1. Favorite blue-based red lipsticks?
Mac’s Ruby Woo is great because looks good on all skin tones & is blue based! Also, this new matte lipstain from YSL is so pretty in the shades 09 and 10!

 2. I was wondering how the transition went from Blogger to WordPress? I’ve noticed some of your links open differently now, but I love the new page, the pink is so good. Any insight or the move from would be awesome, maybe some pros and cons?
We’re still trying to figure it out, honestly! Overall though, we’re really happy with the transition! We hired Gina from Bella Creative and she was seriously amazing! We would highly recommend her if you’re considering transitioning from Blogger to WordPress. We would never attempt to do it on our own lol! Pros of WordPress: you own your site (Blogger is not owned by you and can be shut down at anytime, eeek!), your design can be 100% customizable, there’s tons of plugins, and it’s better for SEO. We don’t think there are any cons besides learning everything!

3. Meggan – do you have any recommendations for good nail salons in Dallas? I have the worst luck in finding decent places!
I go to Nail Times on NW highway and Hillcrest – it isn’t anything glamorous but they take good care of you and my mani/pedis always last SO long! I’ve heard good things about Bellacures and want to try it but don’t want to cheat on my nail lady…I seriously love her (she’s going to make me homemade pho #yesss lol, Brooke is jealous 😉 ).

4. How do you both stay full of grace and confident? A very broad question, I know. But if there are any books or practices that you include in your daily life, please share! Open to anything faith-based, non-faith, daily practice, etc.
I don’t feel confident all the time but as I’m getting older (and wiser 😉 ) I honestly just don’t really care what other people think about me (does that make me more confident?). I used to have major anxiety over it, and still do at times. But it was always me questioning myself – Am I good enough? Does this person like me? Do I fit in? Do these girls really like me? Am I being awkward? Seriously, I would always doubt myself and have the most negative thoughts! It took awhile to get comfortable in my own skin and to truly figure out who I am but at this point in life I can say I’m confident in my own skin. Two books I recommend are The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck (rereading this for the second time right now) and You are a Badass – I haven’t read that one yet but I just bought it at Target the other day because so many people have recommended it! I also notice that when I’m not consistently working out, I feel down in the dumps so I try to make that a priority now! Hope that made sense or helps at all!
Brooke: I agree with everything Meggan said. I am definitely not always the “most confident/outgoing person in the room,” but as I’ve gotten older I also care less. I feel more comfortable with who I am, have no desire to explain myself to anyone, and have started to care about myself more instead of everyone else. That sounds bad, of course I still care about other people, but growing up and in my early 20s, I was such a people pleaser/pushover and if someone was frustrated with me or mad at me, it drove me crazy. I spent so much time trying to please everyone else, and now I’m just trying to live my best life with the people who are most important to me ;). I heard this lately but I can’t remember where – “What other people think about me is none of my business.” I think that’s such a freeing statement, and it’s true! Once you stop caring what everyone else thinks of you, you’ll quickly feel more confident and happy, honestly. Of course, everyone has moments like Meggan mentioned of anxiousness/insecurity and most of the time I just talk to Meggan about it and vise versa. It’s so important to have a friend you can talk open & honestly to without feeling any judgement. We go to church almost every Sunday (it’s a contemporary service so it’s actually interesting and motivating), and I have to say this really helps me get out of the “social media world” and back into the real world – what really matters. It’s a nice recharge for the week ahead! I’m about to start reading The Subtle Art – I’ve heard so many great things about it, and Meggan keeps sending me quotes and principles from the book, so I know I need to read it! I also think daily affirmations as well as writing down things you are grateful for daily can really help you stay in a positive mind space. The energy you put out is what you get back!

5. I recently got engaged and my fiancé did a great job with picking out a ring. My only issue is it sits SUPER high and I’m not sure whether to get it lowered or keep it as is. I kinda like the “wow factor” of the higher setting but am not sure if it’s very practical. I think I’ve seen a few photos of your rings…do you find that the higher setting gets in the way or caught on things? Will I get used to it?
Congrats! I don’t think my setting is that high (maybe medium-ish) but I haven’t really ever compared it another one so I’m not sure. It doesn’t really get caught on anything or get in the way though!
Brooke: I don’t think my setting is very high either, but I do love high settings – I think they’re so pretty! I’m not sure if a higher setting would get in the way more, but maybe a little? I say if you love your ring, leave it as is!

6. Since you both started using Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, do you find that you have seen in improvement in your skin, or any other areas? I haven’t used it consistently enough to see any benefits but was wondering what your experience has been.
Yes! We’ve both noticed skin improvements since we started taking it. Maybe it’s all in our heads (but we doubt it lol), but our skin has been really clear and seems to be “fuller” if that makes sense. We love it and highly recommend it. We really want to try the collagen creamer they came out with!

7. What were your majors in college?
I majored in communication studies and got my certificate in entrepreneurial management at the University of Iowa. Go hawks!
Brooke: I also majored in Communications with an emphasis in PR and Advertising. I thought I wanted to work for a fashion PR company, funny enough I ended up on the opposite side of that. I think it would be a fun industry to be in for sure! When I started college, I wanted to be a chiropractor, so kinesiology was my major (which I loved), but after my first advanced chem class I knew it wasn’t going to work out lol. Chemistry is like a foreign language to me.

8. What products are using on your hair after you shower and after you blow dry? My hair looks a little dry and so do my ends even after a haircut so I’m looking for a good product to tame it!
Right now I’m using this Kenra blow-dry spray and this R+Co thickening spray. My sister-in-laws, sister-in-law (are you following me lol) cut my hair a few weekends ago when she was in town and used the R+Co products and I’m hooked! I need to order this moisture cream she used on my hair – it made it SO smooth and smells amazing.
Brooke: I use this color charge spray, this blow dry cream, this mousse, this hairspray and this oil (for the ends once it’s dry).

9. I just found out I am pregnant and I am a littler overwhelmed and have lots of questions. Did you guys read any books or find anything particularly helpful?
I read What To Expect When You’re Expecting and thought it was really helpful! I also used one of the apps for pregnancy but I really can’t remember what it was called.
Meggan: I had the same book as Brooke and that was the only one I read. I also got the BabyCenter email updates every week and joined the “June 2015” forum which were all moms due the same time as me. We chatted about how we were feeling, how we were preparing, etc. It was actually super helpful! And I asked my SIL, aunt, and Brooke a lot of questions too since they have kids/were pregnant the same time as me!

10. I’m a bridesmaid in a wedding on NYE and I love my dress (floor length) but I definitely need to wear spanx underneath. The pair I have now always roll at the end when I stand up and sit down. Any recs for spanx?
Bummer about the pair you have rolling – it depends on the style you need but I would say this one for legs/tummy (has great reviews for under a dress), or this one for just tummy! 

11. Can you tell me more about your self tanning routines? What products do you use and how often? How do you get your backside? And do you use on your face?
I’m obsessed with self tanner lol. If you saw our beauty post on Tuesday, you know this one & this one are my go-to’s. The Lancôme tanner says not to use it on the face, so I only apply the St. Tropez to my face. I don’t do my back because there’s no point for me (except in summer), but if I need it done my hubby will help me out lol. I would have a friend help if you want to do your back. I use the Lancôme tanner as needed – like before we head out for dinner, or if I feel like my legs or arms have totally faded, and I use the St. Tropez all over two-three times/month. I use this mitt to apply both (necessary, never use your bare hands), and this body polish to exfoliate in the shower before I apply either tanner. To apply tanner to my face, I use a kabuki brush in circular motions instead of the mitt. It’s easier and goes on smoothly with no streaking. 
Self tanner intimidates me lol. I have so many in my beauty drawer but I’m scared to try them – I need Brooke to teach me her ways! I usually just use the Jergens Natural Glow but tried the St. Tropez gradual tan last night and like it wayyyy more. Plus it doesn’t have any parabens, sulfates, or phthalates!

12. I’m looking for a new dark denim knee-length skirt to replace one I’ve worn down! Any chance you can help me?
This Good American skirt
is super cute, love this BR one, and this one is a good option too!

13. I emailed you guys back in August for dress suggestions for a Florida wedding I’m headed to in November. I loved all your suggestions, and ended up renting this dress from RTR. Any suggestions on accessories? Earrings? I’m also looking for a cute evening bag/clutch – something I can use not only for this dress/event but something that is a closet staple.
For earrings we love this pair or this pair, and for a bag we’re loving this one and, this one (splurge) this one! Have fun! xx 

14. I’m attending a late December wedding in the evening. I’m looking for a velvet midi or maxi dress in a rich jewel tone. Preferably with sleeves of some sort. I’d love to keep it between $75-$100.
Loving the velvet trend! Any of these dresses would be perfect for a December wedding – here, here, or here!

15. I’m looking for a good pair of casual shoes for my guy to wear with his standard uniform of jeans/tee/pullover. He’s been wearing athletic running shoes for the longest time, and needs a decent shoe that doesn’t make it look like he’s constantly going to or from the gym when he doesn’t want to wear his ‘nice’ church/work shoes. He’s not into anything trendy, so stripes are out, and he’s not a fan of Chucks. Any favorites your guys wear?
Kyle loves his classic slip-on Vans (I think he has every color) and his Stan Smith sneakers!
Brooke: He loves sneakers and a few that aren’t too trendy but not too gym-ish are this style from Adidas, these Common Products, and these look really nice as well.

16. I’m in the market for a new designer bag. Wanting a black bag with gold hardware that I can easily wear with all my fall/winter outfits. What are your favs/recommendations?
A few favorites are this Saint Laurent, this Gucci tote, and this velvet beauty!

17. I live in the Midwest and am looking for a new pair of cute, durable winter/snow boots. I’ve tried Sorel boots in the past but am looking for something different. Any suggestions?
Hmm…I usually just wear Hunters with the sock liners because they keep the wetness out 100%. Some other options here, here, and here.

18. I don’t know if you want to go there but…with the Harvey Weinstein issue circulating, now feels like an appropriate time to bring it up. I want to look and feel good for myself but also for my husband. How do you girls deal with other men looking at you when you’re dressed in something a little more sexy? Do you ever feel uncomfortable? Sometimes I find myself wearing things that don’t really feel like me just so that I can be more covered up. Do you have any tips for dressing sexy without it being over the top?
Hmm…I feel like I never really dress “sexy,” but I’m sure my husband would appreciate it if I tried a little more lol. Honestly though, I’ve gained some weight recently so that plays a big part in me not wanting to wear tight/low cut/short outfits. I think the way to go about dressing sexy without being over the top is to pick one area of your body to show off. I think it’s sexiest to not show everything all at once (for example – don’t wear a tight, low-cut, short/club dress). Outfit ideas – try wearing a short skirt with a cozy sweater (something like this), a short dress that has long sleeves, a midi body-con dress (instead of a mini), or wear a long dress or jumpsuit that’s low cut. As far as other men looking at you – uhg, so gross and obnoxious. I would just walk confidently by and not even give them the time of day. You should be able to wear whatever you want with confidence…I can’t stand the “women are asking for it” side of the argument. Just no. Hope that helps! xx 
I rarely dress sexy anymore unless we are on vacay or a special date night (lol sorry Kyle). But I love lace tops (like this one) and pairing them with a pair of pants and pumps. I agree with Brooke that showing off one area is the best way to go. So with a sheer top I wouldn’t wear it with a short mini skirt, etc. And totally agree with Brooke (again lol) that you shouldn’t have to dress a certain way because men will look at you. Wear what you want and feel confident about it!

19. I am looking for a new print for a large black hanging frame (36 x 25). I was wondering if you all have any favorite Etsy sellers? Or favorite prints that would fit? The colors in the room are navy, grey and dusty pink.
We love Minted Art – some prints we love here, here, and here!

20. I’m getting married in early December and am completely stumped on a rehearsal dinner outfit! The dinner is at a restaurant and attire is in-between cocktail and casual – nothing too fancy, but I’d like to dress up a little. We’re in the south, so weather will most likely hover around the 50’s. Finding seasonally-appropriate white dresses/outfits in fall is no easy task – any suggestions?
This knit dress
is super cute, love this jumpsuit, and this sweater dress could be a good casual option too!

21. Favorite bags in each of your closets? And, if you could buy any bag right now, what would you get?
My favorite bag is for sure the Gucci Dionysus – it’s so versatile, holds its shape, and the material is easy to take care of! If I could get any bag right now…this is tough…I think it would be this Louis Vuitton. I feel like it’s starting to get really popular but it’s always been a dream bag of mine and I don’t think I’d ever get sick of it!
Brooke: My favorite is probably the Dionysus as well for all the reasons Meggan mentioned. I would love another big tote and am lusting hard after this one.

22. I’m searching for a grey coat under $200, any leads?
Too many leads lol (we’re grey obsesssed). A few we wouldn’t mind hanging in our own closets are here, here, herehere, and here. Seriously love all of them!

23. I have a girls weekend trip coming up and I’m looking for a sweater dress to go with OTK boots. Maybe something oversized with a chunkier knit??  I’m 5’10” though, so it can’t be super short!
This one
is super cute and comes in two colors (a belt would look good with it!), this one looks super cozy, and love this one and this one (I just ordered it the other day!).

24. My engagement party is in the beginning of November and outside at this cute farm/restaurant space. There are heat lamps, but I’m sure it will still be chilly! Would love suggestions for what to wear! I’m thinking something off-white, but still autumn colors? Ideally something that would go with either the tan suede Blank NYC jacket or a simple black leather jacket for layering purposes.
You should definitely do something white or off white for your own engagement party! We love white dresses with black moto jackets – such a cute look! Some dresses we love are this one, this one is fun and different, and this one! The last one would look so pretty with either jackte! Congrats and have fun!

25. I’m headed to Lombard, IL for a conference later this week and will be hanging out in Chicago Friday night (I scored a ticket to see the play Hamilton! Eek!!) Where are the best places to get good, late night eats? I.e., deep dish pizza, Chicago style hot dogs, good beer, even Mexican. I’m a graduate student so preferably good hole-in-the wall locations where I can get the best bang for my buck? Also, any good brunch spots you enjoy.
Go to The Wieners Circle if you’re in Lincoln Park – it’s a Chicago classic! Plus there’s fun late-night/college bars around it too. A few others: Angela’s Burrito Style, Big Star, (good margs and late night tacos!), Happy Camper, and Old Town Pub (the pizza and wings are bomb). Brunch spots: Beatrix, Flo, Bongo Room, and Summer House. Have so much fun!

26. The holiday season is rapidly approaching and I wanted to know if you had online boutique suggestions for gifts. I got the idea for this question from the Coffee Maker post – you mentioned your mug was from Sweet Water Décor and I’ve never heard of it! I’m looking for anything from jewelry to bags to scarves – you get the gist 🙂
 I found a couple cute Etsy shops when I was wedding planning – here and here. But other than that I don’t have too many unique ones! But I love looking at Lulu & Georgia, Anthro gifts, and Mark & Graham.
Brooke: Yes, Sweet Water Decor is so cute, and I also love Mark & Graham and Anthro. I would say those are where most of my “boutiquey” type gifts come from. If I’m looking for something specific, I will search Etsy for that product and find stores that way (I always make sure they have a lot of reviews before buying).

27. What did you both give your husbands as wedding gifts on the day of your weddings?
Kyle and I actually didn’t exchange gifts the day of our wedding! We decided to save the $$ for our honeymoon.
Brooke: My hubs tricked me lol. He said let’s save the money for the honeymoon and get each other something super small for the wedding gift…so I gave him a Barefoot Dreams robe (lol) and a pocket square for his wedding tux, and he gave me a diamond eternity band with one sapphire for my “something blue.” That’s the ring I wear with my wedding band and get a lot of questions about. If you’re looking for ideas, try cufflinks, a fun pocket square, or a watch – I love the idea that it’s something they wear during the ceremony!

28. What steamer do you use for your clothes? I’ve gotten 3 that have all broken after a while 🙁 I’m currently using a travel steamer and it’s not cutting it!
I use this one and I really like it, but I would like one that stands up on it’s own. Seems like it would be easier. I’ve had this one for about 5 years though, it’s good! 
I have this one for when I travel (it’s not the best but does the job) and when I’m home I just use our steam shower lol. Kyle’s aunt has this one that I’ve used a few times when I stayed with her and it’s amazing. I want to buy it once I have an actual laundry room!

Sorry if we didn’t get to your question this week! We’re both traveling this AM and couldn’t get through all of them (we intended to finish before we left for our trip but we procrastinate lol). We saved them all for next week and of course leave your new questions below or shoot us an email! Xo