Cozy For Fall

Happy Friday ladies! We hope you all have a great weekend. We wanted to quickly share some new cozy items we just added to our closets…
It’s been really chilly the last couple days (honestly it’s been hard to get out of bed ha!) so I’ve been layered up! This cardigan is thick and cozy and BONUS: it has pockets! Pockets make everything better, don’t they?

Loving the hem on these grey jeans!

cardigan | tee | jeans (true to size) | sneakers | hat | bag

So many cute + cozy options at Dynamite right now – like this sweater, this sweater dress (love the details!), and this maxi blazer! Right now they’re having some good sales too: 25% off dresses, 30% blouses, and buy one get 50% off leggings.

I don’t know what it is about a faux fur jacket, but when I see a good one I have to have it! Especially when it’s under $100 like this one. I knew it would be perfect for our trip to Park City, and somehow I managed to force it in my (overweight) suitcase lol. So happy I did – it was perfect in the snow!

I wore it over this sweatshirt (which I’ve worn approx 5 times since buying, I’m all about price per wear) –  size 1.

I love that this jacket has a zipper and a hood because all of my other faux furs are just a hook and eye closure without a hood. I feel like it makes it a little more casual and easy to wear, and honestly it was super warm in the snow! 

jacket | sweatshirt | sunglasses | jeans | shoes

A few more things to cozy up in…

In collaboration with Dynamite Clothing