1. What do you guys order at coffee shops? Your iced coffees always look so good! Also, what are you favorite coffee shops in your cities?

Brooke: Iced latte with coconut milk! This is also what I make at home. Favorite coffee shops in New York – Stumptown, La Colombe Torrefaction, Gotan, and Toby’s Estate . So many I still want to visit!
Meggan: Same order but with an extra shot! A few of my favorite coffee shops in Dallas are Houndstooth Coffee, Weekend coffee, Magnolias Sous Le Pont, Local Press + Brew (the avo toast is on point), and Village Baking Co. Boulangerie. And I have a long list of ones I still need to try!

2. How do you both keep your bathrooms so tidy? Are you both good about organizing your cabinets with your products, etc? I feel like I’m a tornado when I get ready and just can’t seem to come up with a good system to maintain a clean and organized bathroom.
Meggan: Wrong question for me because my bathroom drawers and cabinets look like a bomb went off in them lol. I just started following The Home Edit and they inspired me to give my refrigerator a makeover and my bathroom is up next! I went to The Container Store and got these drawer organizers, these stackable trays, and these drawer dividers. I haven’t started the process yet and need to go back for a few more things but will definitely show the before and after pictures!
Brooke: OMG. Same – my bathroom is so bad once you open the drawers lol! Sounds like I need to follow The Home Edit! Also, need a book on organizing lol – any recommendations? 

3. What do you feed your toddlers on an average day? Any go-to meals?
Meggan: Ugh Camden is becoming so picky but our ped said to keep offering him what I usually do. Breakfast is usually scrambled eggs, avocado toast, banana + almond butter, cheerios, smoothies (good way to sneak in veggies), or fruit. Lunch is usually just a bunch of randomness: salami, cheese, berries, melons, turkey meatballs, grilled cheese, apple sauce, steamed . Dinner we have started eating as a family (Kyle and I used to eat after we put him to bed ) so he eats what we do. His favorites are tacos, cauliflower fried rice (good for lunch leftovers too), zoodles with marinara sauce, salsa verde chicken, lentil pasta, corn on the cob, and grilled chicken with “dippies. And he loves the mini frozen pizzas and the sweet potato gnocci from Trader Joe’s. No shame ;)
Brooke: Sophia will eat (mostly) anything, but Avery is pretty picky. For breakfast: my girls love eggs (scrambled or hard boiled), fruit of any kind, avocado toast, almond butter toast, avocado, Cheerios, oatmeal, or greek  yogurt. For lunch: chicken nuggets (this is the kind I buy, actual chicken breast breaded or I make my own if I have time – most of the time not lol), pasta, roasted chicken, homemade fried rice, scrambled eggs (if they didn’t have for breakfast), fruit, veggies – (broccoli, edamame, green beans, cucumbers, and carrots dipped in hummus are what I can get them to eat), string cheese, applesauce, and good old almond butter & jelly sandwiches on Ezekial bread. For dinner, they eat what we eat, and if they don’t like it I do not offer to make them anything else  – the best recommendation I ever received from a pediatrician ;).

4. What are your favorite items you’ve got from the Nordstrom sale? I still want to buy a pair of boots or booties but not sure which. Would love your suggestions!
Brooke: I’m so happy with this coat (sooo much prettier in person), this jacket, and this moto, and this cardigan – I think these are my top favorites. I just ordered these boots and am debating this pair as well. I’m really excited for this brush cleaner (just ordered) – look at the pictures, it’s amazing! It suctions to your sink…genious! I really want to get a couple pairs of jeans since there are so many amazing deals – I love this pair and this pair! For bootie suggestions: love this pair for a flat pair (look identical to this Acne Studios pair! for $500 less), this pair for heeled booties, and this pair + this pair for a more casual look.
Meggan: I got these boots (see them on me here) and also got this pair in black but haven’t tried them on yet! I really like these booties but didn’t buy because I have a similar pair from the sale last year. A few of my favorite purchases are this moto, this cardigan, these jeans, and this tee. And definitely ordering the brush cleaner Brooke mentioned!! I use this small one and like it but something larger would be amazing!

5. I’m going to Bruno Mars with my mom and sister. What would you two wear? We have floor seats, so I need some height with my shoes, but comfortable.
These shoes are amazing for comfort + height, so we would probably build an outfit around them! We’re thinking these jeans and a cute white top like this one or this one (so cute!)! Have so much fun!

6. You mentioned volunteer work and charity in last weeks post. What have you guys been involved in and what do you recommend?
Meggan: My mom battled breast cancer so we always do the Susan G. Komen walk on Mother’s Day as a family and donate to them. I haven’t done this yet but I’ve always wanted to make “chemo baskets” filled with magazines, hard candies, crosswords, etc. for patients going through it. I used to do Big Brother/Big Sister and loved it. Wish I still had time to do it and would definitely recommend getting involved! Also, if you are in the Sioux Falls area, I have to do a plug for my grandma. She started the Furniture Mission and if you have any donations they would appreciate it. They pick up gently used furniture and give it to people/families in need. It’s pretty amazing!
Brooke: I would recommend getting involved with something you’re passionate about – that’s probably the most important thing! We are involved with Arts Connection, give monthly to Young Life, donate backpacks and school supplies in New York, and adopt a family at Christmas. I would highly recommend any of these, or something similar in your area. I personally love anything with kids, so that’s what I feel the most connected to.

7. I’m in a little rut when it comes to clothes to wear after work (that aren’t PJs). I often change into pajamas right away but would love some comfortable suggestions!
We are right there with you LOL – seriously anytime we get home, we put on our comfies! These joggers are so cute, and we also love doing these leather leggings with an oversized tee or sweater/sweatshirt (this looks so comfy)!

8. What are your biggest body insecurities and how do you deal with them? Dress for them? Overcome them?
Brooke: Probably my legs! I think knowing how to dress for your body type is really important, but  you should also wear what you want and what makes you happiest! Mom jeans aren’t necessarily the most flattering on me, but I love them, so I wear them. I have cellulite & don’t love wearing shorts, but sometimes it’s just too hot outside not to lol (plus I love the look of cutoffs). And most of the time, it’s like who cares! Most women deal with cellulite, so I’m just going to wear these shorts and own it ;). I think what makes me feel the most self-conscious is if I’m wearing shorts and feel like someone is thinking, “OMG why would she wear shorts when her legs look like that?!” but I try to just get over it. Also, the post-baby stomach aka excess skin. It’s not terrible, but it’s definitely there!
Meggan: Hmmm…I get self conscious about my skin. My legs and feet have scars all over them (they look like bruises) from an accident in high school, my chest has sun damage, my arms have so many moles and red blotchy spots, and the skin on my stomach has completely changed since having Cam. Even when I’m in good shape, the skin on my stomach has a million little rolls when I sit – it’s like lose skin that I can’t get rid of! I do BBL/IPL treatments on my chest and face and plan on continuing doing those (see the benefits here)! For my scars, I’m over it since there’s not much I can do (plus who’s really looking at my feet lol).

9. I have a friend’s wedding in August in Chicago. It’s an indoor/outdoor venue and black tie optional, any suggestions? I haven’t found anything I like lately!
We love this dress (in all 4 colors), this one is so pretty, this one is beautiful if you want to go black tie, and this one is stunning (check the reviews to see photos of girls in the dress)!

10. I would love to see your favorite protein shake recipes with measured ingredients. Looking for one I could make before or after a workout with protein powder. And what are your favorite protein powders to use?
Brooke: My favorite shake is – chocolate protein powder (I use Garden of Life – vegan), almond milk, ice, banana, almond butter, chia seeds, and a sprinkle of cinnamon! SO good! I don’t really measure any of my ingredients, sorry! My girlfriend told me that the vanilla spiced chai flavor of the same protein I use is amazing, so I want to try that as well. If you’re not concerned with dairy I would highly recommend Isagenix protein powder – the flavor is so good!
Meggan: I don’t do exact measurements but my favorite is blueberries, spinach, chia seeds, ground flax seeds (2 tbsp), vanilla protein powder, ice, and unsweetened almond milk.

11. I was hoping you could give me a few outfit ideas for an outdoor country music concert!
This top with these shorts and booties would be super cute, love this dress, and this romper would be perfect too! Oh this gingham two-piece set (on Meggan here) would be good too!

12. My baby boy is turning 1 in August and I’m looking for help in theme ideas for his party and one year picture session? Also, coordinating outfit suggestions for our family pictures at the same time (we also have a 5 year old!). Summer seems harder to shop for.
A couple cute themes for baby boys we are loving are woodlands, wild one, (could do a tee-pee for the photo session), “donut grow up”, and camping (this boho camping party is so cute). For summer family pictures we would stick with wearing neutral/soft colors – these outfits are so cute and this is good inspo too!

13. We have a destination wedding Labor Day weekend in Napa. I’ve never been, but need some ideas on what to take for the weekend getaway and festivities that go along with the wedding (wine tasting tours, rehearsal dinner, brunch w/ bride and groom) and something to wear at the wedding. It’s definitely a more formal wedding, but I don’t want to wear a long dress. I’m 8 months postpartum and about 10 lbs away from pre-baby weight. Any suggestions?
This dress and this one are both so cute and would be good for wine tasting or brunch, or you could also do skinny jeans with a cute top like this one (with a tank under) or this one. For the wedding a few formal dresses that aren’t long: herehere (would be super flattering), and here. We would also recommend these Spanx – they’re great for the post-baby bod! Have so much fun!

14. Do you have any good birthday present ideas for him? My boyfriend already has an apple watch and beats headphones, but thinks clothes are a boring gift to open haha wish I felt the same…
Meggan: Two gifts I’ve got Kyle recently were a Yeti cooler (filled with his favorite beer of course) and a Iowa Hawkeye bag set (from here)! Both were a big hit and not something he was expecting since I usually go the watch/clothes/shoe route ;)
Brooke: I agree with the cooler/beer idea! I also got Chad a bags set (aka cornhole lol) and he loved it – so fun to play together! Another idea would be an event/activity (concert tickets or sporting event tickets), or a couples massage, favorite bottle of wine (sent my dad his favorite for his bday yesterday and he loved it), or something fun/personal like these drink glasses – so cool!

15. What are your favorite bronzers? I’m looking for one with a little shimmer that doesn’t break the bank. If you have more expensive options I’d love those too!
Meggan: I’ve used this Nars brozner (in Laguna) since high school!
Brooke: I also love the Nars bronzer (you may have seen it in my insta story this week), but this one by Laura Mercier and this one by Urban Decay are always on rotation as well! Love all 3!

16. I’m a 25 year old and one of my besties is pregnant! She is the first in my group of friends and she just announced it’s a girl! She’s having a baby shower soon and I’m clueless on what to get her. As mommas, what do you suggest?
Bring your favorite childhood book with a hand-written message in it to the baby instead of a card! My friends did this for me, and I loved it! All-time baby favorites: this blanket (softest ever), the woombie (looks so weird but it’s the best invention ever, trust me!), this bib (easy to clean and catches dropped food), Sofie (a classic), and these little moccs for when they first start walking are so great b/c they don’t get in the way & they’re super cute!

17. I’m wondering if either of you plan to have more children? If so, any idea when?
Meggan: Yes, I want at least two more! Not sure when though. I love being a family of three and Cam is at such a fun age I just want to soak it all up! Plus I don’t feel like I’m ready for another newborn lol. We might start trying early next spring.
Brooke: I think so, but not right now. It’s hard b/c my girls are just getting to great/easy ages – I feel like we can travel easily with them, they have fun together, etc. I can’t imagine throwing a newborn into the mix, but I do think I want more. I’m not really putting any pressure on the idea of more kids right now, just want to enjoy where we’re at as a family and have fun!

18. My husband and I recently booked a last minute trip to Lake Como, Italy, and Santorini for the next month and I have no idea what shoes to pack! The part I really need help with is that I want to look chic and fashionable in Milan and Lake Como on a budget. We’re going in late August so it’s going to be hot! From what I’ve seen, Greece is a much more relaxed, beachy vibe, so are there any pieces you’d recommend that might work for both places?
We would recommend packing outfits like this + this and lots of flowy dresses! Some pieces we’re loving are this off-the-shoulder dress, this romper, this slipdressthese shorts, this top, this midi dress, this hat, and this floral dress. For shoes: these slides, these laceup sandals, these heels (in nude), and these gladiators.

19. Any tips on staying organized when it comes to bills and staying on top of schedules? I feel like just writing things in my planner isn’t cutting it anymore and I need something more visual to remember!
Brooke: We do online bill pay for the majority of our bills which I would recommend 100%. My husband is really good about staying on top of things (thankfully b/c I am not). For the bills that aren’t on auto-pay, I have to open it right away, write the check, and get it ready for the mail…otherwise it will either get lost, or I will forget about it and it will be late. You could also dedicate two days/month (1st and the 15th for example) to go over any due bills – that way you never forget, and if you have two dedicated days your bills will never be late. Hope that helps!
Meggan: I love writing things in my planner (I carry it with me everywhere!) and on our calendar that hangs in the kitchen. We pay all our bills online and do auto-pay so I don’t have to worry about that. I still have the due dates written in my planner so I can check the account to make sure it got taken out. I also started putting everything in my phone calendar with alerts which is super helpful! I’ve also read good things about this Planner Pro app.

20. I feel silly asking this but did you have your home ‘blessed’ when you bought it? We recently bought a house and my friend said we need to do it lol.
Meggan: No we didn’t lol but I’ve definitely heard of people doing that!
Brooke: We didn’t either, but now I kind of want to lol! Also want to sage/smudge my house!

21. How long does the lash serum last you guys? Do you use it every day? 
Yes, we use it every day (you may be able to get away with every other day, but we would recommend every day for maximum results). Ours lasted about 5 months before we had to repurchase.

22. Brooke – where is your milk frother/blender from that you posted to insta stories? 
It’s from Nespresso – the one I have has been discontinued, but this is the new version. It’s amazing and will froth your milk hot or cold – it’s amazing!

23. How long does it take you ladies to write a #coffeetalk post from beginning to end? It seems like it could take a while. Sorry so random, but just curious! 
3-5 hours individually, so between 6-10 hours total!

24. I work int he schools as a speech pathologist and am moving to Omaha into an apartment. Looking for decor ideas to fancy up my apartment! Any fun pieces you gals remember from your apartment days that were must haves in small spaces?
I revamped these nesting tables (spray painted it white and gold – looked like this) and seriously loved it. I also got this console from IKEA which which we our tv on and the storage baskets were great! I always find the cutest home items at Urban Outfitters and they have a section for small spaces!

25. I need a new purse…BAD! Looking for a cross body around $100-$150. Help!
We love this one (so pretty, saw it in person), this one (both colors are so good), this one (a classic for $50!), this one (looks like Chloe but it’s $40!), and this one!

Have a great weekend! Leave your questions for next week below or shoot us an email at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx