color care, AG purple shampoo, and this AVC hair rinse. This It’s A 10 conditioner is one of my can’t live without products. I seriously cannot comb through my hair without it – it makes it so so soft!
Brooke: I just tried a sample of this shampoo & this conditioner for the first time and I’m hooked! I love love love it & just purchased the full size bottles.

15. In another #coffeetalk post from earlier this year, Meggan mentioned getting IPL/BBL treatments. I was just wondering how much that helped with any fine lines and crows feet around the eyes. I swear as soon as I turned 31 a few months ago a bunch of new wrinkles have started appearing and it’s really getting me down 🙁 I notice them every time I look in the mirror so I would love to know more about the treatments you’ve done and if you think they’re worth it.
Honestly I would just do botox! It will be quicker than doing a series of laser treatments. I’ve done botox on my forehead + crows feet and love it (no shame lol). I do the BBL/IPL treatments to repair sun damage, minimize pores, and reduce redness. They can definitely help with wrinkles since the laser stimulates collagen but I think it could take a few sessions. I’m obviously no expert so I would make an appointment for a consultation but I say go for the botox 😉

16. I’m going to a wedding the beginning of July, what are your favorite dresses?
This pink mini is pretty, this cold-shoulder maxi is fun, this one is simple but sexy, and obsessed with this one!

17. What’s your favorite everyday bag? I love the fit and style of the Dionysus but with the chain handles its just too heavy when chasing around a 5 year-old.
Brooke: Recently, the only bags I’ve been reaching for every day are my Goyard Artios tote, and this tote from Barrington – they are very similar and I love both!
Meggan: I pretty much either carry my Dionysus (the chain doesn’t bother me), Hermes Evelyn bag (since it’s more casual), or this tote from Barrington Gifts. I think totes are best for everyday though, especially if you have kids! This YSL tote is on my wish list and would be perfect for everyday!

18. I am six weeks pregnant and nauseous 24/7. Do either of you have any tips 🙂
Meggan: Ugh I’m sorry! I was never nauseous so I don’t really have any tips besides saltines and water. I had the worlds easiest pregnancy and then the worst baby lol. Hope it gets better for you!
Brooke: Uhhggg, I feel you! I was so so sick during my first pregnancy. I drank a lot of ginger ale, ginger candies, hard candies, and used seabands. My doctor did end up prescribing me some medicine, but I didn’t like to take it, and only used when I absolutely had to (I had a few work events & meetings at the time and basically would have been laying on the floor in the fetal position without the medication ha). It’s so hard, but it does get better! Hang in there!

19. I have a bachelorette weekend coming up in Chicago. One of the nights we are doing dinner/out afterwards and the bride is wearing all white and wants us to wear something floral. Any ideas for cute night time floral pieces?
This romper and this romper (love the one-shoulder) would both look cute with strappy nude heels for a night out. A couple other options we’re loving are this mini, this set (top + skirt), or this dress. Have so much fun in Chicago!

20. I’m looking for casual summer maxis, any suggestions? 
Loooove this one (it’s actually so much prettier in person!), this one looks so comfy, and this one!

If you have a question for next week, please submit it asap! Meggan is getting married on Friday so the post will be done far in advance 😉 Thank you loves! xoxo