1. Meggan – what was your diet like pre-wedding? My wedding is in about six weeks, and I want to reign it in a bit. I thought I remembered you talking a bit about it on stories, but would love any advice!
Brooke and I did Whole30 in January and it totally changed the way I eat! I rarely cook with or eat dairy now and avoid processed foods. So I didn’t do any crazy dieting, I just ate super clean. Lots of fruit, vegetables, eggs, and protein. I also didn’t eat past 8 and cut down my wine intake (which sucked lol). So no crazy dieting more of a lifestyle change 🙂

2.  I just had my daughter in August and am looking for a necklace/other piece of jewelry I can customize with her name. I’m partial to rose gold and something dainty and subtle, and I’m not sure what I’ve seen so far on Etsy is of the best quality. Do you have any recommendations? 
Meggan: Yes! My good friends sister has the cutest jewelry line, Kerry Gilligan, and I have this namesake ring with Cam’s name on it and his birthday engraved on the inside. I wear it next to my Cartier ring and the quality is honestly the same!
Brooke: I got this Maya Brenner necklace when I had Avery and I love it – I have both of my daughter’s initials on it, but you can also do a symbol which is so cute. It’s an initial not the full name, but I love that it’s different from any other necklace I’ve seen. IV Jewelry is excellent quality – I have one of her bar necklaces, and wear it a lot (in the shower, to the pool, etc) and it has held up extremely well over 3 years. I really want to get this roman numerals necklace from her line – love it! Some other pieces I’m loving – here (great reviews), here (love JZ jewelry), and here.

3. I’m considering getting the MZ Wallace ‘Medium Metro’ quilted tote and I’m wondering if you have any experience with it.  $200+ seems a little steep for a nylon tote, but it seems that everyone who owns one really likes it.  Do you know of anything comparable out there at $150 or less?  Or, do you have any other suggestions for an easy, everyday tote to wear with casual or athleisure outfits?
I have one and I love it. It’s lightweight but durable, and goes with everything. It can hold a ton – I used it as a diaper bag, and now use it for a gym and travel bag as well.
Meggan: I don’t have the tote but I have this backpack and love it too! I agree with Brooke that it’s really durable – I use it for traveling often and it’s still in great shape.

4. I love when you two post date night looks! With cooler weather on its way, what date night heels would you two recommend that aren’t open-toe?
We love heeled booties like these and these (super on-trend for fall) when the weather is cooler. If you wanted to go with pumps, we’re loving this pair and this pair (this cut is so flattering on – obsessed with the black)!

5. Meggan – what podcast recommendations did you get when you were sick? Looking for some new ones too!
Bitch Sesh (if you’re a Real Housewives junkie like me you will love), S-Town, The Skinny Confidential Him & Her, Up and Vanished, Ted Radio Hour, Sword and Scale, The Life Coach School Podcast, and Surprisingly Awesome.

6. Any fun outfit ideas for a 25th birthday night out?
This red set is so cute (top + bottoms), love this dress, obsessed with this jumpsuit, and this bodysuit would be cute with skinny jeans and pumps!

7. I have a wedding towards the end of October in Boca Raton, Fl. Any suggestions for a dress or jumpsuit under $200? I’m open to anything!!
This jumpsuit is super chic – love the details, this one is amazing and great for October (but not sure if it’s dressy enough for your wedding), and a couple dresses that would be super pretty here and here.

8. Can you recommend a bag for toiletries (not makeup)? I’m looking for a TSA friendly bag as well as one for local weekend trips that can hold full size items.
This one is cute and looks like it could hold a lot & also comes in stripes – bonus you can hang it up! And while this one isn’t as cute, the quality is amazing and it will last forever + the reviews say it’s big, so it would definitely fit full size items.

9. My husband and I are heading to New Orleans for a week beginning of October. Have either of you been? If so, looking for touristy things to do! Also, needing suggestions for casual outfits for day and fun casual outfits for night. I’d love some dresses, maybe two piece suggestions for evening.
Neither of us have been so we can’t help with that but some cute items to pack are these jeans, this sweater,these pants (so fun!), this two piece set, this set, this dress, and this dress. Have so much fun!

10. My friend just asked me to be her daughter’s godmother…I officially have no idea what I’m doing!! What do I buy her!?
LOL – that’s kind of a tough one! We would recommend talking to her and actually just saying you are new to this 😉 to see if she has any expectations that you may not think of, just to be safe. Gift ideas we love that would be very sentimental – this necklace (infant size), this baby bible, and this Godmother/Goddaughter necklace…oh my goshhh so cute!

11. I’m going to Vegas next month with some girlfriends and we’re seeing Britney one night. Recommendations for a concert outfit or just daytime outfits?
So fun! A few dresses we love for the concert are here, here (so Britney!), and here. This top is amazing too! Some cute daytime pieces are this romper, these shorts, and these wedges (on sale!).

12. Brooke – how long were you traveling for? I’d love to see a post on how to pack for an extended trip since I’m going to Europe this fall and thinking about fitting everything for 3 weeks into one suitcase is torture!
We were gone for 3 weeks, and I fit all of my things (outfits, shoes, beauty & hair products in one suitcase) – it was super heavy lol, but it still fit ;). I can definitely do a post about packing for a long vacation and share how I styled one piece different ways, what I used most, and what I didn’t wear at all – would anyone want to see that?

13. I have to attend a work (his work, yikes!) event with my husband in Boston in November. I do not wear work clothes for my job AT ALL so I’m struggling to find something appropriate, cute, and probably a little warm since it’s Boston in November. HELP!
We both have these pants and love them – totally appropriate and comfortable! You could pair them with so many different tops – this sweater, this blouse, and this cardigan in black with a cami under (obsessed). 

14. Have you girls ever tried Rent The Runway or something similar for a special event? Good or bad experiences? Looking for a dress for an October wedding in Iowa.
I’ve never used Rent The Runway but a few of my friends have and liked it! I’ve heard they have really good customer service and it’s easy to use.
Brooke: I’ve never tried RTR either, but I totally would – especially for a formal event! This dress & this one would be perfect for an October wedding. 

15. I am traveling to London and Paris at the end of September-beginning of October and am hoping for some help finding some stylish yet comfortable outfits for exploring the city in. Also if you have a suggestion for a chic evening look that would be great!  Its going to be fashion week in Paris so I want to step up my game!
Looks like the weather is cooler that time of year so a few stylish things we would pack for daytime exploring are these jeans, this sweater, these sneakers, this tee, this moto jacket, and this sweater (it’s so soft!). Some pretty nighttime options are this lace one (obsessssed), this jumpsuit, this slipdress, and this set (top + pants)

16. Meggan – I think I saw on Insta Stories that you have an Hermes Evelyne. Do you mind sharing some info, specs and durability of your purse? I’m thinking of getting one soon and would love to get your input on this bag.
Yes I do – Kyle surprised me with it before our wedding and I’m obsessed with it! I didn’t use it for a couple weeks after I got it because I was scared I’d ruin it lol. But it’s actually very practical for everyday use and it’s very durable. I think it’s more of a casual bag which is perfect for my style – jeans, tees, casual dresses, etc. I don’t like to overstuff it but it can fit a lot in it – wallet, sunglasses, lipsticks, phone, diapers, wipes, gum, iPad, etc. Oh and I like that the strap is adjustable so it can be worn crossbody or as a shoulder bag. I’d definitely recommend it 😉

17. I need a few recommendations for wedding shoes! My wedding is all outdoors on a big farm, so I’ll be walking a lot. I’d love a cute flat with maybe an open-toe? Any ideas?
These flats are so pretty but not open toe, this pair is very versatile, these are pretty, and these flats would be super cute for a farm wedding!

18. Have you guys ever used this mask for your skin/blackheads? It looks really cool but pricey. If not, any skin clearing masks you recommend?
Meggan: I’ve never used it but you’re right, it looks amazing and the reviews are really good too! I just added it to my cart lol. I listed a few of my favorite face masks in this post.
Brooke: No, but I’ve wanted to try that b/c I’ve heard great things from some of my favorite YouTubers! If you buy it from Sephora, they will return it if you don’t like it!

19. I’m looking to decorate my bathroom and was wondering if you have any suggestions for a shower curtain and then ideas for towel colors.  All the pictures I see on Pinterest of bathrooms have glass doors for the shower and while I love that look I’m currently renting so it’s not doable. Any bathroom/shower curtain suggestions or inspiration pictures would be great!
We actually love the look of a pretty shower curtain & here are a few we are loving: one, two, three, and four

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