1. What do you both think of the Gucci GG belt for men? I can’t decide, but need Christmas ideas for my boyfriend!
Hmmm I don’t think I’m really into it…I guess it depends on the outfit but I think it can look a little cheesy on men. Some other ideas are this card case, these sunglasses, or these sneakers!
Brooke: Agreed, I’m not a huge fan of the belt on men. I feel like it looks feminine, but maybe it’s just b/c I’ve only(mostly) seen it on women. If he needs a belt, I think something like this is a great option – it’s reversible and a little more refined than the GG one, but still fun and different.

2. Brooke – was it difficult to move to New York, in a High rise with your children? We are moving from Southern California to the East Coast and we will be moving into a top floor apartment while we search for a home. Would love to hear your experience.
We only had Sophia (who was 1) when we moved to NYC – we moved to a house once we had Avery. I think it depends on a lot of things – your personality, neighborhood, and how much space you have. The living/kitchen area in our apt was really small, but the bedrooms were big (I would have preferred the opposite). There were definitely days I hated living in a high rise because it can be a pain to do anything like run a simple errand with kids – you have to pack everything up, get the stroller out, wait for the elevator, and then head out to wherever you need to go. But, there were also a lot of things I loved – it was great to be able to walk everywhere (we were close to Central Park, shopping, and tons of restaurants), it was easy to clean & maintain a small apartment, and I had my groceries delivered (Fresh Direct!). After being out of the city for a few years, we are considering moving back lol…there’s nothing like city living and I think it’s a big adjustment (esp coming from Southern California), but if you get out and take advantage of it, you will see how amazing it can be! Plus, it sounds like you already know it’s temporary, so just try to explore and enjoy it for the time you’re there! Not sure if it’s NYC you’re moving to, but if you have any other questions feel free to email me, happy to help! xx

3. I’m meeting my boyfriends family for the first time next weekend and feeling super nervous! Do you ladies have any advice?
That’s so exciting! The first time I met Kyle’s parents was the 4th of July and I was staying at their house for a long weekend. I brought them a little gift and a bottle of champagne (or maybe wine I can’t remember) as a thank you for hosting me. I’m not sure if your situation is the same (staying the weekend) but if so I would just say be polite, offer help out, get to know them (ask questions etc.), and of course just try not to be nervous and be yourself!!
Brooke: I think it’s natural to be nervous, and it means you care (which is a good thing!). Try to just relax, be yourself, and be friendly. I agree with Meggan – ask questions, and bring something if you’re going to their house (wine, candle, dessert, anything really!). Honestly they might be nervous to meet you as well, so don’t put so much pressure on yourself! Their son obviously cares a lot about you, so chances are they will too! 🙂

4. Now that winter is approaching what hair masks or oils do you girls use on your hair?
I  like this one from Kerastase, and I have the same one from Oribe that Meggan used but I haven’t tried it yet. 
I just tried this Oribe mask for the first time last week but used WAY too much so I need to try it again lol. My hair was greasy for like 3 days because I couldn’t get it all out and I even washed it like four times. Apparently you just need a very small amount (just a swipe) and use it on your ends only. I put it all over my head and used a handful, ha!! But it has amazing reviews and when I posted it on insta so many girls said they love it!

5. What are some of your favorite crockpot recipes?
Meggan: This salsa verde chicken
(use for salads and tacos), white chicken chilibuffalo chicken, jalapeño popper chicken chili, and chicken enchilada soup. I clearly love Skinnytaste :)
Brooke: I agree – the salsa verde chicken is amazing! I never usually make entire meals in my crockpot (I feel like it has that “crock pot” flavor), but it’s my favorite way to cook chicken for any recipe that calls for shredded chicken. I use it to make this soupwhite chicken chilichicken enchiladas, buffalo chicken (same one Meggan linked), and any stir fry dishes that have chicken in them. I really want to make that chicken enchilada soup!

6. What do you wear to a tailgate when you didn’t go to that college and you’ve already graduated?! It’s the beginning of fall so it’s kind of cold but kind of hot. I’m conflicted! Help!
We would just just wear a tee (the school color or neutral), skinny jeans (this pair is one of our favorites), sneakers, and bring a light and denim jacket to drape over your shoulders if you need it!

7. What would you have named your kids if they were the opposite sex? Also how did you come up with their names that you did give them? Curious!!
I thought Sophia was for sure a boy, so I had only considered boy names lol. I loved (still do!) Jack, William, and Harrison. When we found out Sophia was a girl, we just went through so many lists and that was the only name we both loved! My pregnancy with Avery was high risk, so I found out really early on she was a girl…we didn’t even think of boy names that time. I wanted something different (but now Avery is becoming pretty popular) and unisex, and just loved the name as soon as I saw it. 
I had so many girls name I loved and seriously could not come up with a boy name! A few of my favorites are Penelope, Kennedy, and Olivia. We first thought we we’re going to name Cam, Hudson, it was the only name I kind of liked but I wasn’t in love with it. Then I came across the name Camden (thanks Kristin Cavallari!) and started calling him that and it just kind of stuck. I think boy names are sooo hard! I have no idea what I would name my second if it’s a boy!

8. I’m going on vacation in a month to Canada and it will be pretty cold! Do you have any outfit ideas I could wear? Going out and some casual ones?
Some staples we would pack that can be mixed and matched for the day: this oversized sweater, over the knee boots, this cape coat (love it!), these faux leather leggings (these are the BEST), this cardigan, these booties, and this crewneck sweater. Some cute options for night: this choker sweater, leather jeans, pointy toe boots, this blouse, and this jumpsuit.

9. We’re currently vehicle shopping and looking for something family friendly. I would love to hear what kind of vehicles you’ve heard good reviews on.
There are so many great family vehicles out there – my friend just got the VW Atlas and it’s so good looking & has 3 rows. Also love a Tahoe or Suburban if you’re up for driving a beast! And I have to admit, minivans are amazing lol. I drove one on vacation and it was so spacious, it doesn’t matter how close someone parks to you (best thing ever), and gets seriously good gas mileage. Here’s a list of great family-friendly vehicles!

10. I’m looking for a pair of black skinny jeans (distressing is fine). I usually wear Paige Verdugo Ankle, and I love the way they fit, but I’m looking for something with a higher waist and want to try out a new brand.
We love AGOLDE and this pair looks really comfy and high waisted, and we’re also loving this pair and this pair. We both have the old version of those Madewell’s and they’re great!

11. I’m a second grade teacher at an elementary school that doesn’t allow you to wear blue jeans. I’m having huge issues trying to find outfits that are cute but not too businessesy (hence working with 8 yr old) or preppy because that is not my style at all. Any good outfit recommendations?
We both have and love these pants (get 40% off today!) – they are sooo comfy and stretchy – great for working with kids. You could easily pair any more casual blouses and sweaters with them! We would seriously recommend buying multiple pairs and just rotating the tops you wear with them. Some tops we love herehere, and here

12. I’m looking for a fall maxi or midi dress that could transition from work to date night. Any favorites?
Hmmm that’s kinda tough but a few that could possibly appropriate for work (assuming it’s more casual) + going out are here, here, and here!

13. With the transition of the seasons (and it already snowing where I live) I wanted to get some ideas of what to wear on top when its cold. I have some basic sweaters but would like some advice on what to wear to still look cute but not be cold. Do you guys have some ideas on how to look cute and not frumpy this fall/winter?
There’s so many cute sweaters and winter tops out right now! Here’s a few that won’t make you look frumpy: this, this choker sweater (in my cart!), this sweater (would look cute with the Spanx leggings), this ribbed sweater, this tunic, and this turtleneck. If you are wearing an oversized sweater we would suggest wearing it with form fitting pants/jeans so you’re not drowning in your outfit. Also, these faux leather Spanx leggings are amazing – they’re warm, suck everything in and are so versatile!! Love this moto pair too.

14. I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of cute joggers but the caveat is that I am only 5’3″ inches tall. I can’t find a pair that fits my height – there is always so much extra length in the pants. It’s a pain to get them hemmed and it often changes the integrity of the pants. Being a shortie is hard! Would love any recommendations $200 and under please! :)
Try a petite pair – that’s what we do when pants are too long! These are so cute and on sale (50% off today!) – love all 3 colors. I have these and they are on the shorter side, more casual, and the most comfortable pants I own (I got a medium and would say they fit like a small – I’m a 26 in jeans). This pair is cropped on the model, so would probably be a great length for you and the reviews are great! 

15. Looking to splurge on some heels for my wedding day and for my engagement photos!  One black pair and one wedding pair.
For wedding shoes: these are gorg, love these, and can’t go wrong with this pair of Stuart Weitzman heels (plus you can wear them again). For engagement pictures we love these, these (not a splurge but so cute), and these!

16. Even though summer refuses to just die already (at least in Chicago)…winter is coming! I’ve lost some weight since winter and I’m now 2 sizes smaller, so I’m in the market for a new coat! I’m stuck in between a down/puffer style or something wool (military or trench style).  I’m still on my weight loss journey, so I don’t want to invest in anything too expensive like a Canada Goose. I’m thinking something under $500. What winter coat styles are you ladies feeling this year?
Wow, congrats girl! Some warm coats we’re loving herehereherehere (gorgeous), here, and here (super cool)!

17. I’m in the market for a larger designer bag. I’m stuck between the a Celine Medium Phantom Luggage or a Givenchy Medium Antigona. Although I wouldn’t actually use it  daily, it would be more of an “everyday” bag for me. Brooke – since you have both, which would you recommend? What are the pros and cons of each? Is there a similar third option that I should also consider?
Those are probably my two least-used bags actually :(. I love the look of both, but neither are super functional for me (with kids).I’m thinking of selling my Antigona, but Meggan and I both agree – if you get that one keep it stuffed whenever you’re not using it so it doesn’t lose it’s shape. If you don’t mind lugging around big, heavy bags then you’d be totally fine with either, but that’s why I don’t love them for day to day. I think the Celine will hold it’s original shape longer, so that’s a pro for that one, but it doesn’t have a zipper or closure of any kind. I hope that helps! My friend just got this bag and it’s amazing in person, I love the black/print combo and I’m usually not a huge LV person. 

18. Meggan – My boyfriend and I are getting ready to move to Dallas from Chicago this winter! I’m really excited but starting to stress out looking for an apartment. Do you have recommendations for areas to look at? We really want to be walking distance to bars/restaurants and things to do.
That’s so exciting, you’re going to lovvvve the Texas “winter” :) A few neighborhoods I would check out are Uptown, M Streets, Lower Greenville, and Deep Ellum.

19. I have been on the hunt for the perfect trench coat for YEARS! I would love to splurge and buy a Burberry one, but I can’t bring myself to spend that much. My requirements are that it is light tan, double breasted, tortoise buttons. I’m 5’4”, so nothing to long. Looking to spend under $200. Can you help?!
This one
 is gorgeous and on sale for under $100, this one looks identical to Burberry, but this one might be our favorite (how amazing are all those buttons?!) and it’s on sale! 

20. I am in need of some “mom jeans” that don’t look like mom jeans. Something that is versatile and can be worn all fall/winter. Also, I am doing the Dave Ramsey budget so cannot break the bank!! Under $50 preferably. Is this even possible?!
PacSun has some cute mom jeans and they’re all on sale (under $50!). A few favorites are here, here, and here!

21. So I have a fall day wedding in NY and I am bringing a new boyfriend so I want to dress to impress but I am having a hard time finding a dress that works for season and daytime. Any suggestions? Body type I am 5’5 thin but have annoying boobs that are big and make some dresses hard to wear. Love your styles and most of your posts (although amazing) aren’t as dressy as a wedding so thought I would just ask.
That’s exciting!! Neither of us have big boobs (itty bitty club) but we think these would be good options: this off-the-shoulder, this long sleeve one (obssssesssed!), this midi dress, or this black maxi.

22. I’m attending a casual engagement party next weekend and nothing in my closet is working. Any suggestions? This summer to fall transition is my creativity and you guys always have the cutest fits!
This bodysuit
would look cute with jeans and a cute pair of heels – love these (the blush!!) and these. This jumpsuit and this dress (love the color) are cute options too.

23. Not sure if this is a #coffeetalk question, but will you guys do a fall beauty post – like a roundup of your current favorite products (not a tutorial)? I know you don’t do a ton of beauty, but I love your suggestions on insta stories & always forget to screenshot! Would love to be able to reference a blog post. Also – maybe you could start a new series like “October Beauty Favorites” (for whatever month it is sharing your favorites from the previous month like a lot of YouTubers do! I VOTE YES! who’s with me?! lol).
That’s a great idea and we can for sure do that! We actually have a beauty post scheduled for next week, so we will include a lot of our faves for fall there! Kind of love the “beauty favorites” idea as well! Would you guys be into that? Or is that too much beauty stuff?

24. For underwear, I’m always torn between splurging on Hanky Panky’s or buying seemingly-quality dupes from Nordstrom Rack for half the price. The problem is, the alternatives never fit quite as well and get stretched out quickly – any suggestions for good quality pairs that won’t break the bank?
Honestly, I’m a Hanky Panky lover and always stock up on them during the Nordstrom sale so I don’t pay full price. I used to wear the VS pink ones but I don’t think the quality was that great which is why I switched to HP.
Brooke: I have both HP and cheaper versions from WalMart and Target. Honestly, I always end up reaching for the HP so I would say just go for the splurge. I agree – cheaper alternatives stretch out and lose their elasticity. This is a great stocking stuffer/gift idea (since it’s not something you really want to spend a lot on). Maybe they will be on sale for Black Friday!

25. I’m wearing a black dress to a wedding next month and I’m having a hard time looking at jewelry. I’m not a huge jewelry person, but would love to dress up with some fun earrings or necklace (not really into statement pieces). Do you have any suggestions regarding what to look for?
These metallic ball drop earrings
are super cute, love this simple necklace, these hoops are fab, and so are these earrings! A dainty choker like this would be cute too!

26. I’m headed to a wedding in NY at the end of the month (here’s the venue). What would you wear? Specific dresses would be nice, but moreso – what trends do you think would be great from NYC? I’ll likely rent, so trends would be a helpful point in the right direction.
You could do a lot with that venue, it’s so pretty but urban at the same time. Moody florals would be beautiful (something like this), something fun & artsy (like this), or you could do an all lace dress (like this)- any would be gorgeous!

27. It’s getting cooler and I’m starting to think winter, do you have any ideas of cute yet really warm winter boots?! I just moved back to MN so haven’t needed any boots in a long time!
You can’t go wrong with a pair of Sorel boots – we like this pair (classic) and this pair. This shearling lace-up pair are stylish and look super warm! And this pair of UGGs are super cute and sound warm/cozy.

28. So I purchased the Levi’s 501 Skinny jeans from the Shopbop sale but I’m struggling trying to style them multiple ways. I want to make sure I can wear them a bunch or I’ll just return them. Any ideas?? Also looking for some affordable band tees if you know of any!
We both wear those jeans allllll the time – they can be worn with so many different outfits and occasions! Here are a few ways we’ve styled them: date night with heels, casually with rain bootswith everyday basics, sneakers and a winter coat, and fall layers with pumps. They look so cute with just a basic tee (band tee!) and sneakers for everyday wear. Hope that helps! And a few affordable band tees are here, here, and here!

29. I’m getting engagement pics taken at a park in the city (Chicago whoop whoop!) and need outfit ideas that are flattering and probably more of a neutral color.
Awww that’s going to be a beautiful backdrop! We agree on sticking to something neutral – that way you won’t look back and think whattttt the heck was I wearing lol. We like this flowy maxi, this bell sleeve dress, or this sweater dress. If you want something casual, you can’t go wrong with booties, jeans, and a neutral sweater!

30. I’m looking for a specific pair of “mom jeans”: straight, wider leg, high waisted, without any crop, distress or embroidery. Surprisingly so hard to find. Something like this pair without the embroidery (and without the high price point) would be perfect!
You’re right – super hard to find! This pair is pretty good, these look perfect but sizes are limited and they’re pretty $$$, these are great (more sizes here), these are perfect and on sale, and these are so cute + under $100 but have the tiniest bit of distressing.

31. We just moved into a place that has a kitchen island and I need counter height chairs. What are your favorites?
I had upholstered chairs from World Market (similar to these) in my Chicago apartment and loved them! I saw them in store at World Market the other day (plus a ton of other good ones) so I would definitely check there. A couple other ones I’m loving are thesethese, and these!
Brooke: I have these and they’ve held up so well, these are seriously amaaaazing (and the price is for 2 stools!), and I also love these!

32. I was wondering the name of the Esty shop where Meggan got those knotted gold pendant necklaces from on Instastories?! Lol I hope you were able to get them out. Thanks!
LOL – that was actually Brooke, and the necklaces are from Shopbop – find them all here! Still working on the knot ;).

We had an influx of questions this week so if you don’t see yours, please send it again so we don’t miss it – sorry! You can leave your questions below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xo