My Current Hair Routine (and favorite products)
I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my hair since I cut & colored it again in July, so wanted to do a full post on it today! I promise you guys I’m going to do an actual hair tutorial (I’ve done a couple on insta stories, but need to do a real one) soon – just need to figure out how to film/edit a video on my camera instead of my phone ;). Until then, here we go! 
I got my hair done in Iowa (Amanda at SalonM – an Aveda salon). When I’m in NY, I go to Bianca at Bianchi. I ask for balayage highlights that are not brassy (my hair gets brassy easily, so this is important). I always bring photos of colors I like so they can see what I’m looking to do. Photos like this and this are great examples of what I would show for color inspo. For cut – I like a blunt(ish) long bob (aka lob) – I don’t like it too blunt, so I ask for the slightest layering and to have the ends thinned out. If your hair is thin/fine, you could skip this step, but if you have thick or coarse hair it’s crucial or you will end up with triangle hair (you know what I mean lol). 
I just started using Monat shampoo & conditioner and am super happy with it so far! When I posted it on insta stories, I had a lot of messages from girls (including my girl Courtney who’s hair is insane!) telling me they love it, so I’m excited to hear that since I just started using it! I got mine from Kaitlyn – if you’re interested in trying it you can reach out to her. I use the black shampoo, the renew shampoo & the IRT conditioner. Other shampoo & conditioner combos I love – dpHue, this Biolage line, and Pureology
Truthfully, I’m always using and trying new/different products on my hair, so this category is always changing. But, products that I love and have used for a while – this blow out cream from Kenra, this texturizing spray (amazing!), this dry shampoo & this one, Moroccan oil or this rose oil (for the ends), this surf spray, this champagne spray, and for hairspray I love this one (my favorite) & this one!

I use a curling wand (most of the time this one by Sultra, and sometimes this one – the tapered or the 1 inch) and a flat iron for my waves. I curl away from my face with the wand, leaving the ends out. After I’m done curling my whole head, I use the flat iron on the very ends. When my hair is shorter like it is right now, I prefer a looser wave/curl and it looks better after sleeping on it. If I’m doing my hair right before going out, I will pull on the ends after I curl the hair (while it’s still hot) to stretch the curl out and loosen it up.

I have a few products and tools I want to try. I need a new flat iron and have heard amazing things about this one by T3. Everyone says this is the best texturizing spray & I want to try it to compare with the Kenra one I currently use. I need a good hair masque, and this one has great reviews (any other suggestions?).

Let me know if you have any questions or products I need to try! xx