Peek Into Our Bedrooms
Good morning babes! Giving you a peek into our bedrooms today! They are definitely still a work in progress – Brooke needs new window treatments, and Meggan is on the hunt for nightstands and a bench. But since home/interiors was our #1 most requested post this year, we’re going to try to do more for you guys! Please leave any post requests in the comments or shoot us an email! 
You guys probably saw me steaming my new bedding from Boll & Branch on insta stories ;). I feel like the master bedroom is the last room in the house to get any attention and I’m so happy ours is finally coming around (3 years later lol). We decided to do wallpaper last year, and I’m totally in love with how that turned out, but it limited what we could do for bedding & furniture. 
I knew I wanted a super neutral, calm bedroom and white bedding was the way to go (we’ve tried tan, gray, and charcoal but the white looks so much better!) – especially with the wallpaper. I went with this duvet in white and love it against the linen headboard. 
I like to put my candles in a larger hurricane so little fingers don’t get close – it also looks really pretty when it’s lit. 
Everyone likes their bed and pillows arranged differently, and I’m one who loves the Euro shams front and center – I just love the look! I also have these king shams when I want to change it up. 
I love the charcoal throw at the end of the bed – this throw is so pretty and comes in 8 colors. 

The sheets are so comfortable and soft! My husband requested no white bedding (lol, pick your battles), but when he saw it in the room he loved it and said the sheets were the most comfortable sheets he’s ever slept on ;). #win!

I agree with Brooke that the master bedroom is the last to get attention. We still haven’t hung the curtains (we’ve had them since February lol), put up the artwork, and I’m still on the hunt for some furniture. I’ve had these nightstands since high school. They’ve gone with me from home, to college, to Chicago, and now Dallas! One thing we definitely needed was new bedding. I mentioned before that my night sweats are awful (ugh!) and when I was researching remedies, a lot of people said to get 100% cotton sheets. Boll & Branch is 100% organic cotton and I’ve truly noticed a difference since I switched. I seriously couldn’t be happier (and neither can Kyle lol)! I’ve gone through too many duvet covers to count and this one is by far the best. It’s breathable and SO soft. I also like how it spills over the bed – our last one was way too short!
I love mornings when Cam wants to cuddle and read books in bed. It doesn’t happen often but I soak it up when it does 🙂
I was going to paint the walls a dark charcoal but decided against it. I love the light and airy feeling of my bedroom and want to keep it bright.

 You can never have too many throw blankets. I’m always cold and this one is my favorite to cuddle up in – it’s so soft, warm but it isn’t too heavy.

You can do a free 30 day trial if you want to try Boll & Branch bedding. We highly doubt you will send it back though 😉 xx

In collaboration with Boll & Branch