FAQ: My Coffee Maker & Frother (ON SALE!)

One of my most frequently asked questions on instastories is: “How do you make lattes at home, and what is that frother thing?!” Since I get so many questions about it, I wanted to do a full post and give you all the deets!

 I love lattes and have one pretty much daily, but a $5 latte will add up to a small fortune when you crave one every single afternoon ;). Enter – my coffee maker! This is the exact machine I have, and it’s on major sale (43% off!) until Sunday! This is the bundle that comes with the frother, but if you’re only looking for the frother you can find it on sale here, or the just the coffee maker here. The frother works for foaming milk either hot or cold which is why I love it – iced lattes in the summer, hot lattes in the fall/winter!

The coffee maker can make either espresso (to drink alone or with a latte/cappuccino), or a full-sized cup of coffee. The Voltesso pods are my favorite for espresso, and the Solelio pods are my favorite for the full-sized coffee. It looks like you can buy them on Amazon here as well, but I usually order from the Nespresso site or pick them up in store at Bloomingdale’s.

The frother works with dairy and non-dairy creamers, but I do think dairy-based creamers foam a little better. I use coconut milk or Califia creamer and both get nice and frothy! If I want a vanilla latte, I add a tiny bit of this syrup to the creamer while it’s spinning in the machine – it’s sooo good! WS has the best flavors and they just added the pump top which is amazing!

This mug was a gift, but it’s from Sweet Water Decor – such cute stuff, I just ordered this one!

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions! I’m off to make another ;).