1. I’m newly engaged and was wondering what you both did to ask your girls to be bridesmaids?
Meggan: I kept it simple and got each of my girls a card (these) and a bouquet of flowers! One of my friends asked us with custom wine bottles and another friend made us a cute basket with champagne, a candle, nail polish, and a couple other smaller things!
Brooke: When I got engaged, it wasn’t really a “thing” to ask your girls in all the cute ways they have now, so I actually just called them or asked them in person lol – nothing exciting! I’ve seen a lot of cute gift box ideas on Pinterest, but I love the idea of gifting everyone a fun shirt like this one (you could even DIY) along with a note asking them to be your bridesmaid. Everyone could wear it later on (like at your bachelorette!) – would be fun for group photos ;). 

2. Meggan – how did you feel when you first found out you were pregnant with Cam? How did you and Kyle prepare for the unexpected surprise? I’m in a similar situation and just a little overwhelmed!
I was so shocked and in denial. I remember everything from that day – it was a Sunday and we got brunch at Luxbar. I ordered a lox bagel (my favorite) and felt sick when I looked at the salmon. I was like okay maybe I should take a pregnancy test, something isn’t right. So we went and bought two tests at CVS after that and I wanted to wait until night to take them so I could enjoy my day (which I didn’t lol). So finally after dinner I took the test and walked out of the bathroom with a white face and said “I’m pregnant”. Kyle was trying to comfort me and kept asking how I felt about it but I don’t think I said a word literally all night. I didn’t cry until the next morning at work. I had my friend come outside with me and I told her then started bawling. I told her I wanted schedule an abortion and had her call Planned Parenthood to see what my options were. I knew I wouldn’t get one but I thought having the option would make me feel better. I ended up taking a sick day at work because I couldn’t stop crying (I think I cried for a week straight). Even though Kyle was SO supportive (and excited!), I was scared, thought my life was over, felt alone, wasn’t ready to be a mom, felt like a disappointment, and I was honestly a little depressed. The first people we told in our families were my aunt (who was once in a similar situation) and Kyle’s sister who has three kids. They we’re both so encouraging and told us everything will work out and this is what God had planned for us. Our family and friends were supportive which made it easier but it still took me awhile to get excited about it. My sister-in-law talked to me everyday and helped with the prenatal vitamins, finding a good doctor, etc. And Brooke was pregnant with Avery too so she obviously had a lot of advice and I could lean on her too! Anyway, I didn’t mean to go off on this long story but IT WILL get better and being a mom is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me! It might feel scary right now but once you hold that little baby in your arms your life will change in the best way possible. Just take it day by day and try not to feel overwhelmed! If you want, you can call a women’s support hotline (I did but can’t remember which one) and they gave so much great advice with no judgement! Oh and the first things we did to prepare were: figure out our living situation (we didn’t live with each other), buckled down on a savings plan, and signed up for some classes at our hospital. And of course read this book 😉 Good luck mama! 

3. If you had to pick one eye cream for wrinkles/around under eyes, what would it be?
Meggan: Hands down the Tula multi-spectrum eye renewal serum. It’s anti-aging, has a cool metal tip which instantly wakes up your eyes, and targets wrinkles and fine lines! 
Brooke: I feel like I have a few that I really love, but if I had to narrow it down it would be between the Tula one Meggan mentioned and this one from Shiseido. Both are so good but I do prefer the Tula application! 

4. I love interior design, it’s a huge hobby/passion of mine, but since I’m not a professional working in the field it often feels like I’m just a lover of high end things or it feels “materialistic.” Do you guys ever struggle with the fashion blogging industry feeling materialistic with constantly have the latest and greatest styles? What’s your girls mantra to keep that healthy balance in your life of sharing what you love to your followers and also keeping perspective that so many other things in life are more precious than “nice stuff”?
Do we understand what you’re saying? 100%. Do we struggle with it? No. While our blog is all about fashion/material/”nice stuff,” those items are not a priority/goal in our lives. Yes, we love bags, shoes, and clothes, but those items do not give us true, pure happiness (spoiler alert: material possessions do not equal happiness). Yes, we get excited when we get a new bag or pair of shoes, but that excitement is fleeting. We’ve both been through some “real life” things, and know that stuff in our closet is just that – stuff. At the end of your life, are you really going to care if you had that Gucci bag? No. The things that will make you truly happy in life are good friends, great relationships, and memories with family (and wine on a patio, let’s be honest lol). Some things that keep us in check are – adopting a family at Christmas, volunteering/donating time/money to someone who really needs it, church, and getting involved with charity.  

5. Any fun things you did that you’re glad you included at your wedding or things you regretted spending a lot on? 
Brooke: The one thing I’m so happy we did was a wedding video. For us, it’s so much more fun to watch our video than look at the photos, you feel like you’re there again! Also, so happy we splurged for an amazing band – it definitely made our reception a party! Looking back (almost 6 years now!), I don’t really remember the food, cake, or flowers but I do remember how much fun everyone was having dancing and partying with the band. Those would be my top 2 “splurge” items for a wedding! 
Meggan: I agree with Brooke – the video and band were must-haves for me. We also did a mariachi band for the cocktail hour which was a huge hit. Everyone remembers the entertainment! One thing I regret spending a lot on is invitations (they just end up in the trash – well hopefully the recycle bin lol) and the dessert table. Everyone was too busy dancing, I don’t think many people even noticed it! 

6. Gift ideas for a soon to be one year old baby boy?
Meggan: Any outdoor activity is great! Camden loves his water table, bubble machine, sand table, and garden set. Two other big hits are this music set (annoying for us but he loves it lol) and this car track (he is obsessed with it still).
Brooke: I just got this Curious George for Avery when I was trying to get some shopping done (lol going shopping with kids is impossible) and she will not put it down! It’s super lightweight and the perfect size for hugging/carrying along. You could get a cute book to go with it – my kids have always loved these books and  these books (avail in a lot of different variations of each). Other toys that have been majorly loved by our kids: these blocks (we’ve had them for 4 years and they are still played with all the time, great for babies), this buckle toy (great for travel), bubble mower (bubbles are always a win), water table, and the wheely bug – another one we’ve had forever that they never get sick of.
7. Brooke – where is your moroccan shag rug from that’s in your family room?
It’s from Pottery Barn, but from 4 years ago. It’s very similar to this one (on sale!), this one (same as Meggan’s pink dining room rug, but ivory!), and I’m really loving this one

8. My SIL is getting married in Positano of the coast of Italy the first week of September, it will be small and mostly family and close friends (she’s not doing bridesmaids but I’m as close to one as it gets). She’d like us to wear a pastel dress (length doesn’t matter) with no print. I’m having the hardest time finding something! Ideas?
Some pastel dresses we’re loving – here, here (under $100), here (in blush), and here (comes in so many options & so comfy). Sounds like a dream, have a blast hun! 

9. I’m helping my mom search for a MOB dress for my formal winter wedding and it’s been a struggle! We definitely want floor length with 3/4 sleeves in basically any color but white, red, or navy. Everything we see is either too sexy or too matronly. Any tips for MOB dress shopping? Where to look or dress suggestions?
This Tadashi dress is so pretty and was just marked 40% off! We love the color  & style of this one, and this one + this one (favorite!) are absolutely stunning! Hope that helps! xx

10. Meggan – I know you just got married and I’m getting married in a few months and struggling thinking of gift ideas. I was wondering if you could share some gift ideas for bridesmaid, mother-of-the-bride and father-of-the-bride?
I gave each of my parents cards and I’m making them a photo book from our wedding week as their gift. Some other ideas I love for the MOB is jewelry, an embroidered handkerchief (cute for FOB too), a personalized keepsake box, or perfume. FOB ideas are cuff links, a framed picture of the two you, or a monogram money clip. And I shared what I put in my bridesmaid bags here!

11. I’m going on a trip with my boyfriend to the French Riviera in August (Monaco and Cap du ferrat). Do you have any suggestions on outfits/what to pack!? I’m a terrible packer and would love some ideas!
Ahhh bucket list!! We would pack a lot of neutral and versatile pieces: a white dress (love this one), these shorts, a striped tee, comfy flats or sneakers for exploring, this maxi, denim jacket for chilly nights, a two-piece set (obsessed with this one and this one!), a cross body bag, these sandals, and this hat. For the beach we love this white bikini, this one-piece, this coverup caftan, and this bag. Enjoy!

12. I’m attending a wedding at the end of July and the attire is “casual,” do you have any suggestions on dresses?
This dress is cute, love this wrap maxi dress, this midi is pretty, and also loving this dress!

13. I’m recently pregnant…what are some fall/winter staples for a growing belly? 
A comfy dress (or lots of them) you can wear with booties, tights, and boots for sure! One pair of great maternity jeans (we both loved this pair) you can wear when you’re feeling like denim, leggings (obsessed with this pair – on sale!), and tons of oversized tops (this one would totally work) and cardigans – loooove this one! Also, lots of button down shirts (like this flannel) left unbuttoned over tees like the one we just linked are perfect for fall/winter + maternity! We tried to buy as many non-maternity items as possible b/c you don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of clothes you’ll never wear again. Congratulations! xx 

14. My boyfriend is turning 30 and I have no idea what to get him or even what to plan to do since I feel like 30 is a pretty big deal! Would love any suggestions from you girls! 
Why are guys so hard to shop for? It’s seriously the worst lol! Could you plan a weekend get away for the two of you? Or get tickets to a concert or one of his favorite sporting events? A surprise party with all his friends and family would be fun too! Sometimes events/memories are better than gifts – especially for guys!
15. What do you wear for date night? My husband and I are celebrating our 2nd anniversary downtown (Pump Room). Looking at my closet, I’m realizing everything I have is super casual (or maternity). I’m one year postpartum, 5 lbs away from pre-baby weight, and I want to look good for my husband and not feel like a mom for a night. Any recos?  
Black is always our go-to if we’re carrying a little extra weight b/c it’s slimming. Here are a few dresses that would look great on you – this onethis one (obsessed), this one (the cut is super flattering), and this one. We also really really recommend shapewear to wear under the dresses – especially after having a baby, it feels so good & helps with confidence! This pair would be great and is on sale. 

16. My friend is having a “secret garden” themed bridal shower in a few weeks & asked everyone to wear their best florals. Any ideas that are under $100?  
Love this dress (the tie front is so cute, color is also great), this one (in blush, so pretty), this one (just marked down under $100), and this one (so fun and different)! 

17. Brooke – what do you ask for when you get your hair colored? 
I ask for balayage highlights that are not brassy (very important if you’re brunette/hair gets brassy easily). 

18. Do you girls think you’ll live in your respective forever? Where would you like to end up if not?
Brooke: Maybe, but you never know! I think we will always be on one of the coasts – New York or California. I love both, but miss living in California a lot! 
Meggan: We will be here for a long time but have dreams of moving to the West Coast (specifically San Diego – Kyle lived there for 4 years) someday. I will say I never want to live in cold weather again lol. 

19. I have a few weddings and rehearsal dinners to attend this summer…I really want to try out the 2 piece set trend, do you have any recommendations?
There’s soooo many cute sets our right now! A few favorites are this floral one (Meggan has it on here), this top + skirt (neeeed!), this black one, and this off-the-shoulder top + skirt. We would wear any of these to a rehearsal dinner!

20. I saw on your insta story over the weekend some essential oils from Doterra. What essential oils do you use? Do you use a diffuser or do you put directly on your skin?
Meggan: I use lavender and digestzen and apply directly to my skin. I also used them on Cam when he was colicky (diluted of course)! But I want to get more – I heard peppermint and lemon are good ones!
Brooke: I have lavender and peppermint. I do not put them directly on my skin, but I do have one from Young Living that is meant to be applied directly to skin – the Stress Away roller ball, it’s great! I use a diffuser, but am looking to get a new one – would love any recommendations! I also use the lavender on these dryer balls (instead of dryer sheets) – they are amazing and my laundry smells so good! 

21. I’m having my engagement photos done at the beginning of September and was wondering if you could help with outfit suggestions. I would love to do one dressy option and one casual. We’re taking our pictures at North Ave beach in Chicago 🙂
A couple dressy options are this lace dress (comes in a few colors!), this white jumpsuit, or this LBD. Some casual options: this dress with booties or flat sandals, a lightweight sweater (love this) with skinny jeans + booties, or this maxi dress (no shoes on the beach look).

22. I’m looking for a cute and functional backpack…something to fit my own and my two little ones’ essentials (pockets for organization are a must!).
A few cute ones we’re loving are here, here, and here! And this totesavvy mini is perfect for bags that don’t have a lot of pockets for organization!

23. I’m turning 28 at the end of the month and would love some outfit ideas for a girls night out!
This bodysuit would be so cute with high waisted jeans and a belt (love this one or this one), this set is simple but hawttt, obsessed with this romper, and same with this dress!

24. I love that you guys don’t pimp out your family/kids like a lot of bloggers #justsayin lol! How do you decide what to include and when to post with your kids?
Lol – everyone is different, but we do try to protect our kids because there are so many creeps out there, you just never know! Our kids are the biggest (and most important) part of our lives & we’re with them all day errrrrday, so we do like to share little things here and there (mostly on insta stories). They are included in our lifestyle posts once in a while, but we try to keep our blog/instagram mainly fashion focused instead of super personal. It’s just what works for us!  
25. What are some of your musts for your hospital bag for momma and baby?
Meggan: For myself I brought my blanket, socks, yoga pants, nursing tanks, a cardigan, jammies, makeup (felt so good to wash my face and put makeup on once I had the energy), toiletries, pump, and camera. For Cam I brought a couple onsies, swaddle blankets, pacifier, hat. The hospital was amazing and provided everything for him – diapers, wipes, breastfeeding pillow, hats, blankets, formula (we had latching issues and had to use). I ended up staying in the hospital gown almost the whole time because it was easiest to feed and change those sexy mesh panties in lollll.
Brooke: For me – yoga pants (when you have to wear the mesh underwear and a giant maxipad you want pants that will keep everything in place, trust me lol), a tank top, robe, socks (it’s always so cold in hospitals), computer (I couldn’t wait to break out of the hospital, but we had to stay an extra day with Avery b/c of some complications so it was great to have my computer for Netflix, blogs, etc), toiletries, and my own pillow. My hospital had a pump (you might want to check with your hospital) which was great b/c it was hospital grade, and they had all of the parts for me to use. For the babe – car seat (obviously lol), blanket, hat, sleeper set/pajamas to go home in. The hospital will provide everything else you need for your baby! 

26. Any suggestions for a wedding guest dress for late August in Chicago? Cocktail-ish attire and hopefully around $150!
This dress is gorg (love it in blue ink), this dress is cute, this lace one is really pretty, and so is this off-the-shoulder (in the pink obviously lol).

27. At your bachelorette parties, did you receive a group gift from your girls? If so what was it? If not, do you have any ideas for a group gift?
Neither of us received group gifts but a couple ideas are: a spa package (facial, mani, pedi, etc.) that she can use before the wedding OR a honeymoon gift basket (luggage tags, white bikini, embroidered hat, lingerie, sunglasses, sunscreen, bath salts, etc.). Both would be cute and very useful!

28. What are some books you ladies that you ladies have been reading lately?
Meggan: I finished A Hundred Summers and now I’m reading The Good Girl. Highly recommend both! 
Brooke: I just started reading Luckiest Girl Alive (a friend suggested it, it’s good so far), and want to read The Good Girl also since Meggan said it was amazing! 

29. I just got these open toe booties and they are more gray than they looked online. I’m struggling how to style them, any ideas?
Gray looks really pretty with black, ivory, and blush! We would do skinny jeans (black or blue) with tops like this sweaterthis sweatshirt, and this sweater (the back is amazing)! So cute, we love those booties! 

30. Do you resell your gently used or new clothing somewhere other than Instagram? I’m trying to find a new place to resell other than Poshmark. Any suggestions?
We’ve only used Poshmark and Instagram but you could also try a consignment shop like Plato’s Closet!

Thanks for sending in your questions every week. So much fun emailing/chatting with you girls! Leave your questions below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. XO