Self Improvement: 5 Things I Need To Work On


Let’s talk. I wrote one of these posts a couple years ago, and feel like it’s definitely time to get real with myself again. There is so much I need to work on – I’ve been feeling super overwhelmed lately, and as a big believer in self-improvement, felt like it was time to sit down and write it out so I can really focus on improving these areas of my life.

1. Health + Fitness
This is definitely number 1 on my list because I feel like when my health/fitness is off, most areas of my life follow suit. For the most part, my eating has been insanely unhealthy since May…ordering out a ton, a glass of wine (or more) most nights, and my sugar addiction is back in full force (seriously, I make special trips to the gas station or CVS for candy). I feel absolutely terrible. I wake up with a headache or a stomach ache most days, feel tired all the time, and in general…physically lazy. I touched on this in #coffeetalk last week, and got back to the gym on Monday but was hit with the stomach flu yesterday, so I’m back off track. I’m so sick of feeling like this (plus all of my pants are super tight, like almost can’t button them), and I only have myself to blame. Working out helps so much with everything in my life – and I feel like my anxiety is on another level lately due to zero workouts. I can’t wait to get back to the way I was feeling, but starting is always the hardest part. Anyone have tips? Maybe I need a health/life coach lol.

2. Patience
I’m usually pretty easy-going…calm, cool, and collected. But lately, I have zero patience. I definitely think this is related to #1, but days when I completely lose it, I end up crying out of frustration and major mom guilt. Some days my kids are angels, but other days they’re pulling each other’s hair, screaming about everything, throwing themselves on the floor in what seems like temper tantrum competitions, spilling their food and drinks all over, whining about anything and everything, and just not listening to a word I say. I know all kids have their moments, but I feel like there’s something I need to be doing better (I’m sure there is), and somehow I need to improve my patience because it never feels good to ‘lose it.’

3. Time Management
When I feel like I have too much on my plate, my time management goes out the window (of course, when I need it the most). I get overwhelmed, and have a hard time sticking to what needs to get done because I feel like there’s so much I have to get done. Does that even make sense? It’s like I don’t even know where to start. Making a list definitely helps me, and that’s something I need to get better at – it feels so good to check things off a list and visually see what you’re getting done.

4. Let Go  & Practice Self Care
Sometimes I let my anxiety get the best of me, and I want to cancel all of my plans and stay home because “I feel like something bad is going to happen.” That is seriously no way to live, and I want to just let it go – get out and do more! Life really is so short, and I want to focus on enjoying every single day I’m given. *Edit – as I am writing this post, the Today Show is on in the background and they just talked about a book, Anxious For Nothing…maybe I should read it. Self-care is also a super important piece of living and feeling happy (great tips in this article). It seems like whenever I have a moment to myself, I pick up my phone and start checking emails. Which brings me to number 5.

5. Unplug
I’ve been feeling extra connected lately, and as we get busier with work, it seems like I’m looking at some sort of screen pretty much all day long. I want a break. It felt so good to read an actual book (Luckiest Girl Alive, liked it a lot but didn’t love), and I want to start making time for technology breaks. I feel like if it’s not something I actually make time for/schedule, it won’t happen.

Okay, I’m done. Thanks for listening! If anyone has any tips, please let me know! xx