1. Would you share your favorite boyfriend jeans? I’m shorter and about 115 lbs – so I don’t want them looking like I’m swimming in them, but would like some looser fitting jeans when I don’t want to suck it all into my skinny jeans!
We feel ya there girl! We like this BLANKNYC pairthis pair from PacSun (on sale!), this pair by GRLFRND, and these Levi’s. I like distressed jeans and just added this pair to my cart!

2. I would love to hear the story of how you both met your husbands, what was it about them that attracted you, and when did you realize they were “the one”?
Kyle and I knew each other in college but never really talked or hung out (he was actually dating a girl in my sorority ha!). After we both graduated he moved to San Diego and I moved to Chicago and neither of us had been in contact the entire time. Four years later he put on Facebook that he’s moving to Chicago and I decided to randomly message him to see what neighborhood he was moving to, etc. Which is funny because days before I messaged him, his roommate/best friend asked him if there were any girls he was interested in Chicago and he said ME – so random! We exchanged numbers and literally text for weeks straight (sometimes 16 hours a day lol) and went on our first date when he came to look at apartments. Call me crazy but I knew he was the one like right away – it just felt different from past relationships! We had a strong connection from the start and have a lot of the same values.
Brooke: We met in Miami – I was there for two days with a girlfriend from college, and he was there for work. We met the second day I was there & spent the entire day talking (we met during the day), and met up later that night when we were each out in South Beach with our friends. We both lived in Chicago, had mutual friends, had dogs with the same name (Kingston, so weird!), and went to the same church, but had never met. We went on our first date back in Chicago the following weekend, and have been together ever since. I knew pretty much right away that this was “it.” I had never met someone so kind/respectful and fun (it was usually one or the other lol), and we always had (+ still have) so much fun together.

3. What are your favorite watches? Looking for some good staple, everyday options.
Brooke: I wear this one from Michelethis one, or my silver one that looks identical to this watch the most. 
I have this Daniel Wellington watch and this Movado watch and love them both for everyday wear. A couple others I think are cute are here (love the rose gold + grey combo!) and here.

4. You guys mentioned last week that it’s a struggle with how much to open up, so I’m curious how do you decide what to share/when to open up? I totally understand what you’re saying as a blogger! And do you ever feel like you want to quit blogging?
I’m an open book and for the most part and don’t mind opening up. If someone wants to judge me for how I live my life, so be it. I like reading other bloggers posts when they open up because it’s relatable and is a nice switch up from outfit posts. I got so much love on this post (we just switched to WordPress and our comments haven’t migrated yet) about my postpartum depression. I’m not going to lie, it was a little scary to hit publish, but it felt good to share my story. However, we are style/beauty bloggers so I’m not always going to use the blog to talk about my life experiences every week. So I guess that’s where I struggle because I don’t want to get too off topic from the blogs theme 🙂 And no I have never felt that I want to quit blogging – I love it! We’ve connected with so many amazing people through it and it’s truly an incredible opportunity that I’m so thankful for.
Brooke: I agree with Meggan – I love reading blogs that are more personal, because you do feel like you really get to know someone and it makes them more relatable. I’m fine to open up about pretty much anything having to do with myself, but I’m a little more private with my family which is a struggle. A lot of times I want to share more, but the scary part about the internet is there are so many creepy people out there, so I’m always concerned for my kids’ safety which is sad, but true. I love blogging, and am so thankful for the community and connection we have with you guys, and also friends I’ve met through blogging – and for now, wouldn’t want to quit!

5. Brooke – what was your experience transitioning to a lighter hair color? I have very dark brown, never been dyed hair but have been thinking about getting balayage for years to add a little dimension to it. Every time I go to the salon I chicken out because I’m so scared it will be brassy, too drastic, or I will absolutely hate it and never be able to get my “normal” color back. Any tips on making the switch?
Getting someone who knows what they’re doing is most important! I’ve spent 5 hours in a salon before and walked out with orange, striped hair lol so I know exactly what you’re talking about. I went lighter very gradually and I think that’s definitely the way to go, especially if you’ve never dyed your hair before. Bring a lot of pictures of what you want, and also pics of what you don’t want so you know you’re on the same page as your stylist (photos are always better than words when it comes to hair color). I always say I do not want any brassy/orange highlights and I like to keep them away from my roots since my hair grows so fast, and I want them to look more natural. Hope that helps! xx

6. How do you guys budget for Vacations?  Specifically when it comes to family vacations. We just went on a very short trip and couldn’t believe how much we spent!  I was wondering if you had any tips on how to prepare/stay in budget.
Vacations are hard and I feel like we always spend more than anticipating! We haven’t really locked down a budgeting plan but we usually look at what restaurants/actives we want go to so we can get an idea on how much we will be spending on those and start putting money aside each month. I always bring breakfast options (bars and fruit) because we don’t usually do big breakfasts and that’s an easy meal to save money on!
Brooke: Yes, the vacation struggle is real – it always ends up being more expensive than we plan on! Food and drinks are always the budget killer! Ways to save money – buy snacks, drinks (water, soda, or even alcohol), and breakfast items at a local grocery store so you’re not forced to pay resort prices for those items (obviously if you’re at the pool and want drinks/lunch, you’ll have to purchase from the resort). If a suite with a kitchen isn’t too much more expensive, try to go for that one so you can cook kids meals there since they don’t eat a lot (and kids meals are often $20+/each at resorts), and then you have the option of cooking any of your meals there as well. In terms of preparing for a vacation, try to figure out exactly what your hotel bill will be (after resort fees and taxes), factor in how much you’ll be spending each day in food/drinks/activities, and also factor in $$ for the airport, taxis, etc. Once you have that number, you can figure out how much you’ll need to start setting aside as you prepare for your vacation.

7. Looking for some advice…I’m really into the new Gucci belt, but I’m trouble deciding what color and size to get. Thick or skinny black (here & here)? Or thick or skinny brown (here & here). I know it’s a style preference but I just want to make sure I get the one that I will get the most use out of…please help me bite the bullet and choose one!
That’s tough because all four are so amazing lol. Both colors go with mostly everything, so it really just comes down to preference. Both of us got black belts because we wear a lot of black, white and gray – but we’re both eyeing the brown one now, too. Honestly you can’t go wrong with any of them, but we say go for the wider belt rather than the skinny one.

8. Do you ladies use a probiotic? I’ve been researching the benefits for your health and gut and would like to incorporate it in my daily health routine. Do you have any suggestions?!
Brooke: I take a probiotic, but I’m not sure it’s necessarily the best. I’m planning to visit a natropathic doctor – I think they will have the best suggestions for that and other vitamins/supplements.
Meggan: I don’t but definitely want to look into it. I have stomach issues almost every night (Kyle loves when I complain about it lol) so I need to make a change. This is off topic to probiotics but I think my stomach pains stem from dairy. When I did Whole30 I had no issues and actually rarely eat it anymore except for dark chocolate after dinner (my weakness). So I think I need to cut out dairy completely again and see if that’s the problem.

9. For our 10th wedding anniversary, the hubs and I are having a weekend away from our young kiddos. Need your help picking a dress for the Ed Sheeran concert we’re going to the first night and another one for a dinner date night out. I basically live in flats these days (#momlife), so it needs to look good without heels.
Aww congratulations! A weekend away will be so fun 🙂 A few dresses that would look super cute with flats are this maxi, this mini (love it in blush), this cutout dress (have it and wore it with flats on my honeymoon!), this off-the-shoulder, or this floral mini (would be cute with booties)!

10. What are your favorite everyday sunglasses?
I have so many pairs I love! I usually wear aviators because I think they look best on my face shape so I don’t branch out much. Here are a few my most worn/favorites: these 62mm Ray-Bans, these Le Specs (have them in black and gold), these Quay aviators, and these Celine aviators.
Brooke: I love sunglasses and this pair (under $100) and this pair are the ones I reach for most!

11. I just moved into a smaller apartment and looking for a dresser/console/chest that can serve as a tv stand and storage. Along with some cute curtains. Any suggestions?
This console
from Urban is kinda unique and serves as some storage! IKEA has some good options here and here (had this in my Chicago apartment and put baskets in the bottom). These two (here & here) are definitely splurges but on sale, good quality, and lot’s of storage! For curtains we love these (have them in my sons room and they make it pitch black!), these, and these!

12. Brooke- what hair products do you use (shampoo, conditioner, styling), I have brunette hair with bayalage, and it is sooo dry and damaged. I currently use Oribe products, but nothing is helping!
I recently started using Monat shampoo & conditioner and I love it (and no, I don’t sell it). It’s so hydrating, so it would be a great line to try if you feel like your hair is dry & damaged – this post has all the details of the products I use. I’ve heard great things about their oil for dry and damaged hair, so definitely look into that!

13. Meggan – have you come across any cute baby boy clothes that would be perfect for an outdoor photo session in the Fall?
I was just browsing Gap kids and they have SO much cute stuff! A few things I have in my cart for Cam are these maroon pants (adorable), this cardigan, these slip-on sneakers (he has them in red, love them!), this long sleeve in grey, and this chambray button down. All would be cute for fall pictures!

14. Im heading to Phoenix for 5 days later this week. Can you recommend some things to do, see and places to eat?
I hadn’t been in forever (besides a family vacay but we stayed at the resort most of the time) until my bachelorette party in April! We stayed in Scottsdale and the restaurants we went to were The Montauk, Diego Pops (the brussels sprout nachos are so good), and Farm and Craft – I would recommend them all! Things to do: hike (so many options but I’ve done Camelback and Squaw Peak, Fashion Square Mall, horseback riding, and if you’re looking for a fun pool party go to the W 😉
Brooke: It depends where you are going to be – Phoenix is a huge city and there are so many different areas. If you’re in Tempe, definitely visit Mill Ave & Tempe town lake – tons of restaurants, fun bars, and some shopping – also right by ASU campus. If you’re in Scottsdale, the suggestions that Meggan mentioned are great and I would also add SumoMaya, SOL, and Sushi Roku. The Scottsdale Quarter & Kierland Commons are really pretty (pretty much connected) outdoor malls with great shopping and restaurants – True Food, Shake Shack, Mastro’s, and Grimaldi’s Pizza are all great. I would definitely go on a hike, it’s super fun and the views are amazing! Have fun!

15. I am attending a garden-esque wedding in Annapolis the last weekend of September and I am having so much trouble finding a dress! With the date being technically in the fall but weather will still be warm in Annapolis, I am torn on what colors are okay to wear. I am looking mostly at cocktail dresses (short and/or midi…I am petite 5’2 so sometimes midi is tough!) but just haven’t found any I love yet and I’m running out of time! Do you girls have any suggestions? Any help is much appreciated!
This navy lace
one is gorgeous, this ruffle halter is cute, this dress is soft and pretty, and love this one (especially in the forest green!). Hope that helps!

16.  I’m looking for suggestions for my husbands 30th birthday! Any ideas that are not necessarily materialistic things?
Kyle and I are both turning 30 next year, so we’re trying to get a joint trip going with the four of us! 😉 For my husband’s 30th, I took him on a staycation to his favorite resort in California – he would much rather have a memory than a material thing. So my vote is for a trip or staycation! Other ideas would be a concert or sporting event.
Meggan: Yes I vote on a trip too! You will have the memories forever 🙂 And if your husband is into pictures (mine is!) you could make him an album on Shutterfly with all your pictures from over the years.

17. What are your favorite pajama sets?
I usually wear the same grey pants and Yankees tank to bed every night (lol) but I got some super cute sets for my honeymoon. This white eyelet set and this lace set are two of my favorites! I saw this one at Target the other day too and kind of want to order in grey!
Brooke: I wear this set pretty much every night – seriously so comfortable, and I also loooove this pair from VS (I have it in 3 colors). Would highly recommend both!

18. I’m going to be MOH in my best friend’s wedding and I’m really stuck on what to get her for a shower and wedding gift? As MOH I feel like it should be more meaningful! Also, rehearsal dinner outfit ideas?! The bachelorette party planning/gifts were the easy part 🙂
Mark and Graham
has so many cute gift options that you can personalize – love this ice bucket, this tray, and these stemless wine glasses. Personalized gifts are always a little more meaningful and fun to get! For the rehearsal dinner – this dressthis dress or this one!

19.  I’m looking for some outfit inspo for my engagement shoot in early October in Chicago. Would love ideas for both me and my fiancé! Definitely want to incorporate some white, but can’t decide how much is too much.
For you – this dress, this one, or this one. For him, keep it simple with jeans (dark or light), and a button down like this one – the slim fit is really flattering, and chelsea boots.

20. I have a wedding in Florida mid-November. The ceremony starts at 2pm. Would love your suggestions for a dress! I want to look and feel my best! I’ve been following your most recent #coffeetalks and have been taking notes on the dresses you have already suggested. Thanks for that!
In love with this dress, this dress is sexy but not too sexy (if ya know what I mean), this dress is a splurge but it’s so fab, and this one is amazing too (especially the back)!

21. Meggan – any tips for puppy training? We are picking up our 8 week old lab this weekend and I’m so excited!
Yayyy I’m so excited for you! I was kind of hesitant to get a dog because they’re so much work but totally worth it 😉 We do a lot of positive reinforcement for potty training (we let Warren out every 30 mins-hour and he’s starting to go to the door on his own now), crate training, and we’ve dabbled with clicker training but definitely need to be more committed. I would also suggest pulling up your rugs. Warren escaped from his crate one day and chewed on my vintage rug (luckily not too much damage) and thinks our shag rug is grass lol. We finally pulled them up this week and wish I would of done it earlier!

22. I want a new moto jacket for fall and was wondering if you ladies have any suggestions?! Preferably around $150 or less and something timeless. I splurged on one last year that’s a little more trendy and kind of regret it!
Ugh, we’ve def been there with trendy items and lesson learned! This Levi’s one is classic and will go with everything and $150 on the dot! A few other options are here, here, and here (love!)!

23. I’m a professor at a university and always schlep so much work stuff with me to and from home, my office, and meetings around campus. I’ve tried an over-the-shoulder laptop/messenger bags but they get SO heavy (and never seem to hold enough)! I’m leaning towards a carrying a backpack instead… but, as I’m a young faculty member on a college campus, I don’t want to look exactly like my students lugging around a big-ole Jansport. HA! Do you have any suggestions for a cute, professional laptop backpack that doesn’t scream “student” (that’s preferably $50-$100)? I do like color and patterns but would need them to be more sophisticated and less Lisa Frank.
LOL! Love it – here are some backpacks we’re loving that are not so a’la Lisa Frank: one, two (just over $100), three, and four.

24. My family is going on a trip to Disneyland in late October. What outfits would you girls wear to the park?
Ahh so fun, we are headed there while we’re in CA also! Depending on the weather, I’m planning to wear these jeans, sneakers, this tee, and bringing this denim jacket in case! I’m thinking casual and comfortable!

25. This is a just for fun question 🙂 what jobs did you guys have in high school and/or college?
Brooke: I got my first job when I was 14 – I was a busser at a restaurant, I cleaned boats – worst job ever lol, worked at a boat gas dock (so much fun!), nannied for 3 years, and then in college I worked for Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy, and had several PR internships.
My first job was when I was 14 too! Bagging groceries at Hy-Vee and I always got stuck getting the carts from the parking lot which I hatedddd. I was like 90 lbs and could only get a few at a time lol. Then in the beginning of the summer I worked at Zort’s fireworks which was so fun! All my friends from school worked there and we always got free fireworks (huge ones, they’re legal in South Dakota!). I also worked the front desk at a health club and nannied. 

26. Did either of you drink coffee or kombucha while pregnant?
I drank coffee – one cup/day when I was pregnant with Avery after talking about it with my doctor. The thought of coffee made me feel sick when I was pregnant with Sophia, so I didn’t have any then.
Meggan: My doctor said coffee was fine but I had an aversion to it. And I remember when we got home from the hospital with Cam I was craving it again! So crazy how your body works! And I didn’t drink kombucha while pregnant – I just discovered it last year.

25. My sister is getting married in October and I’m the maid of honor. She wants her entire wedding party in black dresses (all different styles!) but I’m struggling to find the perfect one. She’s really hoping for a classic/vintage feel to the dresses (think ribbed skirts, Mary Jane heels, and mid-calf length dresses). Any ideas?!
A few options we found that think would (hopefully work) are here, here, and here!

Thanks so much for sending in your questions! For next week you can leave them below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xo