Getting Our Kids’ Rooms Organized

We’ve both been on a mission to get our houses organized – last week it was our bedrooms & closets, and this week we’re organizing our kids’ spaces…honestly it felt so good to throw out & donate so many toys that the kids haven’t played with in so long. We needed a good purge.

It felt so good to clean out my closet/room, and now I’m on to Cam’s room! Right now his toys are shoved into a small basket in the living room (which Warren can’t get enough of lol) and we needed a better solution. I saw this toy bin from The Tot and knew it would be perfect – the bins are large and it’s easy for Cam to get toys and put them away! I really work with him on picking up his toys and help cleaning up at school. He actually is a really good helper (most of the time ha) and says “help mommy” – it’s the sweetest 🙂

crib | toy bin
Showing mommy his favorite book The Little Airplane…we read it to him almost every night! Most of his books on his shelves (same ones Brooke has!) but keep some of his favorites out because he is always reaching for them. I’m planning on doing a full post on his room…just waiting on a few more things to make it complete!

I’m actually only halfway done cleaning my closet – I need to go through it one more time and get rid of those “maybe” pieces (aka never going to wear it again). When it comes to my kids’ spaces, it’s much easier for me ;). I swear we had so many broken toys, it felt good to get rid of those and donate other toys the girls have outgrown. I’m fine to get rid of toys, but for some reason I never want to lose any books – they love to read, and I feel like a lot have sentimental value now. We put up these shelves in Avery’s room last year, and I finally got them organized with the help of these bins from The Tot. Before the bins arrived, the shelves were overflowing (books would randomly fall down & I was convinced we had a ghost lol – turns out we just needed to get organized), and we had books + an entire zoo of stuffed animals stacked up on the floor. This definitely looks much better and keeps her room clutter-free.

How cute is this ‘bestie’ tee?

She will sit in this chair and read books by herself for a good 15 minutes (and ask me to leave the room lol). Obviously she can’t actually read, but it’s funny to hear her ‘reading’ the story out loud. 😉

She drags this small bin all around the house with her – she carries it up and down the stairs, and dumps the whole thing out then cleans it up. One day it’s full of toys and the next it’s full of books. She calls it her purse – ha!

large pom bin | small pom bin | Avery’s jeans | ‘bestie’ tee

A few more pieces we love…


In collaboration with The Tot