1. Do you girls have any tips for growing your instagram following? I’ve been stuck at the same number forever and starting to feel frustrated!
Instagram is a little frustrating with the new algorithm but don’t give up! We probably don’t have any tips you haven’t heard before but here they are: post consistently (2-3 times/day), have a cohesive feed (use the same filter or several filters that flow well together), and comment on other pages – be active!

2. Meggan – where can we watch your wedding video?
It’s too large to post on the blog so I shared it on our Facebook page here!

3. I’ve been dying to get a camel sweater or cardigan for fall/winter. Any suggestions on cute ones?
Okay get ready for sweater overboard, we found SO many cute ones! This cardigan, this wool sweater, this oversized one, this off the shoulder, this lace-up one, and this duster cardigan (so good!).

4. I gave birth to a perfect little girl one month ago and have been struggling with breastfeeding.  I wanted to get an idea of your experience with breastfeeding/formula feeding.  Did you breastfeed and if so, how long?  Did you have to supplement formula at all?  What formula did you use?
Congrats! I struggled with breastfeeding and ended up exclusively pumping for 5.5-6 months. Camden had latching issues so I had a lactation consultant come to my apartment a few times and he still wasn’t getting it. Well then we found out that he was tongue tied and we we’re leaving for a vacation and couldn’t get him to the doctor to get it clipped in time. By the time we got home from vacay I was in my pumping routine and was fine with just doing that! I’m not going to lie, being tied to the pump SUCKED (especially with a colicky baby) but I made it work. I built up a pretty good supply in the freezer but we supplemented with formula from time to time and after 6 months that’s what he got. I used the Honest Company formula and didn’t have any issues with it. I was in a breastfeeding group on Facebook and ended up leaving it because they made me feel like shit for using formula – like some of the women we’re seriously crazy. The pressure of breastfeeding is SO overwhelming. My thoughts on it are, as long the baby is getting fed (whether it’s formula or breastmilk) and the mom is happy then there’s no issues! Do what’s best for you and your little girl!
Brooke: With both of my girls, I only breastfed for 4 months because my milk supply completely dropped around the 3 month mark both times. I tried everything (seriously…everything) and nothing worked. It was really frustrating at first and I felt like a failure, but I was not super hard on myself in the end – I knew I did all that I could, and my lactation consultant and doctor both said sometimes that just happens. I agree with Meggan, some people can get so judgy about breastfeeding vs formula feeding, and honestly I remember feeling nervous and almost embarrassed at first to whip out my formula in public because I was thinking people were judging me (they definitely weren’t, new mom hormones lol). But it totally does NOT matter. You need to do what is best for you, your baby, and your family. If it’s not working for you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using formula. I used Enfamil Gentlease based on my doctor’s recommendation. I would talk to your pediatrician and see what they recommend. Also, if you want to try to continue breastfeeding, a lactation consultant helps SO much if you don’t already have one.

5. I was thinking of splurging on a new bag as a gift to myself and I love the Gucci Marmont bag, but I was wondering what you thought of the Chanel Gabrielle hobo? I know a lot of people hated it at first, but I saw it on this girl and it looked so effortless and cool! Curious what you both think or if you have any recommendations for something classy, as I don’t really like pieces that are too trendy (even though it seems this gabrielle bag is here to stay)!
We think it’s all about preference – if it’s a bag you love, then you’re probably going to love it for a long time! We personally have mixed feelings about the Gabrielle bag – kinda hated it at first, but it’s growing on us. You’re right, it does look really effortless and cool on! We say if you love it, go for it! A classic Chanel will never go out of style and we do love the Gucci Marmont bags, but think they are a bit trendier than a classic Chanel. The good thing about the Gabrielle bag is that hardly anyone has it!

6. I was wondering what the two of you order when you get a coffee drink? I read that you try to eat little dairy, so I’m guessing no milk?
 I’m like 98% dairy-free (still can’t resist a good cheese plate when we’re out to eat lol), and my favorite creamer at home is Califia almond milk creamer (found at Whole Foods) or any coconut milk/coconut milk creamer. When I’m out, I order a coconut milk latte (or soy or almond if no coconut – but not a huge fan of either or these). If I get a hot latte, I like to add vanilla – so good! 
At home I drink plain black coffee and if I’m at a coffee shop I get a soy or coconut milk latte! I want to branch out (getting a little bored of lattes) so everyone should drop their go-to order in the comment section 🙂

7. I’m going camping (more like “glamping”) in San Diego over Thanksgiving break and need some clothing ideas. Things that are good for outdoor activities but will also look cute if we pop into a bar in the Gas Lamp District during the day.
Loving this sweatshirt (we would wear this all the time), these jeans, this sweatshirt dress with sneakers, this sweater (all three colors are SO good and it’s $59!), and this tee.

8. Meggan – I know you talked about anxiety and how you have taken medicine, I have anxiety and have tried every way possible to avoid medicine but honestly don’t think I can. Did you have side effects? Is it hard finding the right one?!
Girl that’s how I was at first but I’m SO glad I started taking medicine (I’ve been on and off it since college). I’m obviously not a doctor so don’t want to dish out medicine advice, but it personally makes me feel so much happier and like my real self. No more waking up with a racing heart (the worst feeling 🙁 ), less worrying, racing thoughts, sweaty palms, etc. The thoughts that can run through my head are crazy, usually about something happening to my loved ones or overwhelming thoughts of what I need to get accomplished. But most of the time I’m anxious over nothing. Literally nothing! I would get so worked up and my anxiety would be so bad that I would start seeing black spots and one time I fainted. I just couldn’t go through life like that anymore so that’s why I turned to meds. I’ve tried a couple different ones/different dosages to see what worked best and my doctor helped find the right mix. I would definitely bring it up with your doctor and tell him/her all your symptoms and feelings. They will know whats’s best for you! It’s nothing to be ashamed about and I hate it gets a bad rep. Sometimes on The Real Housewives they always make is seem like the biggest deal if someone takes Xanex – like what is so wrong with that (obviously unless it’s being abused)?! Anyway just do what’s best for you!

9. I’m in the market for a new fall/winter dress…..kinda like the idea of plaid or stripes. I’d be wearing it to more things like rehearsal dinners, maybe Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or a girls night out. Any ideas would be appreciated!
This stripe dress is super cute, obsessed with this plaid dress (the sleeves are so good!), this bell sleeve dress is cool, and love this sweater dress!

10. As a mom I exclusively live in my active wear these days. Will you link some of your fall favorites and/or do an active wear post?
Lol we feel ya! We have some active wear posts coming up but here are some of our favorites right now: these Zella leggings (so comfy), this pullover top (seriously so cute!), these moto leggings (#need), and this hoodie. Also, Outdoor Voices has the cutest activewear, like everything is SO good.
Brooke: I bought these leggings after getting so many recs on Instastories, and I want 5 more pairs – seriously like butter and they don’t stretch out! I wear this hoodie and this top all the time – cute enough to run errands in for sure!

11. I’m due with my second baby October 5th. What suggestions do you have for fall while I’m getting “back in shape”? I had my first baby girl in the summer so I stick to billowy dresses until my stomach was flat – but for fall I’m not sure what outfits will work. I don’t want to have to stick exclusively to PJs 🙂
Definitely some oversized sweaters – love this one (it can also be a dress), this one, this one, and this cardigan with a boxy tee under! Throw on skinny jeans with any of these and you’ll look super put together for fall, but your post-baby belly will be concealed. Also, Spanx (like this one) work wonders & helps you feel so much better during that stage!

12. I feel my under eyes take a beating each day by rubbing and taking off my eye makeup. I feel like I’m constantly rubbing makeup from beneath my eye and the skin is so sensitive and needs some TLC and recovery in an eye cream. Any suggestions/what are your favorite eye creams??
Meggan: I use this one from Tula and love it! The applicator is my favorite because its cool and really wakes up your eyes. I’m almost out though and have this Claudalie one I’ve been rotating in. It has amazing reviews so I’m excited to give it a try.
Brooke: I love this one, this one from Tula, and this one from Caudalie!

13. I have a wedding early October and am looking for a dress. Would like to stay under $100 and open to mid/short or long cocktail dress!
A few options we’re loving under $100: this lace one, this one with flare sleeves, this black one, and this maxi dress.

14. I need your help! My boyfriend and I our celebrating our 3 year anniversary and I’m completely stuck on what to get him. He has everything under the sun! Any thoughts? You girls always have great ideas! I was thinking maybe a bracelet, but unsure which one. 
Uhg – guys are seriously so difficult to shop for! A bracelet is a good idea – some we love here, here, and here. Some other fun accessories we’re loving: these wireless headphones, this card case, and these sunglasses. A framed photo or photobook is always great and sentimental as well! And you could always take him to see a football game or a concert if he’s into that!

15. I loved the look of the polka dot wide leg pants Brooke posted last week, but am not a huge fan of polka dot on myself. Have you seen any similar style pants and what would you recommend styling with top wise?
You can pretty much wear anything on top! A graphic tee (or solid tee), crop top, or flowy blouse – they can be worn so many different ways. Similar style pants here, here, here, and here.

16. I’m looking for a gift for my good friend’s daughter’s first birthday and love some cute suggestions! I feel like she has tons of clothes and blankets so would like to avoid those categories.
These personalized books are so adorable! I just made this one for Camden and you can pick what he/she looks like and what each letter stands for in their name. A few other ideas are this music setthis kitchen, or this easel. Someone gave Sophia this wheely bug and it continues to be one of the favorite gifts of all time! Also these blocks are amazing, and my girls always love these dolls – a classic gift (20% off today)!

17. Any ideas for birthday weekend outfits? My boyfriend is coming up to Boston (and meeting my family/friends for the first time, eeek!) and we have a weekend full of activities – dinner and drinks with my friends, a nice dinner with just my parents, a vineyard tour with my twin sister and her boyfriend, and then a family dinner at an oyster bar. I’d love some fall vibes since it’ll be over Columbus Day Weekend, and it’ll probably be chilly in New England.
Some dresses we’re loving for your dinners here, here, and here. And some casual pieces for the rest of your weekend – this sweater, this sweater, and this cardigan with a fun graphic tee under.

18. I recently got engaged and am having my engagement party in November and doing an engagement photoshoot in NYC this fall. What are some white dresses you’d recommend for the engagement party that aren’t too summery? And any outfit suggestions for the engagement shoot?
This victorian dress
is pretty, this off-the-shoulder is gorg, this ruffle one is kind of fun/different, and love this one! A NYC fall shoot will be so pretty! We would do a basic outfit like jeans, a neautral sweater (love this and this), and booties (love these in both colors). Dress options we love are here (in black!), here, and here.

19. I’m in search of cute basic tees. Not too tight or terribly pricey…help!
These Madewell tees
are good and only $20 (I have them in every color). Topshop has good ones too this distressed one, this scoop neck, and this crewneck (just ordered in black!).

20. Our family pictures are scheduled for mid October at a park. My husband is planning to wear jeans, a grey collared shirt and a navy sports coat, and I have two boys that I’ll probably dress in jeans and a navy collared shirt. So of course I have no idea what to wear! What color? Navy also? Or a pop of color?! Dress with boots or cowboy boots? Jeans? HELP!?
We like the idea of a sweater dress with tall boots or booties – fun for fall. Gray or navy – love this dress, this one (also comes in navy), and this one. You could also do jeans and a sweater like this or this – both would be so cute!

21. I’m traveling to Europe in two weeks and need a crossbody bag that is classy/stylish, but also one that has a leather strap (not a chain). I’m looking in the sub-$500 range if possible!
Loving this one (all 3 colors are so good!), this one (seriously obsessed – looks so much more expensive than it is!), and this one! Have so much fun!

22. Every book I’ve read lately has been “blah”. I’m a fan of all the basic great reads: Big Little Lies, Woman in Cabin 10, The Good Girl, Couple Next Door, etc. but haven’t found anything new to grab me. Have you read anything great lately??
I’m reading What She Knew and can’t put it down!
Brooke:  I just finished Luckiest Girl Alive and I felt like it was pretty good, but didn’t love the end. I felt like it was really unfinished and rushed at the end which I didn’t like. I just bought the book Meggan mentioned and can’t wait to start it tonight (crazy Friday night lol)!

23. I recently branched out and got these fun blue velvet booties but now have no idea what to wear them with (whoops)! What are some outfit options you would suggest?
I (Meggan) have those! I love that you can dress them up or down, they’re actually pretty versatile! I wear them with basic jeans/tee (like this outfit), sweater dresses (love this one), leather skirts (this one is cute)…you can seriously pair them with whatever you would with black booties! There’s also a ton of inspo on Pinterest – obsessed with this look!

24. Brooke – you posted on stories that you were trying Monat haircare. I have heard a lot about it and have been considering trying it, but wanted to see what your experience was like, what products you used and why, likes/dislikes, and results (my hair is colored blonde and I’ve been trying to grow it, but it’s taking a decade).
I use the black shampoo, revive shampoo, intense repair conditioner, and moxie magnifying mousse. I started with the renew shampoo, but felt like my roots were getting too oily, so I switched to the revive and it’s been great! I really do love it and my hair feels so moisturized. My ends usually get pretty dry since I color it, but they’ve been looking really good lately. I love to try new products, so I’m not sure I’ll stick with Monat forever, but I really like it and am super happy with it for now and would totally recommend it! My hair has always grown really fast, so I can’t personally speak to that, but I have several friends who have seen seriously amazing growth and repair to their hair since they switched, it’s kind of crazy (they’re also blonde)! 

25. I love my duvet but I feel like it makes me super hot at night…any cute alternatives for a comforter? Preferably white!
has so many cute quilts – love this one and this one! Also obsessed with this one, this one, and this one (Urban has the cutest home stuff!).

Please leave your questions below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx