Our Favorite Gucci Bags (and some insider info!)

Okay guys, felt like we had to do this post today and give you a heads up – Gucci is about to increase the price of their bags (insert crying emoji here). Every week for #coffeetalk, we get a lot of questions about bags and lately everyone is super into Gucci (it’s no secret we are too!), so we wanted to do a roundup of our favorites for you today. If you’re on the fence, now is the time to buy – prices are going up within the next two weeks. Insider info, you’re welcome ;).
Dionysus Supreme

GG Marmont (reversible – can wear forward or backward)

Black Studded Dionysus

Mini GG

Mini Velvet GG

Soho Disco (also here)

…and a few more bags we are lusting after