Building a Wardrobe: 5 Staple Pieces To Buy For Fall
We’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about building a wardrobe instead of buying trendy, seasonal pieces (which we totally get and love!). So, today we’re sharing our top 5 fall staples to add to your wardrobe. Of course they don’t need to be expensive designer pieces, but sometimes splurging a little is worth it for a classic piece (for example – I’ve had a Burberry coat for over 7 years & still love it!). If you’re wanting to splurge on one or two items we would say go for jackets and shoes (and bags!), and save on things like sweaters and scarves/fall accessories.

1. Moto Jacket
jacket  (similar, pictured is sold out)

2. Loafers and/or Boots
3. Scarves
4. Jeans
5. Cozy Knits