1. I’m looking for a pleated mini dress for a rehearsal dinner in October. Any ideas?
This one is super cute and the color is perfect for Oct! This one is on major sale, this one is stunning, and this one is super pretty as well.

2. Brooke – how do you balance life with two little ones? I have a 2 year old and a 6 week old and am trying to find time to do everything but it just seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day! Can definitely feel a little overwhelming at times. Any advice would be helpful! 🙂
The beginning is super overwhelming that’s for sure – trying to figure out life with two can be difficult, but it definitely gets easier as your little one gets older. I have someone who comes to help me out a couple days a week now, and that has been so helpful – just to be able to go to the post office, grocery store, or actually take a meeting is amazing (it’s the little things lol). I don’t know if any mom will ever feel like there are enough hours in the day, but my advice would be if anyone offers you help – take it! If you have family or good friends close by, take advantage! If you don’t, maybe finding someone who can come help you even just one day a week for a few hours can really help (plus you’ll have an adult to talk to lol)! If you can find a gym with a daycare, that’s another great option once you’re comfortable taking your baby. There are tons of mom groups out there, so you could try searching for a couple in your area – workout groups, playdate groups, etc. Take some time for yourself, even if it’s just an hour on the weekend – take a bath, read a book, get your nails done, take a nap 😉 whatever it is, just don’t forget to take time for yourself. Once your baby is a little older, it will be easier to go on outings. Being in your house alone all day (with kids) can be isolating and really get you down (it did for me anyway, especially combined with post-partum hormones). I always felt/feel so much better when we get out and do things instead of just sitting at home – even if it’s just a walk down the street, fresh air totally helps! Also, once you have a nap schedule down for your baby, things will start to feel easier and fall into place. And…before you know it, they will become the best of friends! Congratulations, as overwhelming as this time can be, try to soak it all in! xx

3. I still haven’t placed my Shopbop sale order – my cart is overly full but I can’t narrow it down! What did you both buy?
I’m overwhelmed and can’t figure out what I want to buy. I really don’t need much but I like to buy classic/quality pieces during the Shopbop sale. I really wanted this camel coat but I waited too long and now it’s sold out, ugh (probs best for my back account though!). A few other items I’m eyeing are these jeans, this sweater, and these booties. I’m loving this coat but it’s not really necessary not that I live in Dallas 🙁
Brooke: I agree with Meggan – I like to buy quality pieces during this sale that I wouldn’t regularly buy. I got this coat, this top, these jeans (love the darker wash & the price!), these jeans (way more than I normally spend on jeans but I’ve been lusting after this pair, so pulled the trigger since they’re $70 off), this necklace & the one with more stars that sold out (going to return one, but wanted to see both in person), and this fedora. A few more things that I’m loving – this hat, these leather jeans (amazing price!), and this sweater in gray.

4. How did you guys meet and how did you decide to start a blog together?
We met in high school through mutual friends, but we lived in towns that were about 2 hours apart so didn’t really know each other that well. We stayed in touch (mostly through Facebook) throughout college. We were each blogging separately for a couple years – but those blogs weren’t going anywhere lol, so we decided to team up and start a blog together!

5. I’m loving dusters for fall/winter! But having a hard time choosing one, so many options: colors, lengths, thin ones, sweater material, etc. Can you post a few good dusters that are good staples to start with?
Theres so many cute ones out right now! A few favorites are here, here, here, and here. All reasonably priced and good staples. And you can never go wrong with black 😉

6. How often do you guys cook at home? Do you cook 3 meals a day? We eat out almost everyday and I’m hoping to change this. Your insta stories are definitely motivating me!
Brooke: I’ve been in such a rut lately – you may have seen #1 from this post, or my insta story last night where I shared I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been (not pregnant – only 10 lbs lower than my weight during my first pregnancy, which was seriously shocking to see and a little depressing to be honest). Anyway, this week I started cooking at home again and I already feel so much better – I’m loosely following a paleo/Whole30 diet. By loosely I mean I’m not giving up wine on weekends ;). Also don’t want to be super crazy/obsessive because I want it to feel more balanced, and not just for 30 days. I was just out of the habit/routine of cooking, but it feels good to be back. I eat a LaraBar or make a protein shake for breakfast every day so that’s easy. I’m planning to cook dinner Monday-Thursday, and for lunch I’ll have leftovers from the night before or my sweet potato bowl. The Skinnytaste website (and her cookbook) are life-saving because she has so many amazing recipes that are easy to make, and I have a few favorite Whole30 staples – this chili, this stir fry, and this spaghetti squash pizza pie.
Meggan: I try to make lunch and dinner Sunday-Thursday and we go out to eat on the weekends or do takeout. I don’t make huge lunches and usually just graze or have leftovers so I’m not exactly cooking 3 times a day. I’m not going to lie, I definitely get sick of going to the store (that’s why I sent Kyle this week LOL – if you saw my insta stories you know why I’m laughing) and finding recipes to make but it’s better on the wallet and waistline. Once you start cooking more and get comfortable in the kitchen, it will get easier!

7. Loving velvet tops for winter – can you share a few you both like?
Yesss so are we!
Meggan: I have this button down and love it (see it on here). This bodysuit is fun, obsessed with this ruffle top, and this off-the-shoulder looks so cozy!
Brooke: I just picked up this one at Target yesterday, it’s so cute and would easily go under a moto jacket or a cardigan. I’m obsessed with this cami and wish it was a little cheaper, this one is super cute and under $100, and I’m also loving this button down.

8. Meggan – I loved the peek into your living room on insta stories! I would love to know where your buffet is from?
Thank you! I’ll eventually do a full post but I’m still not done decorating. I’m the slowest decorator because I have FOBO – fear of better options lol! If I see something I love, I always wait incase I see something better…it’s an issue. I just ordered frames for my gallery wall so that’s a step in the right direction! But anyway my buffet is this one from West Elm. It’s very spacious and excellent quality!

9. I’ve been wanting the thin Gucci GG belt for some time now (in black!). Do you think its worth the investment? Will it go out of style? What size did you get?
If you love it, we say it’s worth it! It’s definitely trending…but people always wear belts, so we don’t really feel like it will “go out of style” (especially the smaller size). Even if it does go out of style, keep it, because eventually it will be “in” again ;). People have worn the Hermes belt for so long, so we don’t really see the Gucci belt going anywhere. Sizing is a little confusing, I have an 80, but could have gone with a 75 as well.

10. Where do you guys find your recipes? Favorite sites or cookbooks?
Pinterest (follow us here), Skinnytaste cookbook or website, or just make up our own (soup, stir fry, etc).

11. If I’m remembering correctly, you guys are planning a couples trip together for your birthdays? Where are you headed to?!
We haven’t decided yet! Recommendations?! We’re trying to decide when to go because it’s cold a lot of places during our birthdays (Feb & March)!

12. Meggan – do you wash your hair after every Orange Theory workout? I do OTF (seriously love it) about 4 days a week after work, but having to wash my hair each night is becoming a deterrent. Any tips, tricks, or product suggestions to avoid having to completely redo my hair each day? I have a professional job, so I can’t get away with headbands/hats/messy buns 🙁
No I don’t but OMG theres no way I could wear my hair down after class…I get sooo sweaty and my hair is super thick and texturized! If it’s not a hair wash day, I’ll body shower, dry my hair, throw in some dry shampoo, and put it in a bun. Can you wear your hair up to work – a sleek bun like this or this? Or dry it and add some product and curl it? My two favorite dry shampoos are this Aveda one and this one by Dove. They both smell amazing!

13. I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of neutral slip on sneakers that are both cute but practical for walking around the city all the time. I haven’t found ones that caught my eye and have great reviews…any suggestions? Hoping to keep it under $150 or so!
This pair
has really good reviews (says they’re comfy!) and under $100! A few others: here (love them in black), here, and here.

14. Can you do a roundup of work tops? I’m desperate for more in my closet!
Loft has some really cute tops (and some are on sale!): this sweater, this button sleeve blouse, this ballet neck tee, this stripe blouse (SO cute), and this floral utility blouse. Banana has a good selection too! Obsessed with this tie-neck shirt, this bell sleeve top, and this ruffle top.

15. I know you both travel often. Do you have any recommendations for jewelry travel cases? Something that not bulky and is easy to pack.
I’m bad at packing jewelry and I usually put it in an empty sunglasses case (hard shell). This organizer looks really good though, I might have to get that.
Meggan: I don’t wear a ton of jewelry so I just use a small jewelry pouch or ziplock bag (fancy lol). This case looks perfect though and it’s on sale. Just added to my cart!

16. What are your favorite movies (recent, like new releases within the past couple years)? My bf and I love watching movies on the weekends, but we’re running out of new ones!
Meggan: Kyle and I are notorious for picking horrible movies soooo I don’t have a ton of suggestions ha! Some recent ones we liked are Manchester By The Sea (we thought it was a happy go lucky movie but it was super depressing but overall pretty good), Sully, and The Accountant. We usually watch Dateline, a series (just finished Breaking Bad now going to start Homeland), or an old movie on the weekends. Kyle is amazed I haven’t seen any classic movies so he has a huge list of ones that we have to check off the list (I just saw Top Gun for the first time ha!). I really want to see Stronger which is in theaters now…I cry every time I see a preview!
Brooke: I feel like I can never remember lol, but we watch movies all the time too. Some that I can remember liking – War Dogs, The Wizard Of Lies (probably my favorite I’ve seen recently, all about the Bernie Madoff story), Sully (I watched this on a plane lol), Don’t Breathe, The Gift (kind of scary), Creed (really good), Get Out, London Has Fallen, and I know I’m definitely forgetting some but that’s what comes to mind!

17. If you could each only buy four things to add to your wardrobes for fall & winter what would they be? To clarify, I don’t actually mean your wardrobe, I’m more so asking for your top 4 staples for fall and winter.
My top four staples are a neutral sweater, moto jacket, an everyday flat bootie (just got this chelsea boot in suede), and a cool pair of denim (these are amazing!).
Brooke: A classic coat (like this one), a moto jacket, a great sweater, and boots or booties.

18. Do your guys have a good skincare routine? I’m tryinggg to get mine to take better care of his skin especially the dark circles under his eyes before our wedding next year!
I wouldn’t say he has a “good” routine but he washes every AM/PM and uses a Clarisonic a few times a week. He likes to use my eye patches and does a face mask occasionally too (LOL sorry Kyle!). I got him this eye cream and this midnight recovery oil awhile back butttttt he rarely uses it which reminds me I should bug him to use it again!!
Brooke: Not really, he kind of goes through phases where he tries though lol. He does love this face scrub and uses it every morning in the shower (I actually love it too!). I got him this moisturizer but I’m not sure if he actually uses it or not?

19. I’m going on my honeymoon in Hawaii in December for 10 days. Wanted some ideas for what I should bring! I plan on just packing a carry on. 
Lots of bathing suits, easy dresses (maxis and minis) is pretty much all you need in Hawaii! The style is so casual, so you definitely don’t need a ton! I wore flat sandals the whole time we were there, maybe bring one pair of strappy sandals in case you want heels! Some pieces were loving – this bikini, this dress, and this romper! Have fun and congrats! xx

20. Since we’re headed into fall (and eventually, the season that shall remain nameless)… what do you guys wear for running around, errands, etc in wet/cold/snowy weather? I’m looking for something cute that will go with skinny jeans/leggings + a sweater but still comfy, waterproof-able and not quite as snowboot-like as say, a Sorel boot.
Usually just sneakers (it always feels like a mistake once you step in snow lol), or these Hunters – they go easily over jeans and leggings with a sweater, they’re classic & cute(ish?) and waterproof. I know it’s not original, but it’s what works best! The buckles on this pair are kind of amazing! These say waterproof, but not sure if I’m buying it – but the reviews are good and they’re on sale!

21. I would love some pregnant outfit ideas? work? pjs?
We always wore our husbands shirts for jammies when we were pregnant ha! But a few cute ones are this nightgown, this set, and this henley gown (nursing friendly too). For work: this tunic dress, this cozy cardigan, this button down, these pants, and this sweater are cute/functional pieces.

22. I know this has been asked before, but generally for the spring/summer months so I figured I could ask for fall! My husband and I are heading to Napa in October. I am looking for a few outfits to wear to tastings. Any suggestions would be super appreciated (extra amazing if kept under $100)!
Loving this sweater (love how they styled it!) and this one (with jeans and boots or booties), this dress (with a denim jacket and sneakers) and this dress with boots or booties. Have fun!

23. I’m going to an outdoor concert in NYC in October and need some recommendations for cute and warm outfits!
This off-the-shoulder sweater
would be cute with a pair of jeans and booties. A graphic tee/band tee with a velvet blazer (one of my fav combos right now) would be cute too! Revolve has a ton of cute ones – a few good ones are here, here, and here. This duster is also pretty amazing – I love the outfit it’s paired with on the model.

24. I am attending a wedding in Laguna Beach at the end of October. Essentially, I am playing the role of personal attendant/day of event coordinator – so I will be running around like crazy making sure things are running smoothly. The wedding is outside and “California chic meets fancy farm” (their exact words) is encouraged for attire. I need help on a dress that will be both functional and fit the encouraged attire.  Also, any tips on a wrap or jacket to accommodate would be great. That is one area I constantly struggle with (also, I’m looking into blues, whites, and neutrals).
Okay, gotta be honest – that’s a confusing dress code lol. This dress looks really comfortable and easy to move in, this one looks a little more in line with the dress code (and comfy! but not the colors you’re looking for), this is a great option and comes in several blue colors, this one might be the favorite – stunning and comfortable (and blue!). We would probably just bring a pashmina or even a moto jacket (California chic, yeah?) to throw on over any of the dresses!

25. One trend I was wondering if you guys like are the plaid trousers? And if so could you suggest some you love for under $100?
Yes we do! And we’re wishing we kept our Abercrombie pairs from the early 2000s (kind of joking but not really). Some cute ones are here, here (love the colors), and here!

26. Can you please recommend some cute fall/winter boots for large calves? I was an athlete and ballerina for 15 years and my calves have never reduced in size. I usually have to resort to booties because even the so called “wide calf” boots aren’t big enough.
When I used to work at Nordstrom I would always recommend the Sam Edelman ‘Penny’ boot or the Frye ‘Melissa’ boot. Born usually has a variety of wide calf boots too – this pair and this pair are cute!

27. Any ideas/suggestions for a good travel bag – small enough to be considered a “personal item” on flights instead of a carry-on, but still big enough to fit plenty of stuff?
Brooke: I use this tote or this duffle as my personal item and love both – they can hold SO much, and the material is great for traveling! A backpack like this one would be a great option as well – easy to carry!
Meggan: I travel with Cam a lot and have accumulated a lot of travel bags! This LL Bean one fits SO much (I have the camo) but I wish it had a shoulder strap (I think theres an option to get one), this tote holds a lot, and this shopper tote is another good one!

28. Awhile back you guys mentioned activated charcoal pills for bloating and hangovers. I’m headed on an all-inclusive vacation next week and need more info about these pills asap!
Yesss! I (Meggan) swear by charcoal pills and never go on a bach party without them lol. I went into Walgreens looking for these Blowfish pills but they said they stopped selling them because teens we’re abusing them or something weird like that. So the pharmacist gave me activated charcoal pills and said to take them before bed after drinking. You can take them in the AM too but do not take them within two hours of any other medication because it will cancel it out. The charcoal is like a magnet to all the toxins and pulls them out of your body which helps with the bloating.They work like magic!

29. I am on the hunt for a dress to wear to my friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner. Any recommendations? Thanks!
Not sure how dressy it is, but here are some we’re loving – one, two, three, and four. Have fun!

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