FAQ: Where Did You Get That Bag?
We love doing FAQ posts (outside of #coffeetalk), and save them for when we get asked the same question by a lot of people. Whenever we carry our Barrington Gifts bags, our inbox is flooded with questions asking where to buy them. We’ve had these bags for a few months now, and can say we are completely obsessed! They’ve traveled with us to Hawaii, Miami, NYC, Cabo, and St. Lucia and have held up so well – they still look brand new. 
I’ve been traveling for two weeks now, and this tote is perfect for carrying all of my essentials! Of course I had to order the passport holder for our wedding + honeymoon. 
Loving this hat – perfect for keeping the sun off of my face! It was sold out, but just restocked yay! 
There are so many fun stripe color combos to choose from but I thought the pink/tan looked the most summer-ish!
My sandals are under $100 and true to size & my dress is so easy to throw on when it’s hot – will be perfect in Dallas this summer! I’m wearing XS. 
I carried on these bags on the plane for our trips to Hawaii and Miami and was shocked at how much I could fit inside (especially the duffle). I had my computer, the iPad, my pillow (I can’t travel without my pillow lol), my makeup bag, a couple pairs of shoes I didn’t want to check, food for the plane, my DSLR camera and a couple books! I brought a smaller bag for nights out, and stuck that in my tote along with my essentials (wallet, lipgloss, sunglasses). 
Meggan and I carried these totes in NYC when she was in town for a photoshoot and it was comical b/c we were walking around with matching bags, but we had several people stop us and ask where they were from. The material is amazing b/c it’s so easy to clean – I spilled a full bottle of foundation on mine (no joke) and it came out with water, baby wash, and a minor panic attack ;). I’ve also used it as a beach bag, diaper bag, and a gym bag – it’s honestly the perfect tote. If you prefer a zipper top, this one is for you. 
Anyone else have to travel in comfy clothes? I always wear these pants (run small, I’m wearing a size 4) and sneakers. A lot of you have asked about sizing on this tee – I’m wearing the XS/S and would say it runs big (also comes in a ‘blonde’ version). 
Whenever I post something on instastories and my makeup bag is in the background, I get a ton of questions about it. It’s definitely my favorite makeup bag I’ve ever had – the size is perfect and I love how it opens so I can see all of my makeup!  

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