1. I know you guys have both lived in small, city apartments with kids. I would love some tips on how you stayed organized/decluttered! I had my daughter 6 months ago and I already feel like the baby stuff has totally taken over! We live in the city, so space is definitely limited!
Brooke: We had zero storage, not even a linen closet lol! Luckily Sophia’s bedroom was pretty big for NYC, so we kept all of her toys in there. Our living area was TINY so the rule was – whatever can fit in her bedroom (without it looking ridiculous), we can keep. We used baskets, and her closet for storage (all of her clothes were stored in a dresser so the closet helped with storage). I would de-clutter every week, and whatever we hadn’t used in the past few weeks I would donate.
Meggan: We had no storage in our city apartment, it was awful! I seriously had to tell our parents to stop buying Camden stuff because we couldn’t shove one more thing there lol. When Kyle’s mom or my mom would visit they would sometimes bring an extra suitcase and we would send clothes that no longer fit with them home – we were seriously desperate for space ha! We had this console and I loved it because it you can put four baskets in the bottom row and that’s where we stored most of his toys. And I did the same as Brooke – I feel like I had a donation bag every week!

2. Any thoughts on what your next designer bag purchases might be? I’m starting to shop around and have my eye on a few but was wondering what’s on your radar?
Meggan: I won’t be buying one anytime soon but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been looking 😉 Obsessed with this studded Gucci bag, this Saint Laurent tote (cute and functional for everyday), and this petite Chloe bag (perfect color for fall!).
Brooke: I’m not planning on buying one either but I have a few I am loving! I tried this bag on and was obsessed – it’s so cute and different (much cuter in person)! I also love this bag, but it’s more $$$ than I would want for that style, and I’m also in love with Meggan’s Hermes bag – love this gray color

3. I’m decorating a bedroom & bathroom for a little girl & would love any ideas you have for those rooms! 
Tons of cute inspo here! Some pieces we are loving – this bedthis dresserthis rug, cutest bedding (great price too!). Both of us did book walls with shelves from IKEA like this and it’s so cute and cheap – plus a cute way to display books!

4. I’ve been hearing a lot of scary things about the chemicals in deodorants. What deodorants do y’all use? 
Meggan: Ugh there’s seriously chemicals in everything, it’s scary! I’ve been using this Tom’s deodorant for a couple weeks now and like it. However, I feel like it doesn’t work all the time? Like on really hot muggy days. Is this the same with anyone else that uses it? I’d love to know what others are using/what works best. Tom’s was the only option at my Target so that’s why I got it! I’ve been trying to swap out my products (body wash, household cleaners, etc.) with safer options but it’s definitely a process!
Brooke: I use this DKNY deodorant and it’s seriously amazing. I’m sure it’s not chemical free (uhg), but it’s the only deodorant that continually works for me. I saw it on L&L last year during the anniversary sale – they were saying how amazing it is, so I decided to try it and I have had zero regrets (even though it’s expensive). I tried a natural deodorant recently that my mom uses, and it didn’t work for me 🙁 so I’m sticking with this one b/c it always works and smells sooo good (one tube lasts me about 5 months). It’s like perfume in deodorant. I agree there are tons of scary chemicals in everything, literally everything! There’s no way (for me) to avoid every single toxin in the world, so I try to pick and choose things that work for me – body wash, household cleaners, etc.

5. Can you share your favorite ways to make acai bowls? I don’t have any places nearby in Philadelphia & I crave this goodness via social media. So far, I’ve gotten the acai packets from Trader Joe’s, now what do I do with them? What do you like in them? 
Meggan: I’ve never made my own but get them from The Juice Bar often. My favorite is acai power which the base is acai, blueberries, agave, banana and it’s topped with homemade granola, banana, and blackberries. This homemade one sounds yummy and easy to make!
Brooke: I’ve only ever made one lol – I bought the acai bowl frozen packets that you bought. I used this recipe and it was really good!

6. What trends do you see sticking around or coming up this fall/winter? Trends that seem to stick for awhile like the Adidas sneakers, chokers, and overalls.
Bell sleeves, velvet, fringe, and fur (or faux)! Also, one trend we’re excited to try is the captains/newsboy hat – we love hats and it’s fun to see something different. Beanies are always going to come back, and we agree with you – Adidas sneakers aren’t going anywhere!

7. I’m 15 weeks pregnant and this will be my first baby! My husband’s side of the family is throwing me an early shower, due to timing and that we live so far away. The shower will be over Labor Day, so I will only be 20 weeks at the shower. I’m petite and haven’t “popped” yet, so I’m struggling to find a dress to wear. Any suggestions for dresses when you don’t have a big bump yet? 
20 weeks was right around the time we started showing, so hopefully you’ll have a cute little bump to display at your shower! We would do something a little more form fitting to show it off as much as you can! We love this dress in blushthis one, and this one! You can always bring a cardigan or pashmina along if you need – would look super cute with a bump/tight dress combo.

8. What are your favorite mens picks from the anniversary sale?!
Meggan: I like these sneakers, these AG jeans, this jacket, this vest, and these joggers! Kyle didn’t buy anything b/c his wardrobe is larger than mine lol!
Brooke: My hubs got these bootsthese bootsthese shoes for work, this soap (5 bars, he’s obsessed lol), this Patagonia, and these jeans. I also love this hoodie and this jacket – so cool!

9. I noticed you guys are able to link from instagram stories to your blog (“swipe up” feature). Every article I read about it seems to say you have to be verified to have that feature, but I see non-verified accounts who do it all the time. How are you able to do that? My insta is a business account, so I don’t think it’s that. Maybe I just need to reach a certain number of followers?
We have a business account, and that’s actually how you are able to start linking! We did some research, and it looks like business accounts with over 10,000 followers can use the feature. Hopefully they roll it out to everyone soon!

10. I’m going to Le Diner en Blanc in Chicago and need an all white outfit (can’t be off white). I want to wear a matching set but open to other options too. Do you have any suggestions?
We’ve never heard of that – sounds so amazing!! A couple cute sets we found are: this top + this skirt, this crochet top + bottom, and this combo (expensive but too cute to not share). A few other white options are this jumpsuit, this maxi dress, and this romper!

11. Meggan – I think you posted on insta stories that you were going to start shaving your face? I want to try but wondering if you wound up doing it and like the results?
Yes I did and like the results! It exfoliates your skin and the hair doesn’t grow back darker or thicker. I’ve only had to shave a couple times since the first time which was a the end of May. I will say I was shocked with how much hair came off my face – I had so much peach fuzz I didn’t even know was there! And these are the razors I use.

12. Which Yeti cooler did you get for your husbands? Getting my bf one!
Brooke: This one – love that it has the top handle also, it’s great for the whole fam and perfect for any outings where you’ll want to keep anything (food/drinks) cold!
Meggan: I got him this one – he’s a fisher so I thought it would be easy to bring on trips and travel with.

13. What are your favorite shampoos to keep your hair soft and de-tangled? I swear I lose a handful of hair after I comb through my hair after the shower with my wetbrush. I have long hair but this can’t be normal! I use the it’s a 10′ conditioner that Meggan uses. Wondering if you have any recommendations for de-tangler sprays as well or if either of you use them?
Meggan: My three favorite shampoos are this purple shampoo, this hydrating one, and this color care one. None are for detangling but the conditioner seriously saves my hair. I can barley brush through my hair if I don’t use it! I’m surprised it doesn’t detangle yours! I used to use this kids spray (before I found the conditioner) and it worked – could give it a try!
Brooke: I just started using Monat and love it so far! Usually, I can brush through my hair with my wetbrush after I get out of the shower pretty easily, but if I need to detangle I use this dpHue spray. However, I still shed SO much hair every time I brush my hair, so I feel you on that! It’s crazy.

14. Suggestions on decor and games for a bridal shower? The loose theme is boozy brunch!
That’s a theme we can get down with 😉 This game is fun, funny, and the bride ends up with a bunch of great new undies! This is super cute and wouldn’t require a ton of work! Decor we love – herehere, and here! Have fun! xx

15. Can you link the exact curling iron or wands that you guys use? I’m looking for the beach wave like you often do Brooke. It always looks so good! How many sections do you separate your hair into when you’re curling it and do you hairspray each piece as you curl? And what heat do you typically have your iron set at?
Brooke: This is the wand I use most of the time and it only has one setting (heat isn’t adjustable). Sometimes I don’t separate my hair at all into sections, but most of the time I just do 2 – top and bottom (clip up half and start with the bottom). I do not spray each piece after I curl it, but I would suggest that if your hair loses the curl really easily, I typically curl one section then spray before moving to the top section. I promise I’ll be doing a tutorial soon!
Meggan: I have this curling iron and this wand but usually use the curling iron (I always burn myself with the wand lol). I usually curl my hair in three sections and only spray at the end!

16. I’m attending a wedding in Lake Geneva, WI over Labor Day for one of my boyfriend’s friends. I fell in love with this maxi and ordered it, but wondering if it’s too summery for Labor Day? Since we are going to a lake town, I thought it might work. What are your thoughts? Do you have any other suggestions for late summer wedding guest dresses?
We think that will totally work, it’s super cute! Labor Day is the end of summer, so it’s totally appropriate to go all out in terms of a summer wardrobe! We say go for it, it’s beautiful and looks comfortable! Have fun! xx

17. I’m going to be on crutches for 2-3 months so I’m in need of a backpack to carry all my things (and I have 2 kids so some of their things). Any ideas of cute backpacks that aren’t massive and under $200?
Such a bummer! Crutches are no fun 🙁 This backpack is cute (looks like this Rebecca Minkoff one but only $45!), love this one, and this one (Brooke has it)!

18. I’m headed to Vegas next week – need help for what to wear over my bathing suit or during the day between pool/pool parties and casual lunches.
Fun! We like this tank dress, this flowy maxi, this coverup, and this dress (SO cute).

19. Did you girls pay for your bridesmaid dresses for your wedding(s)? I’m in a good friends wedding next summer and she has picked out beautiful (but very expensive) dresses for us and she is not paying for them. Thoughts?
Meggan: I did not (I had 9 bridesmaids, so that would of been pricy!) so I kept the dresses under $200.
Brooke: Yes, I paid for my girls’ dresses. I don’t think the bride should have to pay for the dresses, but I agree with Meggan – if your girls are going to pay for their dresses, they need to be affordable. Being in a wedding is expensive, and it’s not fair (in my opinion!) for a bride to choose super expensive dresses if she’s not paying for them (unless she’s certain everyone can afford them). Sorry you’re in that situation!

20. I love wearing low cut tops (like this) but struggle with being comfortable because I’m scared of a slip. Do you girls use tape? Any other tips?
Yes! We love this tape and it works really well. I keep an extra book in my purse in case of any emergencies when I’m out 😉

21. Brooke – I’m going to NY for a girls weekend with my 2 sisters and mom this month. We want to do things that aren’t super touristy and would love to see the city from a local’s perspective. What restaurants and areas do you suggest? Also, what would your recommend packing?!
Tribeca is my favorite neighborhood – it’s so charming, not touristy at all, and not crowded. It’s fun to just walk around and pop into little shops here and there. Soho is a must – the shopping is amazing and the architecture is beautiful. Even though Central Park is considered touristy, you have to go! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen and seriously so beautiful right in the middle of Manhattan. This is great site to see all that CP has to offer. My favorites are probably The Reservoir, Conservatory Garden (so beautiful!), and the Conservatory Water – fun to watch the boats. If you need a quick bite after Central Park, the Plaza Hotel has a super cute & amazing food court in the lower level – the crepes are really good! If you’re coming to New York, you have to hit Madison Ave just to see all the amazing shopping, and pretty architecture (I would start at 60th and walk up from there). The restaurant at Bergdorfs is also right there and very good (+ great views). The West Village is another great neighborhood that is super charming and has a lot of good restaurants. Some of my favorite restaurants are: Rosemary’s (so cute for brunch), Bubby’s (love it for breakfast or lunch), Locanda Verde, Buddakan, Quality Meats, Beauty & Essex, Fig & Olive, Salinas, Catch (really fun area – Meatpacking), Tao Downtown, Nobu, Sushi Seki, ABC Kitchen, Stanton Social, and Summer Garden & Bar at Rockefeller Plaza for lunch or drinks (fun way to see that area without it feeling super touristy, super fun). Someone just told me about their favorite rooftops (but I’ve never been, so can’t speak from experience) – Pod39, The Roof, and 555 5th Ave. I would pack comfy dresses, and outfits you can layer b/c the weather is unpredictable, but it will probably be warm!

23. I’m going to D.C. for Labor Day Weekend to visit my best friend – and a guy I’ve been talking to (and admittedly crushing on) after meeting at a work conference. We have a packed weekend and I definitely want to look great, especially since I have plans to see this guy! Any outfit suggestions for exploring the city, brunching, rooftop bar hopping, and dancing?
This dress is so cute (Meggan has it) and it’s on sale! We also love this top (would be cute with these jeans and heels!) this dress for brunch, this top + skirt, this jumpsuit (so hot!), and this romper!

24. What kind of planners do each of you have?
Meggan: I have this one from good ol Target! I have to write everything down to stay organized and pretty much have this in my purse at all times. For example, after I go to the grocery store I take it out and cross it of my to-do list. There’s seriously not a better feeling lol! Is anyone else like this!? Also, I color code – my blog to-do list/schedule is in blue ink, Cam’s stuff in black, mine in red. That way I can glance at my day and see what will be taking up most of my time.
Brooke: I have this one from Target and love it! I’m with Meggan – I also write down evverything (but I’ll admit, sometimes I forget to look lol!), but it helps me so much to have it written down somewhere I can always reference.

Have a great weekend! Leave your questions for next week below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx