1. What’s your foundation routine? IE: favorite primer, foundation, setting powder.

Brooke: I start with this day & night cream or this collagen cream, then use my favorite Hourglass primer, this color corrector under my eyes (I don’t use this every day, but if I do this is the first thing I apply), this Hourglass foundation or this Armani one – love both, then I conceal with this Nars concealer, and finally set with this setting powder which is my all-time favorite.
Meggan: I just ran out of this Mac primer and decided to try the Hourglass primer Brooke uses (love it so far!). I wasn’t unhappy with the Mac one, I just wanted to see if there was something better I was missing out on! Then I apply same color corrector (I copy Brooke’s makeup choices a lot lollll) to hide dark circles. Next I apply this luminous silk foundation (in 5.25) with a beautyblender or this brush. Next I use this concealer (the tube lasts FOREVER!) and then this loose setting powder! If you need a good setting spray, this one is a winner!

2. Brooke – I think I caught a glimpse of your West Elm sectional and loved it!!! Is it the navy velvet?

Yes it’s their performance velvet in the color “shadow” which is a dark gray (they also have a ink/navy color!) – so happy we went with this fabric! You probably saw the nice drawing in PEN on insta stories last week (it came out with dishsoap and warm water – so awesome!), and my girls are constantly getting food all over it since it’s in our TV room. It’s super easy to clean, love it!

3. I’m in the market for a new laptop (not ruling out an iPad pro). What do you ladies have and do you like them?
Brooke: I have a MacBook air and love it, except I should have purchased one with more storage – I’m constantly having to delete things or transfer them to my external hard drive. My husband has an iPad pro and uses it every day, but I’m not sure it would replace a computer for me personally.
Meggan: I have a MacBook Pro and like it but agree with Brooke I wish I got more storage!

4. I’m looking for a cute jumpsuit for fall – any suggestions?
Some cute casual ones we’re loving are here (in my cart!), here, here, here, here, and here. If you want something a little fancier for nights out we love this one and this one!
5. What are three words you would use to describe yourselves and what is one fact about you that people would be surprised to know?
Meggan: I’m HORRIBLE at answering questions like these! I would get major anxiety at the beginning of the school year when we had to go around the room and introduce ourselves with a fun fact or play 2 truths and a lie lol. So I asked my dad how he would describe me in three words and he said laid back, caring, and goofy (I agree with his answer). And one fact people might be surprised to know about me is that I was a vegetarian for almost six years!
Brooke: Omg me too lol! I used to get so anxious about that – especially in college. Three words I would use to describe myself are: driven, kind, and reserved/shy (until you get to know me). Growing up, I was a competitive swimmer (state champ! lol), but I had to quit when I ruptured my eardrum – I’ve had multiple ear surgeries and I swear ear problems are the most painful thing ever!
6. I’m going to Hawaii (Maui and Waikiki) for my honeymoon in September and would love some inspo from you ladies! Looking for date night dresses and cute coverups to wear to the pool/beach.
I wore this dress one night on my honeymoon and got so many compliments (it’s on major sale!!), love this one, and this maxi is SO pretty (kinda want it but don’t have anywhere to wear it lol). This dress could double as a coverup or be worn to lunch/dinner. A few other coverups are here, here (comes in a few amazing color combos) and here. And this sarong is a must for Hawaii!

7. Meggan – I’m planning a destination wedding for next spring and wondering what kind (if any) of activities you planned for your guests? I’m not sure if I want to plan or let our guests do their own thing!
Ahh congrats! We didn’t plan too many activities for the same reason – I wanted my guests to have relaxing week and to do whatever they wanted! We set up golf for the guys on Wednesday and the girls did a boat cruise at the same time. We also did a welcome party in my parents suite for everyone with drinks and apps one night. And I had a bridal luncheon with my bridesmaids and family members which Kyle’s aunts hosted. Besides that, we were all pretty much in the pool the entire time which was so much fun.
8. I’m looking to buy new black or blue jeans for fall/winter. Which brands do you swear by with a budget of $200 max?
Meggan: I kind of a jean hoarder and have too many pairs but I will say that my most worn pair is from Abercrombie! They’re no longer online but this pair and this pair are similar – so comfy and inexpensive! A couple brands I love are AG, Joe’s (just got this pair, the hem is so cute!), and Levi’s (this pair and this pair).
Brooke: I need new jeans for fall as well, I love a lot of different brands – DL1961, Abercrombie, Hudson, Levi’s, 7FAM, Paige, Madewell, and am really impressed with PacSun denim recently. Some pairs I’m loving – here, here, and here.
9. Do you actually “make a living” from blogging and provide for your families? Or do you do it just for fun? Do you find it to be easy or stressful? I’ve heard all sides from different bloggers, so curious to hear your thoughts!
Yes, we make a living from blogging. As you said, you’ve heard all sides from different bloggers – blogging can be anything from a hobby to a full-blown corporation (many bloggers have multiple employees). It’s not a super stressful job (obviously), but that doesn’t mean we are never stressed out about it – because we do get stressed. There’s a lot that goes into blogging that nobody sees just by visiting a blog – we have meetings, calls, contracts, deadlines, negotiations, legal stuff, etc. that is all a part of blogging when it becomes your job. It’s not just taking a photo and posting it (it was when blogging was just our hobby, though – it’s very different). There’s no PTO, really no “time off,” you’re often criticized for putting yourself out there, and it’s a constant struggle with how much to open up. But, we’re happy to have created our dream jobs for ourselves and constantly blown away by the support, emails, comments, and DMs from you guys – THANK YOU!
10. My friends 22 birthday is next week and I was wondering if you have any cute, original gift ideas on a budget?
Brooke: I love getting candles, lipstick or lipgloss, or fun/inexpensive jewelry. Not sure if these are super original, but I love receiving them as gifts because they’re not something I buy myself regularly, but love to have. Some ideas from these categories – here, here, and here!
Meggan: I gift I recently got and love is a succulent planted in the coolest glass bowl – I think of the person every time I see it! And I love checking Anthro’s gift category, there’s always so many cute items you wouldn’t think of buying for yourself (which are always the best gifts to get).
11. I’m looking for recommendations for a baby monitor…my husband and I are moving into a smaller house so our little one won’t be too far away but still want something so we can keep an eye on her.
Meggan: I originally had this monitor and it broke within like two months (ugh) and then got this one which has worked well for us. My friend has the Nest camera and loves it – she can talk to her baby (and cat LOL) while she’s at work through the app.
Brooke: I’ve had four video monitors and they’ve all broken – it’s so annoying! I ended up just getting this monitor. I can’t really recommend any video monitors since I wouldn’t suggest buying any of the ones I purchased. Sorry! If anyone has video monitor suggestions, please let me know b/c I do want to get another one (that hopefully wont’ break lol) for when we transition Avery to a big girl bed. I might have to get the Nest one Meggan’s friend has!
12. I’m going on a bachelorette cruise to the Bahamas the first weekend of November and thought I’d see if y’all know of any good end of summer deals going on. Not sure what to wear as I’ve never been on a cruise or to the Bahamas before, but it looks like it’s still pretty warm there in early November so I’m hoping I can grab some sale pieces that are cute but won’t break the bank!
So many end of summer sales are starting! Revolve’s August sale just started a few things that would be cute for a bachelorette cruise is this dress, this top (adorable), this mini dress, and this romper. PacSun has a lot of summer pieces (and suits!) on sale right now too – love this bikini, this one piece, and these gladiator sandals.
13. Do you have any recommendations for kimonos that could work for summer and transition into fall?
Loving this one, this one, and this one! All super easy to transition to fall (especially love the first and third!).
14. Was hoping to get your advice on wallet on chain options. I love the Gucci Dionysus WOC, but it’s a hefty investment at $1200. Is there anything less than $1000 or $500 that you’d recommend? I love the idea of having all my essentials – phone, keys, cash, cards, etc in one small place that I can throw on while hanging with the kids or when I’m traveling!
Ugh the Gucci one is so good! We’re loving this one from Marc Jacobs, this one, and this one! All under $1000 and really pretty.

15. I’m a bridesmaid in a wedding in September and we need to wear black silk dresses. HELP!
Some black slip dresses we’re loving: here, here, and here!

16. I’m doing a family photo shoot over labor day for my baby girl’s 6 month pictures and looking for some outfit ideas and/or style inspiration for our family of 3. What do you guys think!?
We like white, blush, and blue for colors – easy, effortless, and just make sure it’s not too matchy-matchy. We always love photos that look more casual than staged. For you – this top with jeans, or this dress, for your baby – this bubble romper or this dress, and for him – this shirt (love the slim fit) with jeans.
17. I have an upcoming trip to the south of France w/my husband, and I would love to hear suggestions on some fun, playful European inspired outfits. I’d love dress suggestion under $150.
So exciting! That’s on our bucket list for sure – the pictures look SO beautiful! A few things we would pack are this dress, this set (top + skirt), this hat, these sandals, this top, this bucket bag, and this romper. Also loving this dress, this one, this one, and this one. Have fun!

18. My husband and I purchased a condo downtown Madison, WI. We’re basically selling/getting rid of everything in our current home and starting over. I would be forever grateful for your help decorating our new space! It’s a small condo with beautiful lake views.
We would start with neutral basics – you can always change out accessories and decor to change the vibe, but it’s great to stick with neutral big-ticket (furniture) items. We’re loving this sectional (also comes in a sofa version if the sectional is too big), this coffee table (round tables are great for small spaces), these nesting tables (used as a side table), this dining table with these chairs, these counter stools and this rug to finish off the space. Congrats! xx

19. Any ideas on a dress for a “formal” wedding in September?! Love the midi look but haven’t found any I feel like would be appropriate.
This one is SO gorg, love the lace sleeves on this dress, and this one is pretty/classic too. If you want something fun/a little different go for this one!

20. My boyfriend and I are moving in together in October. It is his house but he wants me to pick out furniture and help decorate. I don’t want to do it all and have him feel like it’s not his house, but also don’t want it to look like his bachelor pad apartment he has now. Any advice on how to reach a happy medium? Or any must have buy for kitchen and bathroom? (those are the two areas I’m obsessing over lol)
Sticking with neutral pieces will ensure it’s not too feminine or too bachelor pad-esque. For the kitchen we love these canisters, this cutting/cheese board and this runner, and for the bathroom we love this shower curtain, these containers, and this rug.

21. I’m going to Vegas in October with my fiancé and his parents, they are going for a work conference and I’m meeting them for the weekend. Do you have any outfit suggestions? I want to look cute and fun (Vegas style!) but don’t want to be over the top considering we will be hanging with his parents.
Obsessed with this jumpsuit in navy – it’s sexy but not too sexy! This open back bodysuit would be cute with a pair of high waisted jeans, love this dress, and this romper (this one is amazing too but pricey).

22. I have a wedding in Denver at a place called Spruce Mountain Ranch. What would you recommend wearing? Also, there is a party the night before that’s more casual – any recommendations for that?
That venue looks GORGEOUS! We would wear any of these three dresses: here, here, or here. For the night before you could do this set (top + skirt), this jumpsuit, or this off-the-shoulder dress.

23. I know you have posted numerous times about over the knee boots…but I was wondering if you had any favs that have a flat to little heel?
Meggan: I have this pair and this pair (both cute and comfy). If you want to splurge, I have this SW pair in black and I’m obsessssed. Definitely worth the splurge to me because I wear them so often.
Brooke: I have and love this pair in black (super affordable dupe for the SW pair!), and am also loving this pair, and this pair!

 24. I was hoping you would give me a couple of outfit suggestions for a bourbon tasting party that will be outdoors at the end of this month!
Sounds fun! This top tucked into a denim skirt or shorts (these are the best!) with booties would be cute! Love this top with distressed jeans, this romper, or this dress with booties or sneakers!
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