1. Struggling with healthy breakfast options for a mom on the go – any suggestions?
We like Larabars, hard boiled eggs, avocado toast, almond butter toast, and we haven’t made these but it’s a good breakfast prep idea!

2. I would love to know what are you ladies are planning to buy or have already bought from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?
Meggan: I went to the store yesterday and almost had an anxiety attack. There were SO many people and my stroller barley fit through the racks…it was seriously a mad house. Okay vent over lol! A few things that I’ve got so far are these makeup brushes (only $50 and $162 value!), neuLASH, these boots (in golden caramel), this cardigan, these sunnies (also have them in black), this moto jacket (favorite thing I got), this jumpsuit, this slipdress, this split back knit (obsessed with the color!), this sweater, this bra (my favorite – I get one every year during the sale!), hanky panky thongs (I like the low rise), this dress (SO cute for date night or a wedding!), and these leggings.
Brooke: I’m with Meggan – we were laughing at each other’s snaps while we were in store, it was crayyyyzay (and I had my double stroller which was pure comedy lol). I ended up just grabbing things and all of them worked – that never happens! I got this jacketthis anorakthis teethis sweaterthis cardigan, and this top. I also placed an online order for things my store didn’t have – these leggingsneuLASHmy all-time favorite deodorant (seriously it’s amazing), this distressed denim jacketthis hoodiethis sweatshirt + these joggers in the blue color, this coat in ivory (sooo much prettier in person!), and these workout pants in white – so cool! A few things I’m loving, and still debating: these boots (saw them in store and fell in love – thoughts?), this lotion/perfume (b/c it smells insaneee…same scent as the deodorant), and these boots in the darker color – feel like they are a fall staple and I’d wear them all the time. 

3. My husband and I recently purchased a new home. We’re in the process of making it our own (painting, updating the kitchen, etc.) and we have decided to hold off on updating our master bath. In the meantime, I’m wanting to give it a small facelift. I’m looking for modern or unique knobs for the cabinets (which are white) and a cute stool/chair for under the counter where I do my hair and makeup. Any suggestions for either or have you purchased anything similar in the past?
Meggan: We gave our guest bath a mini facelift too and I found knobs at Anthropologie. I got these gold ones but also love these and these!
Brooke: Congrats! Such a fun time! For your cabinets, I’m loving these knobs (the marble + brass combo is so good) as well as these (come in 3 metal options and are only $4.95/piece)! For a stool or chair I love: this one (pretty and feminine), this one (looks like a designer piece I’ve seen at a fraction of the price!), or this one (on super sale)! 

4. Have you girls been able to find any products that actually work for stretch marks?
Brooke: I didn’t get stretch marks from pregnancy so I’m not sure about correcting them if they’re already there, but I swore by this oil when I was pregnant.  
Meggan: I didn’t get stretch marks either (I’ve heard it’s really genetics) but I used this belly butter so maybe that played a part in it too! And I put coconut oil on my legs and booty!

5. How do you girls manage to take care of yourself despite having little ones to watch over? Do you have a morning routine? I’m a stay at home mom to an active boy and I can’t seem to manage out of my yoga pants let alone do my hair/makeup! BTW, Brooke – I bought the Allign LuLulemon yoga pants you mentioned last #coffeetalk and never want to take them off!
Meggan: I’m definitely not put together everyday ha…if it wasn’t so hot here I would be in yoga pants more often 😉 But luckily Cam plays pretty independently which gives me time to get ready. Trust me, there are some days where he is hanging on my legs whining the entire time lol you just have to power through it! My makeup routine during the week is quick – concealer, foundation, bronzer, highlighter, swipe of mascara! And my hair is usually in a bun which takes two seconds. When Cam was a baby (and VERY colicky) I was in sweats everyday which was not helping with my blues. I made it a goal to get dressed everyday (even just jeans and a tee) and it made me feel so much better – like a real person again. Just try to sneak away for 5 minutes to get dressed and drink your coffee!
Brooke: Oh my gosh, those pants are amazing. I’ve worn them 3 days this week lol – so good! And I’m totally with you – most days (unless I have a meeting or event), I’m in my workout gear all day – usually the Align pants ha, my hair is in a ponytail, and I’m not wearing an ounce of makeup. Not going to lie, I feel like this is definitely something I need to work on as well – I don’t want to “let myself go,” but sometimes it’s impossible to find a few minutes to get ready, or I just don’t feel like it’s a priority & a lot of times I look at moms who are full on glam and think to myself, “WTF. How do you do that?! Teach me your ways!” lol. If I have to go somewhere or look presentable I will use this foundation mixed with this illuminator (amazing combo), mascara and I’m out the door. 

6. I’m going to Long Island for my sorority big sister’s wedding in October and looking for a dress! It’s formal and at a beautiful country club, but I don’t want to break the bank and would love to get something I could wear again. 
This halter dress is pretty and on sale for $59! Love everything about this midi dress – the color and bow front. Another cute option is this maxi – it’s under $100 and comes in a few colors. You could also look into doing Rent The Runway – they have so many options at really good price points!
7. I know one of you girls have trouble with anxiety…as do I! I wanted to know how you have such confidence and if you have any tips for me to become more confident in myself/believe in myself or at least how to fake it until I make it! Thanks!
Ugh we’re sorry you have anxiety. It is truly the worst feeling and can really weigh you down. We both struggle with it and some days are better than others but neither of us can exactly pin down what triggers it.
Meggan: My anxiety isn’t so much about confidence, more so I wake up with a heavy chest, my heart is racing, and I put pressure on myself to get a 100 things done. Or I have anxiety that something bad is going to happen to me or my loved ones. I try to take deep breathes and try to not let it control my day/life. I also take medication which helps but wish I didn’t have to take it. Some things to help with confidence is don’t compare yourself to others (remember social media is just a highlight reel!), say self affirmations, and learn to love yourself and your flaws – everyone has them!
Brooke: I struggle with anxiety, but mine has to do more with worrying and being afraid. It’s so frustrating, and I will be fine and out & about and all of a sudden boom! I’m afraid something bad is going to happen or can’t stop worrying about my kids. I’ve been meditating & doing devotionals, and it helps me a lot! In terms of feeling confident, a book might be a good place to start! There are a lot of books with specific tools for feeling better & more confident – this one has really great reviews. I also have this one in my cart ;). Also, I agree with Meggan on not comparing yourself to anyone else – I wrote a blog post on that you can read here

8. I know you both posted about neuLASH a few weeks ago. I started using it as well and I LOVE it. But I was wondering if either of you know if it’s suggested you keep using it after getting your desired results – basically like upkeep?
Yes we both still use it even though we have the desired results. It’s on sale right now at Nordstrom (here) – 2 tubes for $150 so we both stocked up. Such a good deal!

9. How do you manage to cook meals or workout without your little ones interrupting?
Meggan: I have to work out in the morning because I do Orange Theory and they don’t have daycare. I do the 6:15am class and it’s soooo nice getting it over with for the day! Is it possible for you to do a quick workout during nap time? There are a lot of good YouTube videos (love the Tone It Up girls) or maybe free weights + cardio (jump rope, sprints in backyard, etc). Sometimes I do that if I don’t make it to class 🙂 And when I cook, Kyle usually has Cam or he “helps” me in the kitchen. I have old bowls, spoons, and dry noodles that keeps him entertained or I put him in his high chair and he does Play-Doh or colors! And of course there’s always Mickey Mouse lol.
Brooke: My gym has a daycare, so that’s how I get my workouts in, but cooking can be a struggle. I don’t know what happens, but 4-6pm in my house is the witching hour lol! Usually we are “go go go” all day, so by the end of the day everyone is tired, hungry, and just worn out. My girls ask for 1,000 snacks, whine because _______ (literally anything, just fill in the blank), etc. I try to keep them distracted by pulling out sticker books, coloring books, or dot paints, but sometimes have to rely on the TV to be my babysitter for that 45 minutes so I can cook and get everything cleaned up. I posted a while ago on insta stories about how my house gets SO messy during the day & had a lot of people say they were interested in a blog post on how I get it clean quickly, so I’m working on that post for next week! 

10. What are some cute date night outfit ideas?
This romper is pretty, this bodysuit would be so cute with skinny jeans and heels, love this top + skirt (I have it in the floral pattern), and obsessssed with this jumpsuit!

11. How did you two first realize you were pregnant with your kiddos? I’ve heard some women “know” right away, and others don’t. Would be interested in symptoms/feelings/etc.
Meggan: Welllll to be honest, I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was about 1.5 months along. So it’s safe to say I was clueless! I had no symptoms except I was super tired. I told my boss I thought I had mono because I couldn’t keep my eyes open at work (I would seriously lock myself in the bathroom and have rest my eyes). After awhile I started to get a feeling I was pregnant but I was in somewhat of a denial. Took a test and life changed forever lol. I think next time I will know sooner 😉
Brooke: When I found out I was pregnant with Sophia, I was traveling for work and felt soooo tired, but thought it was maybe just the time difference until the smells! OMG – everything smelled so strong and made me nauseous, then I figured it out ;). We lived in the city when I found out I was pregnant with Avery, and I ordered from my favorite Italian place – truffle pasta. I took one bite and was gagging, the truffle flavor that I normally loved was making me feel so sick, and I pretty much knew right then that I was pregnant. 

12. I’m spending 10 days at the lake at the end of July and looking for comfy mom clothes to pack. Brooke, what were your must haves when you were home? Also, outfit ideas for days spent at the park with the babies?
When I’m home, I pretty much live in my loungewear unless we’re going out. These pantsthis sweatshirtthese jeansthese cutoffs, and comfy tees were on heavy rotation. When we went to the park, it was SO hot and I was regretting wearing my jeans! I would do something comfy like the yoga pants I linked with a tee & sneakers, and bring a denim jacket along in case it gets chilly. Have so much fun! I’m jealous, already want to go back! xx 

13. My fiancé and I are heading to NY in August and I’m wondering what are the MUST SEE places? We will only be there for 5 days but that won’t stop us from adventuring 😉 We both love rooftops, eating, and architecture. Any ideas would be great!
Take an architectural boat tour (the views are so amazing), walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, visit the top of the rock & Rockefeller Plaza, walk around Madison Ave and Park ave, of course Central Park, the 9/11 Memorial, and walk around my favorite neighborhoods – Tribeca, Soho, and West Village! I haven’t been to a ton of rooftops but the top of the Standard Hotel is so pretty and one of my favorite spots! You can see some of my favorite restaurants in this post (question 11). 

14. I’m wanting to wear an outfit that involves a loose tank with a lace cami/bra underneath, but I’m having trouble finding a cute lose tank. Any ideas that you’ve seen lately to pull that look off?
Yes! A couple cute ones we’ve seen are this one (love the trim), this one, and this one.

15. I’ll be going to Chicago for the first time next month for a long weekend with my boyfriend and two other couples. I was wondering if you ladies have any suggestions on things to do, where to eat, grab drinks, etc!
Definitely do a boat or kayak tour on the river – so many amazing views and you learn a lot about the city. Places to eat: Summer House, Girl & The Goat, Big Star (best margs and patio!), Momotaro, Parlor Pizza (fun during the day on the patio), Hampton Social, Lou’s pizza, and GT Fish & Oyster. Some fun bars/rooftops to check out are Federales, Joy District, The Godfrey rooftop lounge, The Violet Hour, Happy Camper, Cindy’s, and RM Champagne Salon. Fun neighborhoods to walk around to shop/eat/bar hop are West Loop, Old Town, Lincoln Park, and Bucktown. I feel like I say the same places every time this question is asked but I know there are so many places that have popped up since I’ve moved so I would try googling what’s new 🙂

16. Do either of you have pregnancy workout suggestions? I’m just about to start the 2nd trimester and finally have some energy back!
Meggan: I walked to and from work everyday which equalled a little over 2 miles and other than that I didn’t do much. I had a lot of back pain (pretty much lived on the heating pad or in the bath) so I wasn’t very motivated to hit the gym ugh. 
Brooke: My #1 suggestion is to not quit! I did and majorly regretted it after I had Avery. Definitely check with your doctor first to see what they think would be best for you/your pregnancy, but I would recommend walking, the eliptical, or a stationary bike for cardio (nothing too crazy), and arm exercises with light weights as well. 

17. I’m attending a close friend’s wedding in early September and the bridesmaid dresses and MOH dress are going to be a carnation pink color. I love this mauve colored dress and picked it out before I knew their dress color. But now that I know their color I feel bad wearing it to the wedding. Do you girls think it’s too close to the bridesmaids’ color? Also, I have a red Lovers and Friends dress that has been sitting in my closet waiting for the right occasion, but how do you girls feel about wearing red to a wedding? I get mixed reviews and I myself am not too sure if it’s appropriate. It’s a true red which is why I’m hesitant.
We think you could totally wear that dress, especially since you already had it picked out. It doesn’t look bridesmaid-ish at all, so you’re safe! In terms of wearing red to a wedding we think it’s perfectly fine as long as the dress isn’t overly sexy/attention grabbing. 

18. I want a pair of over-the-knee black boots this fall and with the Nordstrom sale coming up I was trying to remember which ones you both have?
Meggan: I have the Stuart Weitzman lowland boots and I’m eyeing this Marc Fisher pair from the sale.
Brooke: I have this pair, and another pair from Dolce Vita (they look similar to this pair). I also loooove that Marc Fisher pair Meggan linked! 

19. I have really fine hair that cannot keep any volume. Do you know of any combs/brushes or products that help with volume?
Meggan: I have the opposite problem – my hair is too thick and has a lot of texture which give it volume! But this round brush is amazing for volume and I am obsessed with this texture spray and this hairspray.
Brooke: My hair loses volume quickly also, but this texturizing spray is amazing and helps keep it looking voluminous! 

20. How do you feel about wearing a jumpsuit to a wedding (is it appropriate)? I’m attending one with my boyfriend in St. Louis mid September and would love some suggestions. Meggan, I love the Revolve Allegra jumpsuit, but would you wear this to a wedding?
You can definitely wear a jumpsuit to a wedding! I think the Allegra jumpsuit might be a little too scandalous but a couple we’re loving are here, here (would be cute with a statement necklace or earrings), and here.

21. I just found out I’m like a minute pregnant and obviously started researching everything to do once you get pregnant and wanted to ask if you two switched any of your beauty products to pregnancy friendly when you found out you had a baby on the way? Also, did you change your fitness routine at all or workout less? I know the internet is filled with posts about this but it would be nice to hear from two experienced moms!
Meggan: I used Tula products throughout my entire pregnancy (and still do) because they are all made with safe ingredients. You can read all about them here. And see question 16 for workout – I didn’t do much besides walk lol!
Brooke: I didn’t have to switch any of my beauty products because they were all safe for pregnancy, but I definitely worked out less (and regretted it later lol). I wished I would have worked out through my whole pregnancy, but I didn’t. I would definitely recommend trying to work out consistently because it will help you so much after having your babe! 

22. I saw you mentioned the PMD in your Nordstrom sale haul…do you guys like it? I’ve had my eye on it for awhile.
Yes, absolutely love it! It takes some practice to get used to, but love it! 

23. I have the worst under eyes, what are some good concealers?
Brooke: ME too! I use this Bobbi Brown corrector in bisque and this concealer by Nars in Creme Brulee. 
Meggan: I use this Bobbi Brown color corrector in bisque and IT Cosmetics bye bye undereye concealer. I’ve been using both for over a year and love – they work really well!

Thanks for another great week of #coffeetalk – it’s our favorite day of the week because we get to hear from you guys! Leave your questions below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. xx