1. My fiancé and I just bought our first home, but we’re going to have to wait to furnish part of it due to budget. I’m feeling discouraged because I want to move in and have all new furniture (of course lol). Do you guys have any advice? Did you buy all of your furniture right away?

Meggan: Congrats! I felt the same way when we moved into our house in December. I wanted it to be furnished right away and have everything in place buttttt it’s June and it’s still not done lol. We bought all our “big furniture” in waves and always waited for sales! Crate & Barrel, West Elm, Pottery Barn, World Market, etc alwayyyssss have sales so if you see something you love I would hold out or sign up for emails so you can get discounts. We also asked for some home items for Christmas and bdays which helped too!
Brooke: Yay  – such an exciting time for you, congrats! And no! Oh my gosh I think this is totally normal for anyone moving from an apartment to a home (or a smaller home to a larger home). Furniture is so expensive it’s depressing lol! We lived in our house for 2 years with a few rooms completely unfurnished, so don’t feel bad, it just takes time!

2. Have either of you tried a lash boost such as Latisse, Rodan & Fields lash boost, or something similar? I use Dior lash primer and have tried multiple mascaras and think I just need to try a growth serum. I’m dying for longer lashes and would love any tips or products!
Meggan: I used the R&F lash boost for a month and only got red itchy eyes and no growth. Then I switched to neuLASH and lovveee it. I saw results in under two weeks and I’ve had people comment on how long they look! Would definitely recommend.
Brooke: I use neuLASH also and am obsessed, I need another tube but I’m trying to hold out b/c I think it’s usually included in the NSALE! I have the most pathetic natural lashes ever, and the last time my mom saw me, she asked if I had extensions! #win!

3. What are some tennis shoes you are loving lately?
Feel like there are so many we love right now – these, these for working out (have them, SO comfy), these for a casual summer sneaker, these, these, and these!

4. Meggan – your honeymoon looked amazing!! Give us the details! What did you guys do? Would you go back to St. Lucia? What are your must do’s and recommendations?
Thank you it was sooo amazing! I definitely have the honeymoon blues now that it’s over. All that planning and excitement and now it’s just done ugh! I have a whole post planned for next week dedicated to St. Lucia but to sum it up – yes I would 100% go back. We hiked, snorkeled, got massages, ate some amazing food (had one of the best meals of my life), drank a lot lol, did a mud bath, went to a waterfall, relaxed on the beach, went on a sunset cruise, and explored the island :)
5. My boyfriend and I are beginning to look at engagement rings and I was wondering if you girls have any suggestions on jewelers to look into?
Brooke: My husband got mine from a jeweler in Chicago, but I randomly came across one on instagram (I think they’re in NYC) – LaurenB. Everything they post is stunning!
Meggan: My husband (that sounds so weird to say lol) also got mine at a private jeweler in Chicago. We never went and looked at rings before hand so I have no clue where to start! I would search hashtags on instagram (that’s how I find everything now) to see who’s in your area!

6. Meggan – on insta stories you posted about the natural Xanex like herb called Ashwagandha. What do you think about it? I am curious to try it, if you found it beneficial.
Let me start by saying I have pretty bad anxiety and I’ve been on and off medication since I graduated college. Whenever I see natural remmedies I always give them a try because I’d rather not be on meds. Anyway, I want these pills to work so bad because people rave about them but I’m not sure they do for me. I’ve only been taking them for a week or so straight so maybe it takes time for them to build up/kick in. Or maybe my anxiety is just too out of control ha! The bottle is under $18 at Whole Foods so I think they are worth a try. Anxiety suckkksssss!
7. I am loving the front tie romper/jumpsuit look. Do you have any suggestions for a casual romper or jumpsuit for around $100?
We do too! A few we’re eyeing here, here, and here (it’s actually a dress, but it’s so cute)! This tank is also SO cute (perfect for the 4th), and under $70!
8. I was wondering if either of you have a satin pillow case? I’ve read they help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Either way, would love your thoughts on this!
Brooke: Yes, I have this one and love it. I need to get two so I’m never without it. I’m not sure if it actually helps with wrinkles and fine lines, but that’s what they say! It also helps my hair not get so crazy when I sleep (I can’t sleep with my hair up). When I was just googling to find the one I have, this one popped up and it’s only $17 (what!?)! It’s 100% mulberry silk – same as the one I have.
Meggan: Yes, I have the same one as Brooke but don’t use it every night because it’s on my small pillow and I like my king size pillow. I just need to order another one! But I agree with Brooke about the wrinkles/fine lines, not sure if works but I’ll try anything for those lol. I will say my hair always feels silky smooth and not so crazy in the am when I use it!

9. I remember reading that you two have both lived in Iowa right? That’s where I’m from and have a college girls weekend here in Okoboji (it’s our 13th year). I think we may be doing a sunset cruise on the lake one night and was wondering if you have any dress ideas? 
Yes we are both born and raised Iowa girls and Brooke is from Boji! We will be there together in a couple weeks :) But a sunset cruise sounds so fun and a couple cute dress options are herehere (love the stripes), and here. Have fun!
10. How do you girls fight against bloating while traveling (especially on beach vacations)? Any tips or tricks you use? I always feel like between cocktails and the food – I always find myself feeling so full, miserable and puffy!
Brooke: I try to stick to eating healthy and not drinking too much (which is definitely difficult on vacation!), and drink lots of water. I have heard that activated charcoal does wonders for bloating, but also read that you’re not supposed to use it on a consistent basis, so not sure about that! I’ve never felt less bloated than when we did Whole30, so I try to remember that when I start to feel bloated and just go back to nutrition basics.
Meggan: Oh gosh that’s how I felt the whole last half of my honeymoon. Wayyyy too many sugary cocktails lol. But some things I did in Cabo during my wedding week were drink tons of water, stick to fruits/veggies/grilled fish, skip on the bread basket/chips and salsa, and avoided sugary cocktails. I worked out every morning for at least 30 minutes to get a quick sweat in and that helped SO much. I know that’s not realistic for every vacay (I only did b/c of the wedding) but if you can go to the gym a couple times it makes you feel so much better! And I brought the activated charcoal pills that Brooke mentioned and they definitely work. Also great for hangovers ;)

11. I’m going on vacation in July with my boyfriends family. We’re doing family photographs and I’m looking for some outfit help. The parameters are “denim and/or the colors of white, khaki, and dark blue.” I’m thinking a cute summery dress that would also be appropriate for a family photo. Any suggestions?
Here are a few dresses we love that fit in those color categories – one, two, three, and four (40% off!)!

12. Have either of you ever used clip-in hair extensions?
Meggan: I used them in college but haven’t tried since!
Brooke: I haven’t, but I asked for suggestions about a week ago and a lot of people recommended Barefoot Blonde’s extensions and Bellami.
13. How do you both keep all your “paper” and mail organized that tracks home each day? I always feel like my kitchen counters are so cluttered!
Meggan: I have this wall basket hanging in our kitchen. I cannot stand papers on the counter lol! A couple other cute organizers I like are here (want this for my desk) and here!
Brooke: I struggle with this for sure! I feel like we get so much junk mail, so I try to go through it right when I get it out of the mailbox or I know it will just become a pile on my counter. It’s so much easier to just do it right away! I need an organizer for mine also, I’m loving this tray!
14. I’ve been on the hunt for a great distressed denim jacket. Any that you guys love?
Loving this one and this one! This one isn’t distressed, but I had to share b/c I just got it and love it + it’s under $75!

15. I’m looking for a nicer quality, throw on cardigan that can transition between seasons and elevate an outfit. I have a couple Free People and Forever21 fringy ones that I’ve worn to death, looking for something that will last a little longer.
This one is so versatile (and on sale!), love the open stitch of this one, and this one is a great option in a darker color.

16. Meggan – I am in loooove with your dress for your rehearsal dinner! Where is it from? Wishing you and Kyle all the best!
Thanks so much! You can find it here (also comes in black!). And just an FYI you will need a slip and double sided tape. I use this tape for sooo many outfits, stays on great!
17. Do you have any opinions on metals that are more timeless than others? We have dark hard wood floors, wood beams, custom hood vent, and custom mantle all stained to match the floors. Everything that I have now is oil rubbed bronze. I have a VERY open concept kitchen/living/entryway/dining so our door knobs and pulls are all ORB. I just bought a huge mirror from PB that is ORB but saw they came out with a brass version. I wan’t to “dress up” my design style a bit – our things are nice but very “homey” and more like farmhouse style. I want to incorporate some metals to make things seem a bit more formal. Suggestion on what is too trendy or what will pair well with dark brown/grayish wood would be amazing!
I think you can definitely mix and match, and actually think it looks better and more “natural” than having every single metal in your home the exact same. You could easily mix in brushed/matte brass, and even chrome or nickel. Some inspo ideas here and here.

18. Meggan – I’m getting married in August and struggling to find a wedding dress. I loved the style of yours, would you mind sharing the designer?
Of course, the designer is Ines Di Santo. Good luck and have fun! It can definitely be a little stressful searching for “the one” :)
19. Would you share some 4th of July inspired dresses? And maybe share what you’re both planning on wearing?
We will both be in swim suits by the lake/pool :) Buttttt some 4th of July inspired dresses we’re loving are here, here, here, and here (would be so cute paired with red sandals). This t-shirt dress is simple and cute too!

20. I’m going to a bachelorette in Miami in August and need a black dress for one night. I COMPLETELY fell in love with the black lace astr the label dress you guys recently shared, and purchased it only to find it won’t really fit my Kardashian booty (ugh!). Do you know of any other similar?
This one is SO cute and has stretch in the fabric, and we also love this onethis one and this one!

21. Brooke – what steamer were you using to steam your bedding on insta stories? I saw you linked it, but I forgot to check!
It’s this one from Shark – I love it and use it for everything!

Have a great weekend babes! Leave your questions below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. XO