Wedding Welcome Bags
Happy Sunday ladies! Just wanted to do a quick post to share what we put in our welcome bags for our guests. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary but when I was wedding planning I loved seeing blog posts like these so I thought I’d do one too! We brought most of the stuff when we went to Cabo in March and which was so helpful because then I didn’t have to worry about packing them along with a million other things in June. I found these cute bags from Etsy – so cute and simple!
We got these koozies from Etsy as well. Fiesta, siesta, cerveza, repeat – couldn’t pass those up for a Mexico wedding!
We put together bloody mary kits for the bags (actually my brothers and Kyle did, they were thrilled lol). All you need is vodka, pepper packets, hot sauce (how cute are the mini ones), beef jerky, a straw, tomato juice, a baggy and tie! The Costco in Cabo didn’t have the mini tomato juices so we had to opt for the full can instead.
We made schedules for the wedding party (amigos one side, amigas on the other), gum, sun screen, aloe, Advil, Emergen-C, water, trail mix, phone fans, chapstick and Pedialyte packets (which we forgot to add to the picture!). All the basics your guests need for the beach…and hangovers 😉

I’ve had a few girls ask about bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts too so I’ll list our what we got ours below.

havaianas flip flops
earrings (for wedding)
hand cream
bath salts
jewelry dish
face masks
thank you card

patron bottle with custom labels (here)
railroad spike bottle opener
sleeve of golf balls
belt for wedding day