1. Who are your favorite bloggers (fashion, home, lifestyle, etc.) to follow?
There’s so many we love it’s hard to narrow it down to a few buttttt here we go: Fashion Jackson, Emily Luciano, Trader Joes ListCarrie Bradshaw Lied, Alexia Clark, rrayyme,  Living With Landyn, Shut The Kale Up, Natalie, Jenna & Lisa, Walk In WonderlandJustine & Kenley, SaiTwo Peas In A PradaBecki Owens, Chris Loves Julia, and Studio McGee. We’re for sure forgetting some, but these are a few new ones to check out if you don’t already follow them! 

2. Can you talk about how to land a sponsored post as a new blogger starting out? Looking to connect with some brands, but very hard to get noticed being new. Should we be contacting brands or “wait” for them to contact you?
We blogged for a year and a half before ever working with a brand, so it definitely takes time! Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away. That was never our goal when we started our blog, so maybe we didn’t put as much pressure/stress on getting sponsored posts. You can definitely reach out to brands (PS – are you guys interested in “blogging tips” blog posts?! Please let us know!), but don’t feel bad if it doesn’t happen right away. It’s important to build your brand & social media following, and the sponsored posts will come! Most importantly, have FUN with it! If you’re only in blogging to make money, it’s probably not going to feel like much fun. A few more tips for landing a sponsored post – have professional photos, post consistently, show brands WHY they should want to work with you, and always be open to hearing what brands are looking for when it comes to a collab!

3. Brooke – I know you posted about Lululemon leggings last week on insta stories, but which style were they? And how are you liking them?
I have these Align pants and am obsessed! Ahhh they are SO good! So many people recommended them on instagram and now I see why, I never want to take them off! ;) I’m normally a 4 in Lulu and ended up going down to a 2 in this pair & would say it’s equivalent to an XS in Nike, Zella, or Athleta.

4. My husband and I are looking to purchase our first home. We know it won’t be our forever home, but we plan on staying in it for a while. What are something things you love about your home, wouldn’t want again, and must have in your next home?
Meggan: I love our open floor plan, hardwood floors, the natural light from all the windows, gated driveway, large yard, and the neighborhood. In my next house I would like vaulted ceilings, a walk-in pantry, farmhouse sink (miss ours so much from Chicago), more storage, and an attached garage!
Brooke: I love our high ceilings, wood beams, open floor plan, and back yard. I would love to have a better basement (ours just feels like a basement, not a nice one you want to hang out/watch movies in), walk-in pantry, and better laundry room – mine is super small with no room to fold anything.

5. I need help finding some accent stools. My house is a mix between RH & West Elm. I need something that would be comfortable enough to sit on for a period of time. Hoping to stay under $500 for two!
Some stools we love under $500 for two – herehere, and here.

6. I’m heading to Napa in September. What are some outfit essentials you would recommend? I’m trying to work toward a capsule wardrobe.
We would pack a denim jacket (love this one or this one), dresses that can be worn from day to night (here, here, here), a classic cardigan, booties (have these in tan & black – they go with everything), a neutral hat, skinny jeans (want!), and basic tees. Have fun!

7. I have my company’s annual sales conference mid-July and am looking for some business casual outfit inspiration tat can take me from meetings all day to a social outing in the evening. I would love to find a couple outfits that are conservative, but can also withstand 80+ degrees at night! Any ideas?
LOFT has so many cute business casual pieces and they’re having a 50% off sale! For skirts we like this, this, and this. Tops: here, here, and here. This jacket and this dress are SO cute too!

8. I need help finding a cute dress or romper to wear to my Father in Law’s 60th birthday. I will be helping out at the party so it can’t be anything too crazy!
This floral dress would look cute with a pair of wedges, this jumpsuit is SO cute, love this OTS dress (esp with a belt!), and this maxi is so pretty too!

9. I’m moving out of my parents house into my own place with some college friends! I’m a little overwhelmed with having to decorate my first place for the first time. I was wondering if you guys have any tips? Like where to shop for furniture and decorations and some must haves for a hip apartment!
For your first apartment, we would check out – AllModernWayfair, and Overstock. Some pieces we love – thees chairsthis pillow, and these stools! Urban Outfitters has fun/interesting decorations too – how cool is this mirrorthis floor lamp, and these planters?

10. Loved your post about y’alls master bedrooms! For those of us ballin on a budget, any cheaper alternative white sheets? 
Brooke: Yes, for sure! I also have these sheets and love them! They have so many different designs (all super cute), and they also come in solids if you’re looking for just plain white.
Meggan: I hated the sheets I had before I got the Boll & Branch ones but someone mentioned that 100% organic sheets from Target are great!

11. I love the white sneaker trend but have not figured out how to keep them clean (even with wiping them down everyday and can’t deny the gray color). Do you have any tips for protecting or cleaning?
Meggan: Mine don’t really get that dirty but every once in awhile I wipe mine down with these magic erasers – those things are gold!
Brooke: I don’t really mind when they get a little dirty – it adds character ;), but yes have heard a magic eraser is great for white sneakers (along with literally every other surface lol).

12. I saw you linked your headboards on insta stories, but I missed it! Could you please share both of those again? Also, if they are expensive…any cheaper options that are similar? Thanks! 
Meggan: Mine is this one from West Elm and it’s currently on sale!
Brooke: This is the one I have from RH, but I also found this one that looks identical for less!

13. I’m heading to Morocco for two weeks in August. It’s going to be super hot and I’ve been told to dress conservatively. I’m looking for cute (not revealing) midi to maxi dresses. To make matters a bit more difficult I’m around 5′ and definitely need petite length. Any ideas? 
This dress is super pretty and 50% off, looooove this one, and this one is super super cute – all petite sizes!

14. What are you favorite nail colors for summer? Meggan I love the color you are wearing in your honeymoon photos post, do you know what it’s called?
I was wearing CND romantique! A few of our other favorite summer colors are OPI bubble bath, OPI funny bunny, Essie blue la la, OPI let’s be friends, OPI cajun shrimp, and Essie guchi muchi puchi.

15. I’m in the slow tedious (but fun!) process of furnishing my apartment and realized my lamp shades are so blah! Any good recommendations for shades you gals are liking lately?
Tons of lamp shades that are cute and neutral here. Especially love this one – it would easily go with any lamp in any room! Such a fun time for you!

16. I’m looking for a dress (thinking maxi) for a maternity photo shoot probably in August. Do you have any ideas?
Yes we love maxi dresses for maternity shoots! A few we’re loving are here, here, and here. This one isn’t a maxi but it’s so pretty too!

17. Do you guys have carts going for the Zara sale? I have like a million things for my daughter but I’m not sure if I’m impulsively throwing stuff in. Help!
Meggan: I don’t ever really online shop at Zara because the sizes are always so different! But I did pop in there the other day and got Cam a few things: this tee, this tank, and these sneakers. I sadly didn’t find anything for myself ha!
Brooke: Zara is hard for me b/c without trying it on, it’s really hit or miss! A few things I love – this dressthis topthis dress for little girls is SO cute, and love these sandals – they look like Celine!

18. I loved the post you guys did on your bedrooms – major design inspo! I was hoping you could share some of the details about where you purchased the decor and furniture pieces (headboard, nightstands, bench, etc.) as well as anything you’re loving currently or where you like to shop for those bigger items. 
Meggan: My headboard is West Elm (linked in question 12), nightstands are from Pottery Barn that I’ve had since high school – time for new ones lol, here are my lamps (on sale!), ruggold urchinbooks, salt rock, and gold sculptures.
Brooke: My headboard is RH and linked above a well, my nightstands are RH – herehere is my rug from Overstock, the bench is RH, and lamps are these from Target (Nate Berkus).

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