Lace Up Back Sweater & Water Challenge Update
Good morning babes! We’re still going with our water challenge – a gallon/day for 30 days. Not going to lie, it was really hard (and almost annoying) over the weekend when we were out and about but I did it – after 14 trips to public restrooms lol. We’ve had a lot of messages to share any results and so far we both feel less bloated, and I’ve been sleeping sooo much better than normal – not sure if that has anything to do with the water or not, but it’s definitely a major change I’ve noticed the past week. I woke up yesterday with a super sore throat – uhg I hate being sick in the summer, it’s so unexpected so I feel like it’s worse. Hoping the water helps to kick it quickly. 😉 Any other tips? 
You guys know we’ve (along with everyone and their mother) been getting some fall shopping done this past week, and this sweater is one of the pieces I picked up on sale (currently under $50). Love the detail on the back, and it also comes in ivory. I’m wearing a size 6 US. It also comes in a similar sweatshirt version which is amazing. 
I’ve had these jeans for a few months and love them, and just ordered this pair after hearing so many great reviews. My sunglasses aren’t on sale, but this pair is under $80 and they are a similar color and shape – love them! I tried them on in store and I’m not lying when I say the quality felt just as good as my Celine sunglasses. 
My booties are from last year’s sale, but I love the details on this year’s version
sweater | jeans (also love this pair) | booties (similar) | necklace | bag | sunglasses