The Struggles of Working from Home & How We Stay On Track

Working from home has its pros and cons. Pros – you can work all day in your pajamas, the only commute you have is from your bed to your coffee maker to your desk, and there is great flexibility when it comes to your schedule. But, working from home can definitely be a struggle – especially with kids running around the house (usually screaming, lol)! It’s easy to get distracted and some days it’s hard to buckle down and get things done! Today, we’re teaming up with Sole Society to share some of our new fall pieces & share seven tips that help us effectively work from home.

I alwayssss wear shoes. I don’t know why but I hate the feeling of bare feet and when I have shoes on I feel like I get more accomplished…is that weird? These loafers are going to be on heavy rotation this fall – I love the color and the style is on trend!

This tote is the perfect carryall! It’s not flimsy, fits everything you need, and has a zipper pocket so you aren’t digging around for your keys/phone/etc.

Love the tie details on the back of these booties. If you’re looking for a great clutch, this one can easily be dressed up or down – love the gold studs. I used it at dinner the other night, and my friend was shocked when I told her it was only $50!

1. Make a list. We have two separate lists: one is personal and one is for work. Nothing feels better than checking items off your to-do list!
2. Have a designated work space. We are both working on finishing up our office spaces, and it’s key for staying productive. As fun as it seems to work from your sofa, we can assure you it’s not.
3. Create a schedule and stick with it! Of course there are going to be times when your schedule will have to change a little bit, but having a set schedule helps us stay on track and not get behind (procrastinating is the worst thing you can do when you work for yourself).
4. Hire help. The busier we get with work, the guiltier we feel when it comes to our kids. Both of us recently found part-time nannies to help give us time to work undistracted. If you don’t have kids, but are still feeling overwhelmed with your workload, hiring an assistant is the next logical step.
5. Take a break. Some days, we find ourselves sitting at our computers for hours and start to feel so isolated and overwhelmed at the same time. Taking small breaks & working in shorter spurts definitely helps increase productivity.
6. Have brainstorming sessions. We experience writer’s block a lot, and luckily we have each other to bounce ideas off of. It’s hard to think of new things to talk about all the time, and having brainstorming sessions (along with asking you guys what you want to see on the blog) helps so much! PS – leave your blog post requests below!
7. Set goals. This is another thing we need to work on, we used to be really focused on this but as we get busier, this has kind of fallen off of our radar. But, setting goals really helps us stay focused, determined, and on-track.

Do you work from home? What are some of your tips and tricks? Some of our fall favorites for work or play…


In collaboration with Sole Society