1. My husband and I are expecting a baby boy this September :) I’m having trouble coming up with a good push present request – I was thinking perhaps sapphire jewelry since that’s September’s birthstone. Any other suggestions or recommendations? 

Lucky girl! This necklace is super cute – you could do the birthstone and your baby’s name. We also love this fingerprint necklace (so cute!). We’re also obsessing over this ring (pricey, but could be an heirloom)!

2. Meggan – how did you begin planning your destination wedding? Did you use a travel agency? If so, which one?
The first thing I did was hire a wedding planning (Amy Abbott Events) and then went to Cabo with my mom to meet her and find a venue. After that she took it from there and helped me with my vendors, rehearsal dinner, etc. I would definitely recommend hiring one, it made planning/life so much easier!
3. Kind of personal but you guys have talked about budgeting and given great advice. Do you have investment accounts? Thinking of starting my first one but don’t know where to begin!
Meggan: Kyle and I have a few accounts – ROTH, multiple 401ks, a health savings account. Honestly he takes care of most of that for us so I’m not much help :(
Brooke: Yes, I would highly recommend speaking to a financial/investment advisor – they can help you get started and explain all of your options. This is also a great article about dividend income.

4. I’m in love with these Chloe espadrille sandals but don’t have the money for them right now. Do you know of any similar/cheaper options? I can’t seem to find any!
These are so cute and have a very similar profile ($119), also loving this pair and these.

5. I live in a small apartment and don’t have a full length mirror in my bedroom. I’d like to get a nice big floor mirror for the living room! My fiancé and I style is rustic/industrial and West Elm and RH!
This one is great and comes in 4 colors, and we also have and love this one from IKEA!

6. I’ve been noticing some random breakouts since the summer has started and I’m pretty obsessed with skincare. Have you changed your skincare routines at all for the warmer weather? I’ve been reading about skipping night cream and doing a light moisturizer or oil and doing moisturizing sunscreen during the day? There are just so many options!!! #halp
Brooke: I haven’t really changed my skincare routine, but I have been using this toner then this oil (after cleansing) at night and I love both! I’ve been wanting to try rosehip oil since I heard Miranda Kerr share it was her skincare secret, and now I’m obsessed! Some nights I add a moisturizer after the oil, and sometimes I feel like the oil is enough.
Meggan: I haven’t really changed mine either but some nights I skip out on my oil (if my skin feels too oily) and just use this overnight cream. I just started using this Colorescience loose mineral sunscreen during the day and LOVE it. You could definitely give it a try!

7. I feel like you’ve been asked variations of this question like 7 times lol but wondering if you can link cute cocktail dresses between $100-$200 for summer weddings/rehearsal dinners?
Lol no worries! A few of our favorites are here (have this and love it), here, here, and here!
8. Planning a bachelorette party this summer in Chicago. Any bars/restaurants you recommend for 15-20 people? Any outfit ideas would be great too!
Fun areas to hang out in are River North, Gold Coast, West Loop, and Old Town. There are sooo many fun bars, shops, and restaurants in all those areas. Some restaurants good for big groups are Zed451, Quaritno (perf for big groups), The Dawson, Carmines, and Parlor Pizza. Some good party spots are El Hefe, Paris Club, Cindy’s Rooftop, W rooftop, RM Champagne Lounge, the Godfrey rooftop, Howl At The Moon (dueling piano bar) and you have to go to the Hangge Uppe for late night dancing. Some dresses we love – here, here, here, and here. Have fun!
9. I’m really liking the Birkenstock trend but don’t know if I can pull them off. I wanted to know what your thoughts are – would you purchase them? What would you wear them with?
Meggan: I love Birkenstocks! I have this pair in mocha and wear them often. Usually just with casual outfits – jeans + tee, shorts + tank, or even sometimes with joggers.
Brooke: I have the same pair and love them also! I wear them the same way Meggan does – so easy to slip on for casual weekdays!

10. Brooke – are there any other similar one shoulder tops like the striped River Island one you posted on the blog last week? I’m looking for one but don’t want to pay over $50.
It just went on sale for $30!! but a couple other cute options here, here, and here.
11. Going to Nashville in a couple weeks for a bachelorette party! I’ve never been and am so excited! Looking for some cute, fun outfit ideas! Also, any fun places we should go, bars, restaurants?
I (Meggan) went for my friends bach party and it was soooo fun! One morning we did the pedal tavern (do it in the am because it gets so hot in the afternoon) which was soo fun. A few bars that sand out to me that we went to were The Stage, Tootsies, and Honky Tonk (we pretty much lived at The Stage lol). One afternoon we went to the 12 South neighborhood which was fun to explore. Lot’s of cute shops, bars, and restaurants! A couple cute things you could pack along with you are this romper, this dress, this set (top + shorts), this top, and these jean shorts. A bandana would be a cute accessory for your neck or to tie on your purse! Have fun!

12. Meggan – My husband and I live in Houston and are looking to take a quick trip to Dallas. Any suggestions for things to do or places to eat?
I would check out the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, walk around historic downtown, shop at Highlandpark Village and grab lunch there, Topgolf, get drinks in the basement of The Joule Hotel, check out Deep Ellum, and check out the Dallas Farmers Market. Some of my favorite restaurants are HG Sply Co, Uchi, Pie Tap, Dolce Riveria, Katy Trail (huge/fun outdoor patio). And I’ve been dying to try Gemma and Shinsei! I still feel new to Dallas so I’m sure there are a ton of amazing things/good places to eat that I haven’t mentioned. Dallas girls, leave your go-to’s in the comments below ;)
13. The director of our department is getting married early August and we would like to go in on a group gift. I’m the only married person on the team, so somehow have been tasked with picking what we get, haha. I’m actually the WORST at picking gifts for people I don’t know well, so I’m hoping you can help with a couple options? There are 15 people total contributing, but since this is a gift for our boss, I don’t think we should get something crazy expensive (or too personal for that matter). Please help!!!
What about a nice set of pots/pans? I have this set and I’m obsessed – it’s expensive but with 15 people going in together it would be a great gift (and only $53/person since they are on sale now)! Other ideas would be nice knives (these are really good!) or stemless wine glasses.

14. I know you ladies this answer all the time but I’m really struggling to find a black outfit for a Vegas bachelorette party in a few weeks!! Something sexy and fashionable!
This set is cute (top + skirt), this lace bodycon dress is pretty, this jumpsuit is hawwwt, and love this dress too!
15. Meggan – I know you’ve answered some questions about getting botox in previous #coffeetalk posts, but can you share where you went when you were living in Chicago? Did someone recommend it to you? Did you go to in for a consultation, or did you go in knowing you wanted to get botox? I’m noticing some new wrinkles on my forehead and don’t really know where to start with this process.
I actually never went when I lived in Chicago! I always got it done at my sister-in-laws spot in San Diego when I would visit her. I also never went in for a consultation, I just knew I wanted it lol. You could definitely go in for one though! Also, Disport works better than Botox does for me and I think it’s a little cheaper per unit.

16. Do you have any suggestions for a cute, modern dresser for my bedroom that isn’t too expensive?
A few we love under $500 – here, here – love this one!, here, and here!

17. What site did you guys go through for your website? There are so many out there, do you have suggestions of some that are good or have worked well for you guys?

We went with Blogger, but we are planning to switch to WordPress. Blogger has been great for us though, and it’s super user-friendly! WordPress can be more customized, so that’s why we’re making the switch.

Please leave your questions for next week below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx