1. I also LOVE white bedding/sheets…but as a regular spray tanner, they also seem to get ruined within a few weeks. Any tips? I also can’t use detergents with a scent.
Meggan: I don’t spray tan often but whenever I have I just lay towels over my sheets and pillows and that seems to work (not the most comfortable though!). But I just saw on Marianna Hewitt’s insta that she uses this black silk sheet protector – so smart!
Brooke: I usually just use the St Tropez express tan which you leave on for 3 hours maximum, so I’m never sleeping in my tan before washing it off. That silk sheet protector looks like a great idea, though! I also use free + clear detergent, and am going to try this tip!

2. Meggan- where are your white pajamas from instagram from?
Those are my favorite and on sale here! I have this eyelet pair too which are just as pretty!

3. What are some of the comfy, quick, easy, and low key sandal recommendations? I always tend to gravitate towards my Nike or Sanuk flip flops.
Brooke: I just got these sandals and these flip flops and have been wearing both the whole time I’ve been in Iowa. They are super comfy and go with pretty much everything! If you’re looking for something a little sportier, these are so cute!
Meggan: I have the same braided sandals Brooke mentioned and my other go-to pairs are these black slides, my birks, and these sandals!

4. Meggan – I think you did a story about shaving your face but I didn’t catch it and I want to know what you did and which razors to buy. I would love another demonstration too!
I’ll do another video on IG stories this weekend. I honestly haven’t had to shave since and that was over a month ago! But I use these razors and do small strokes going down – Brooke actually ended up buying them also! 😉

5. Before you had a fashion blog what did you do in fashion/where did you work?

Brooke: In college I worked for Red Bull, and had a couple PR internships (one for a ski/snow apparel company – Outdoor Gear) and one for a women’s/fashion magazine that’s no longer being published. After college, I went into recruiting and was an executive recruiter for a company in Chicago and loved it!
Meggan: I worked at Nordstrom on Mich. Ave (that was dangerous $$$) and then I was a stylist at Trunk Club!

6. I’m having a hard time finding a beach bag that can fit all my families things yet still fashionable. Any suggestions?
This bag is super cute and looks large (love the poms), have always loved this one and now it’s on sale, and this one is simple/classic (looks like it holds a lot from the pics!).

7. Meggan – I would love to know if you have any tips for composting and why you started doing it? I’ve been doing some research and thinking about starting a bin myself!
Okay so I’m kind of a crazy recycler and have been passionate about taking care of the environment since I can remember. I’m always trying to reduce my carbon footprint + how much waste I’m contributing to the landfill (and Kyle and Camdens of course!) soooo that’s why I decided to take it to the next level and start composting! I decided on this bin (found it at Home Depot) because it has two chambers and you can spin it (compost needs oxygen). I’m no professional yet and still learning but these are some good tips I’ve saved – it sounds like the ratio is green/brown is really important so I hope I’m not screwing that up. If you have any tips send them my way! You can also read about all the benefits here – after reading those I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to start 😉

8. I have a boho chic wedding to go to in September. Any ideas for dresses?
Love this dress (just got it for a wedding I’m attending), obsessssed with this maxi, this lace midi is pretty, and also in love with this one – so fun!

9. I’m looking for some good spring/summer sweaters for chilly nights. Would love your suggestions!
Meggan: I love snuggling up in a sweater at night! My favorite ones in my closet are this one (on sale!), this one, and this one (it’s sooo soft!).
Brooke: I just got this one and love it – perfect weight for summer!

10. I’m wondering if you could give a recommendation for whether you think a traditional diaper bag or a tote with an insert like totesavvy is a better option for  first time mom. I love the designer bags but am torn whether or not it makes sense to buy a bag for that kind of money that will inevitably end up with spilled milk and crumbs at the bottom! I don’t love the look of most traditional diaper bags so I’m hoping you can help. Would you please share your thoughts and perhaps some recommendations around the $500 range?
Totally agree – we probably wouldn’t go for a designer diaper bag unless it was a gift lol. The totesavvy inserts are actually amazing – we’ve used them (& loved it) so that’s a great option! A few bag options we love under $500 – herehere, and here. Congratulations!

11. What do you guys shoot with? I’m in the market for a new lens!
We both have the Canon 6D with this lens – highly recommend it!

12. I just bought a neutral/light tan couch and I’m looking for some fun pillows for it. Looking for some that are also super comfy/cozy because my couch is on the firmer side!
Lulu & Georgia, Target, and Anthropologie have the best selection of colorful pillows! Here’s our top five favorites: one, two, three, four, five. I (Meggan) just ordered this pink one for my bed (insert heart eye emoji here).

13. I have an engagement party mid September in Des Moines, Iowa on a rooftop of a hotel. Looking for the perfect outfit that would be cute but suitable for fall weather.
That’s tough because you never know what the weather will be like in Iowa in September – it could still be sooo hot or cold lol! A few dress options we’re eyeing are here (such a pretty color!), here, and here. This jumpsuit is also super cute!

14. Brooke – I was wondering if you could share where your rings are from, including the one you are wearing in place of your wedding ring? Love them!
Thank you! I wear this ring, this one, and on my ring finger I wear the Cartier love wedding band in between two small diamond bands – one was my wedding band and the other was my wedding gift with one sapphire for my “something blue.”

15. I’m a bride heading to South Beach for my bachelorette in August! I’m looking for some tops/dresses to wear that won’t be too hot. I’m heavier chested and hold my weight in my midsection so having a tough time finding something that will be appropriate to wear out. I would be so thankful if you could help find few options (I’m not afraid to wear color!).
This jumpsuit  and this jumpsuit are so hot and would be so cute with a bright pair of heels (love these in yellow). This top is super cute – you could still wear a bra and it’s flowy which would be perfect! This dress is fun for a bride to be and flowy as well – love the details!

16. What tools/products are you using to style your hair these days? I have super thick hair too and love yours!
Meggan: I know I’ve mentioned this conditioner a million times but I seriously cannot live without it. My hair is so thick and texturized and it really smoothes it out! I also just ordered this heat protecting oil because I used my moms this week and love it!
Brooke: I just started using this shampoo & conditioner and really love it. Also, I just bought this texturizing spray after using my moms for the past few weeks – it’s honestly amazing. It might be my favorite hair product ever!

17. Meggan – What did you and Kyle decide on for wedding bands? Can we see your set together?
My band is the exact same size/design as my engagement ring and I also have a skinny rose gold ring from our “courthouse wedding” we did back in December (which we actually did at our house lol). Kyle ended up getting a cheap silver one because let’s be honest, guys tend to lose them and beat them up lol. I’ll snap my band for you on insta stories today 🙂

18. Curious what prenatal vitamins you both took and if you have any info to share? Just started looking into it and there’s so much information it’s overwhelming!
Brooke: I used NewChapter and never had any issues with them. I did take them at night since some people say that prenatal vitamins can upset your stomach.
Meggan: I took these Nature Made ones and liked them – no funny taste and easy to swallow. You can also ask your doctor for samples if you want to try a few. Mine gave me so many!

19. I love the boho chic look of the Fillyboo Maternity maxi dresses for my upcoming maternity shoot but can’t quite justify the $250+ price tag. I’m wondering if you girls know of any similar dresses for around $100?
This dress is amazing – it’s not maternity, but it would probably be okay b/c of the empire waist. This one is $150, but it’s reallllly cute so we had to share! Another non-maternity option that would totally work and so pretty!

20. Brooke – did you cut/color your hair? It looks shorter and blonder in your recent stories! I love it, but am scared to take the plunge (I have long, dark hair). 
Yes, I did! I cut 6 inches and went a little bit blonder for summer. My hair grows really quickly, so I like to change it up.

21. How do you both wash your ripped jeans? Do you dry them? Probably a dumb question but they don’t ever look super worn out in your pics!!
Meggan: I know you’re not really supposed to but I wash my jeans more often then I should. The ones that are super ripped up I only dry half the time and then air dry the remaining time.
Brooke: I wash mine, but hang them to dry. Also, I do not wash them often – I don’t really feel like jeans need to be washed that often (especially real denim without stretch) unless they are actually dirty or get stretched out. Another tip – buy mesh bags like these to protect them during the wash.

22. I’m expecting my first baby in late August and I’m obsessed with this set in white from Restoration Hardware for his nursery. I’m wondering if you guys know of any less expensive dupes? 🙂
This one looks really similar and is under $400! This one is also super cute and you can replace the knobs for rings. Check Hobby Lobby, they always has a big selection. Congratulations love!

23. I’m on the hunt for an inexpensive roman shade. I saw awhile back one of you posted one from Amazon, would you mind sharing again? I’m looking for a linen look that I can customize the size!
Brooke: Yes, I posted about this one from Amazon. It is inexpensive and the fabric is so good, but they only have several sizes available so not totally customizable, but hopefully will work for your window size! You can’t beat the price.

Thank you so much for sending in your questions! For next week you can leave them below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. Have a great weekend! xx