1. I’m going to a wedding in Palm Desert, CA this fall (Nov 11!) and am struggling to find a cute dress to wear under $150! It will still be relatively warm but is also fall season!
This dress is just a little over your budget ($165), but we had to include it because it’s gorgeous, looks great for fall, but still perfect for warm weather! We’re also loving this one, this one (in burgundy – so pretty!), and this one!

2. I am looking to invest in a new pair of loafers for fall but can’t decide which style to choose. I love the look of the mule/slide style, but I am not sure if they are more of a “trendy” piece, and if I should just stick to the classic loafer. I know you both have the backless style and I’m wondering if and how you plan on transitioning them into the cooler weather? I want to be able to wear them all four seasons. 
You can definitely wear them all four seasons – see some great outfits with mules in cold weather here, here, here, and here. If you’re worried about investing and then the mules going out of style, we say go for the classic loafer! Still such a great option, easier to wear in cold weather, and will never go out of style (although let’s be honest, loafers are definitely trending as a whole right now). Hope that helps! xx

3. Out of curiosity, how many hours a day do you guys spend blogging/doing blog related things? It would be fun to see what both of your days are like from morning to night!
Yes, we will be doing “a day in the life” posts soon, it has been highly requested! Every day is different for sure, but on average between 4-8 hours/day. 8 hour days would include – meetings, events, shoot days, photo editing days, etc. An average blog post takes about 2-4 hours from start to finish (shooting a look, editing the photos, writing the post), and #coffeetalk takes much longer (6-10 hours between two of us).

4. I’m going to a baby shower in a couple of weeks, and also had a baby myself 11 days ago! I’m looking for a nursing friendly dress to wear to the shower that is flowy to hide my little post-baby belly. Any suggestions?
Congrats on your new baby! This polka dot maxi would be cute, love this one, this midi dress would work, and so would this wrap dress!

5. My brother is getting married in mid October in Vermont. I will be 24 weeks pregnant at the time and wanted your advice on a dress! Thinking more form fitting so I don’t look like a whale in something flowy, lol. Also want to try to keep it under/around $150ish since I won’t really wear it again.
Not sure how formal the wedding is, but here are a few form-fitting dresses that we think would be super cute to show of your bump – one, two, three, and four. This one would also be super cute, but it’s not form fitting.

6. I am half way through my masters program in school psychology and I need help with outfit ideas for this year’s internship. I need to be sophisticated and simple. Think, meetings with parents, lawyers, outside support staff, but also being able to get down on the ground with the little ones all in the same afternoon. I’m only 26 and want to express my style while being professional. I’d love any suggestions you have, especially if they’re on a master’s student’s budget.
These pants are SO comfortable (true to size, so many color options), this cami with a blazer or sweater over would be super cute, this sweater, and this top (all of these are currently 40% off!). Not sure if these pants are your style, but they are SO cute (+ look comfy) and could be worn with a black or white top, and this dress would be cute with tights and booties or flats.

7. What brands and websites do you browse for your kids’ clothes?
Brooke: Gap, Zara, Old Navy, The Tot, Nordstrom, Target, H&M, and Nordstrom Rack. Some things I’m loving – this dress, this jacketand this beanie.
Meggan: I shop at all the same places! I get most his basics at Target and Old Navy and trendy pieces from Zara and and Gap. A few things I’ve bought/eyeing for Cam for fall are: this western shirt, these Converse in navy, these slip-ons, and these biker jeans (so freaking adorable – do they come in adult sizes?).

8. Brooke – where are your kitchen pendants from?
They’re from Circa Lighting – the medium size.

9. My husband, 2 yo son, and I are doing family photos by the monuments in DC. I am expecting and will be 28 weeks (beginning of 3rd trimester). The weather will be in the 70s. Can you provide any outfit looks/ideas (doesn’t have to be specific pieces)?
We’re loving the look of these outfits – they are coordinated without being too matchy-matchy. The colors would look great in your shoot location. We’re also loving this &  this (color palettes)! Hope that helps! xx

10. My baby shower is at the end of September and I’m looking for a floral maxi dress that would be flattering on a bump. Can you share any recommendations? It doesn’t have to be maternity, as long as it can accommodate a bump because I’ll be 32 weeks. Thank you!
We are loving moody/dark floral dresses for fall (we’ve picked up a couple ourselves)! A few that would look so cute with a bump are here, here, and here

11. I’m going on a girls trip to Malibu and we are doing a wine tour for 1 of the days. Any suggestions on dresses to wear for the day?
If this dress comes back in stock, it would be perfect (see it on Meggan here)! But if not a couple other cute options are here, here, and here. All would look cute with sandals or booties!

12. What is your best advise for getting back into a good workout/healthy eating routine? I seem to go in spurts where a few months I am super motivated and get a work out in every day than I get so busy and cannot find time to fit a workout in and my diet slacks.
After I got back from my wedding & honeymoon it was soooo hard getting back in my workout routine. I honestly don’t have a magic secret besides just doing it – no making up excuses and just getting my butt to the gym! When my alarm goes off in the AM I seriously tell myself “just go, it’s only an hour”! As much as I dread it, I never regret it. I layout my clothes the night before and put my keys and wallet next to the door so I can just get up and go (anything to make it less painless lol). A couple other things that work for me are: working out in the AM (best way to start the day and getting it over with feels so good), signing up for classes (I do Orange Theory), and writing it in my planner so I can cross it off my list. As for eating, I make a meal plan for the week and stick to it (which means only shopping for whats on my list!). I try to find one new recipes each week to keep it exciting but a few that I keep on rotation are these thai chicken lettuce tacos, fried cauliflower rice, spaghetti squash pad thai, cauliflower tacos, and these honey lime salmon bowls. I don’t eat healthy 24/7 and definitely indulge from time to time (TJ’s Gone Bananas are my weakness & wine lol) but think a good rule of thumb is the 80/20 rule. I’m always pinning recipes if you want to follow our page here!
Brooke: Uhg – currently I shouldn’t be the one to dish out any advice, but I’m going to need all the help I can get once we get back to NY next week. I’m the exact same – I go in spurts where I’m super strict, then completely fall off. The struggle is so real for me & I’m not happy with the way I look or feel. I have finally realized I just need to be consistent, not perfect – when I was working out every day I would beat myself up if ate anything that wasn’t super healthy. I decided what I’m going to do is try something different – a very attainable goal. 15 minutes/day. That is something anyone can do, anywhere. I’m honestly only going to require myself to do a 15-minute workout every single day and it doesn’t even have to be super intense. For me, it’s about getting in a consistent routine & making it a habit. I won’t dread 15 minutes (or make excuses if I have a busy day), and my hope is that most days my workout will end up going past the 15 minute mark. When I put effort into working out, I want to eat healthy so I don’t completely waste a workout, so that part isn’t such a struggle – SO this is my plan. 15 minutes a day :). Even if I only do 15 minutes a day, it’s more than I’m doing now, so I’ll consider it a win! Let me know if you want to join! 

13. My husband and I are heading to San Francisco the end of September and taking anniversary pictures! Needing some outfit suggestions. Thinking a flowy maxi dress since they will be taken on the coast!
Yes, a flowy maxi dresses would look gorg with that backdrop! We love this, this (would be cute with a draped jacket), and this one. This jumpsuit would be cute too – perfect color for fall!

14. I just moved from NYC to Newport Beach, CA and am having trouble transitioning my closet! I feel like the lifestyle here is much more laid back/comfortable and I want my outfits to feel the same. We go to the beach a lot and often go to dinner on the water. I would like some staple comfortable pieces since I won’t be wearing the majority of my huge sweaters anymore. Any recommendations? Help!
Aww the opposite move I (Brooke) made! I totally agree, the lifestyle is so different and it’s way more laid back here (but I’ve actually been so freezing at night, I forget how cold it gets by the water). This cami is on major sale, and would be cute with jeans and a cardigan you probably already have. This dress is super cute and could be worn with booties and a denim jacket or flats, and this dress would would be a great staple piece (would look so cute with sneakers). My friend (who actually lives in NB) just go this jacket and she said it’s the perfect weight to wear here – so cute, also loving this one. Hope that helps, congrats on your move! 

15. I’m turning 26 in a few months and I want to buy myself a designer handbag. I was going to get the LV Speedy 30 but I feel like everyone has that purse now. What would you guys go with? Hoping to spend $2,000 or less.
Brooke: I kind of agree with you, everyone has the Speedy and I would probably do something different. A few classic bags I’m loving under $2000: here (free shipping, no tax), here (similar shape to the Speedy), here, and here or here (if you want to stick with LV – both of these are so cute).
Meggan:  I would go with something very classic like this this tote, this shoulder bag (the color is so good), or this satchel.  

16. How do you guys get back on track with your guys after a fight? I know you have mentioned you struggle with anxiety, as do I, which I feel makes even the smallest argument seem like the end of the world to me. Any tips or advice for moving on and not dwelling on a fight in the past?
Yes, anxiety definitely makes small arguments seem worse! Luckily, Kyle and I are both pretty easy going and if we get in a disagreement we say sorry and move on. I used to always ask “are you sure we’re okay” over and over and that can get annoying lol. Some things that help me are going on a walk to clear my head, listening to feel good music, and doing something nice for Kyle – even something small like putting a sticky note that says “I love you” in his lunch :)
Brooke: I think it gets easier over time! We’ve been married for almost 6 years, and we don’t argue or fight often. For us, communication is key! Of course you’re not going to want to sit down and talk through every argument, sometimes fights just happen, but one person usually needs to suck up their pride, and apologize lol. We always say it’s not worth wasting time being mad over something that actually doesn’t even matter, so we usually talk about it (instead of fighting) and decide to move on. Things that always help me move on and not dwell – meeting a girlfriend for lunch or coffee, getting out of the house (with or without your guy) – changing scenery helps to move on, and I’m with Meggan on doing something nice. As much as you may not want to in that moment, it helps you remember why you’re with that person and what you love about them.

17. Help! I ordered the Knot Sisters Gilman Dress for family pictures this fall, and LOVE it, but am completely stumped as to what shoes to wear it with. Any suggestions are welcome! Any tips for styling footwear with maxi dresses in fall/winter also welcome! I feel like I can’t wear long dresses after summer because I don’t know how to make the footwear look right!
We think booties would be super cute with that dress for fall/winter! See some inspo here and here! These booties (in sand) would be so cute with it!

18. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect tee. I love a good cheapie but they’re never the same after a couple washes. Any suggestions?
I’ve had this Current Elliot v-neck for about 4 years and love it. It’s expensive for a t-shirt but its been worn/washed SO many times and still looks/feels new! I also live in these Madewell tees – they hold up pretty well and are $20. I get a medium in them because I’m the queen of shrinking things but like my tees to be a little oversized.
Brooke: I was going to recommend the same Current Elliot v-neck that Meggan mentioned, it’s one of my favorites. T by Alexander Wang has great tees with an oversized fit (I have this one). I also just ordered this tee and think it looks really cute – love James Perse!

19. Any suggestions for leather/faux leather make up bags? I’ve been on the hunt for what feels like forever, and I can’t find any that would fit the (admittedly obnoxious) various make up and other toiletries I bring with me when I travel. Anything neutral and under $100 would be great!
Okay, you’re right…that is SO hard to find! This one is just over $100, but I have it and am obsessed. It comes in a couple other sizes that are under $100, but I think this one is best for holding a lot of makeup. Bonus, you can customize it! This one also looks like it would hold a lot, and this one looks great as well but is only leather trimmed. 

20. I am thinking about moving to Chicago in the next couple of years. Where did you girls live and do you have any advice?
After I graduated college I pretty much just picked up my life and moved there. I didn’t have a job or an apartment and just went for it! It was exciting but a little scary! I lived in a few different neighborhoods – Lake View, West Town, Gold Coast, and West Loop – and loved them all! Each has their own personality and uniqueness. My advice before moving there would be to do your research. What kind of vibe do you want? If you want hustle/bustle, River North or the Gold Coast would be good. If you want a chill vibe with lots of coffee shops, restaurants, etc. West Loop, Wicker Park, or Lincoln Park would be good! If you’re taking the L to work, I would try to find a place close to a stop. It really just depends on what you’re looking for! It’s an amazing city with SO much to offer, I would move back in a heartbeat! Oh and pack a winter coat ;)
Brooke: I finished college in Chicago and lived all over for the 5 years I was there – the Loop, South Loop, Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and River North. I agree, I loved all of the neighborhoods I lived it (the Loop was probably my least favorite though, b/c it’s more commercial) for different reasons – they each had their own vibe. Definitely do your research, and try to live as close to where you work as possible. My last apartment in the city allowed me to walk to work, and it made my days SO much better and more enjoyable than when I had an hour commute (one way). I think if I were to move back to Chicago now, I would want to live in the Gold Coast  – pretty central, very walkable, and tons of great restaurants and shopping.

21. I’m also decorating an office space and wondering what computer/office desks you girls have? Any other office inspiration you can share?
I have this desk from IKEA (pictured in yesterday’s post) and like it! I wanted something cheap because eventually our office will become another bedroom so we won’t have it for that long. A couple others I love are here, here, and here (so expensive but the lucite legs and pulls are amazing)!
Brooke: I have this desk, but am currently working on my office and looking for a new one. A few offices I’m using for inspo herehere & here.

22. I would love to get some suggestions of camel coats under $200 (even better if they are under $150)!
A few we’re loving are: this BB Dakota one, this one from Topshop, this one from ASOS, this H&M one, and this Ralph Lauren one. So many good options!!

23.What are some white leather sneakers you would recommend for everyday? Love the Golden Goose but they are way too pricey! I would want the leather to be soft so it can move easier (I find the Adidas Stan Smiths are a rigid sneaker).
We’re loving this pair, these, and these! The last pair looks super similar to Golden Goose! Hopefully these will be comfier options for you! xx

24. What are your favorite highlighters?
Hands down this one by Laura Geller! It’s one of my can’t live without beauty products!
Brooke: I just got this one from Becca and I love it! Also, the highlighter in this Laura Geller compact is probably the best one I’ve ever used, but my lid broke & I need a new one! It’s so pigmented which I love.

Please leave your questions below for next week or shoot us an email at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! Have a great (and safe!) Labor Day Weekend! xo