1. What’s the medicine ball drink you posted about on instastories!?
So many people recommended this to me (Brooke) when I was sick! We both ended up trying it and are now obsessed, it’s so good. Apparently it’s made differently at different locations but here’s the recipe.

2. Meggan – what are some good places to eat and must sees in Dallas? Heading there in January with a few girlfriends.
A couple of my favorite restaurants are Uchi, Sissy’s Kitchen, HG Supply, CBD Provisions, Deep Sushi, Stirr, Flower Child, Feed Company, and Cane Rosso. I’m going to Wheel House today for the first time and it looks SO cool. Some fun places to explore are the Dallas Farmers Market, Deep Ellum, Uptown, Katy Trail, Knox Henderson area (cute shops and places to eat!), Lower Greenville, and Highland Park Village. Fun spots for drinks: Midnight Rambler (it’s in the basement of my favorite hotel The Joule), Truck Yard, and Katy Trail Ice House. Have fun!

3. What books are you ladies currently reading and are you still thinking about starting a book club – please say yes 😉
Yes – definitely going to do the book club. Suggestions for a first book?
Brooke: I’m reading the Good Girl.
I’m rereading The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck – it’s a good reminder about how we create unnecessary stress in our life (which I do often) and we need to chose what to really care about. I really like it and would recommend it. I also got the Good Girl to read next!

4. I’m looking to buy new casual, running errands sneakers that are comfortable, which ones do you suggest?
I love my Allbirds sneakers (seriously like you’re walking on a cloud!) and this pair of Adidas.
Brooke: Agree – love my Allbirds as well as this pair (omg might need the blue polkadot pair!) or this pair (I wear size 8 womens, which is a 6 in boys) from Adidas.

5. What are some of your “must have” phone apps?
The Skimm, Nextdoor, Daily Horoscope, Quicktip (yes I’m bad at math), Ring (we have a camera installed in the doorbell and you can see who comes to your door and talk to them through the app. It makes me feel so safe! See more info about it here), and all my social media apps 🙂
Brooke: Instagram (obviously), My Fitness Pal, Sonos, Sleep Pillow (sound machine app), Vivino (if you like wine, you need this app! You can take a photo of any wine label and it shows you ratings/reviews!), Think Dirty, Headspace, Apple Music, and Yelp. Would love to hear suggestions from you guys!

6. I know you both have kids in school…I have to be honest, I was so excited for the school year to begin so I could have some time to myself again but I feel like I spend all day car-pooling and running kids to activities. It’s like I have less time than I did all summer! Do you ladies feel the same?
OMG feel like I could have written this! Yes! I spend 2 hours (minimum) per day in the car going to and from school and activities, and TBH feel like I’m going slightly insane. I don’t really have any advice, but just try to embrace it as much as you can b/c someday you’ll miss these crazy years – at least that’s what I’m telling myself ;).
Meggan: It’s a little different for Cam’s age since he’s only in school from 9-12, 2 days a week. But I don’t have too much time between drop-off and pickup but it is nice to have some alone time lol. I think of growing up though and between my two brothers and I, my mom was our personal chauffeur service and I’m imagining that will be the same for me someday!

7. What are three beauty products you can’t live with out?
Hmm that’s really tough to pick just 3! Definitely this conditioner (my hair is whack without it), this overnight skin rescue treatment, and this Skinceuticals serum (my skin has only changed for the better since using!
Brooke: So hard to narrow it down to just three! But I think my 3 must haves are: this lip salve (I suffer from super chapped lips, I’ve tried every single product there is, and this is hands down the best and it’s cheap!), this cleansing balm, and this deodorant – it took me 3 years to cave and buy this b/c of the price but I would never go back, it’s the best and continues to work (my body gets immune to other deodorants for some reason and they stop working). Looks like I’m not alone – check the reviews!

8. I live in Idaho, and it’s already started snowing. I have needed a new coat for the past few years and haven’t been able to find one I like. I love the look of the Canada Goose but can’t afford it. I’m wondering what you would suggest for a staple coat for winter and maybe a pair of Sorel boots?
This one
looks warm, has good reviews, and is cute (and it’s on sale!). Love this one and this one too. For Sorel boots we like these, these, and these!

9. I’m going to a black tie wedding in November in Chicago. Do you guys have any dress suggestions? I’m petite at 5 feet tall so mini dresses are preferable.
Typically black tie means long, formal dresses for women, but of course this can vary from wedding to wedding! If you’re looking for only mini dresses we would suggest this one, this one (love!) or this one (amazing details)!

10. Meggan – where is that LOVE necklace from that you’re wearing a lot? I can’t seem to find it online!
It’s old but I found this one on Etsy and it looks just like it!

11. I’m hoping you can help me dress for my body shape. After all these years I still feel like I’m doing it all wrong! I’m 5’8, 115 lbs and more slim up top than on the bottom, (think no boobs, long skinny arms, and a long torso). I generally love flowy tops with skinny pants, but sometimes I feel like they swallow me up . Any suggestions that could help balance out my upper body with my lower? Thanks!
Girl, sounds like you have a model bod! Seriously! If we had that body type, we would probably go on sites and check out what looks good on the models. Maybe something a bit more structured up top would be better – like a structured moto jacket over a flowy top/tee with flares – something like this! If you love flowy tops with skinny pants, try something a little less flowy like this top, this one, or this one! Also for winter, a tunic type sweater (hits mid-thigh) over skinny jeans would look so great!

 12. I’m headed to a wedding at the beginning of November. It’s in Iowa (Des Moines) and I can almost guarantee that the men in the bridal party will have on cowboy boots, lol so it is definitely going to be a pretty relaxed vibe. I’m struggling with what to wear…would love to find a long sleeve dress that is on the more casual side but am open to anything, preferably under $100. Any ideas?!
Some long seelve dresses we’re loving for a casual wedding: here, here, and here! Have fun babe! xx

 13. Meggan – I am obsessed with these 3×1 jeans you’ve worn a few times on the blog. I would love to buy these, but in the past every pair of 3×1 denim that I have tried on seemed to have been really big and I am a size 23/24. I’m curious to know what size you purchased in these and if you felt they ran TTS or if you’ve noticed that they have stretched or bagged out at all. Since they’re pretty expensive, I would just love some further insight before purchasing and if you think they are worth it.
I’ve had to go down to a 24 in both pairs of 3×1 jeans and would definitely say they run a little big! They don’t stretch out and keep their shape though. They are amazing quality and I think worth the price. Revolve has free shipping + returns so it’s you could at least try them and send back if they end up being too big!

14. I have a friends engagement party at the end of October. It’s at night at Dallas Country Club and I am wondering what you suggest to wear? I know the bride is wearing a dress and heels but she said jeans are ok so I am super unsure! Also my ex boyfriend will be there 🙄. Please help w suggestions! Thanks so much!
We would go with a dress and simple heels! some dresses that would look great: one (in mahogany), two, three, and four

15. I just got these jeans during the ShopBop sale and am needing different ways to style them. Day to night, going out, etc. Would love your help!
OMG those are so cute, might have to snag them! Daytime – band tee, moto jacket, and booties! Night – bodysuit and heels!

16. Brooke – what size did you get in the Queen tee you posted to instastories? Hope you’re feeling better! 
I got a size small! And thank you, I’m still sick (how is that even possible?! headed to the dr today).

17. I have a very important wedding to attend at the beginning of December (it will be cold) and I’m looking for suggestions for a formal, preferably black dress to wear. I’ve been searching for months and haven’t found the perfect one yet. Would love your suggestions!
This one is gorgeous, love this one but it’s a littttle expensive, or you could rent this one or this one

18. I need some bathroom help!! I have loved the Instagram story bits & pieces I have seen of your bathrooms (would love to see a full run down of them like you did with your bedrooms). Where did you shop or where do you think has the best deals for decorating your bathroom?
I’ll be sharing the full before/after of our master bath once it’s completely finished. We’re on the punch list, so it will be soon! I love looking at Etsy (for rugs like these), Wayfair (our sconces are from there), and I’m always browsing Target and Crate & Barrel – just ordered this marble tray for my perfume. 
We didn’t really have to do anything to our master bath but updated our guest bathroom a little. I put this wallpaper in the built in shelves, replaced the hardware with these knobs, got this mirror, and found decorative items at Target and Hobby Lobby. Anthropologie and Urban have super cute bathroom stuff and always have good sales!

19. I’m studying abroad and have been invited to a large formal dinner party/ball (so random!). The dress needs to be at least knee length and have sleeves (or no sleeves and a shawl). Any suggestions under $75 that don’t feel like prom? 
Sounds so fun! We love this one, this one (with a shawl), this one, this one, and this one!

20. Any suggestions for black and dark wash skinny jeans (with some stretch) around $100? PS I think I buy something from coffeetalk or weekend deals weekly lol thank you so much for all your help!
These Levi’s are super cute, this pair from Topshop is super comfy and has a lot of stretch, love this pair if you want distressed, and this is a great deal on a designer pair!

21. I’m attending my boyfriend’s graduation in December. He is graduating from Texas State in San Macros (between Austin and San Antonio). I’m looking for something to wear, I would love a dress but also I am up for pants with a cute shirt. I’m looking to spend around $100!
This dress
is simple but you could dress it up with booties and a cute necklace or shawl (and you can wear it for multiple occasions!). This off-the-shoulder one is pretty and love this midi dress too!

22. I’m looking for a cute gym bag under $100, any suggestions?
Some gym bags we’re loving under $100: here, here, and here.

23. Brooke – how do the cultures/lifestyle differ from New York to California? My fiance and I are considering moving to SoCal from NYC, would love to hear your thoughts!
My two favorite places I’ve lived! They’re definitely very different, and I don’t want to label New York or California as a whole because obviously there are all types of people everywhere! BUT, overall…California is much more laid back, people are very chill and nice. However, the California lifestyle (again, not everyone!) is very flashy and all about “stuff” – cars, clothes, watches, etc. New York people can be very abrupt (I’ve been yelled at by so many people since we moved here lol), everyone is always in a hurry (it’s much more of a grind), and they can come off as rude. New York is not nearly as flashy, it’s more career-focused in my opinion (for example, in CA people might ask what kind of car you drive while in NY people ask what you do for a living). New York is obviously very diverse – I love the culture, restaurants, and energy of the city, but the California weather is hard to beat ;). I have amazing friends in both places and really do love them both, but for now I’m happiest in New York. PS – came across this article (old), and it’s really funny, but the comments are even better – people in both places love their cities ;). Truthfully, I don’t think you can go wrong with either place!

24.  I’m loving track pants with adidas sneakers but have had a hard time finding a good pair! Here is the vibe I have in mind and would love to know if either of you have noticed some cute styles along the lines of this picture?
Love that look! These pants, these, these, and this pair are all so cool and similar to the ones you liked!

25. I have been looking for a lighted makeup mirror to have on my vanity and can’t seem to decide!  Do you guys have one you love? Have you heard of any good ones? Sitting and doing my makeup is the easiest way to go now!
I don’t have one, but I gave this one to my mom for her birthday and she’s obsessed. I’ve also heard really good things about this one!
Meggan: I was going to suggest the second one Brooke did – the reviews on it are great!

For next week leave your questions below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! ALSO – we are getting a ton of questions on what to wear to weddings so we’re going to do a dedicated post of dresses for fall/winter weddings (formal, informal, black tie, etc.)! Have a great weekend! xx