My Favorite Trader Joe’s Items

When I lived in Chicago, there wasn’t a Trader Joe’s near my apartment and I always felt so left out of because everyone raved about it! Well now there’s one 5 minutes from my house and I’m hooked! Besides the fresh fruit, veggies, and flowers, here are some of my favorites…

I start my day with this carrot turmeric juice. It’s anti-inflammatory and boosts your immune system! Sometimes I add extra lemon juice too!

Their marinara sauce is yummy and Cam is obsessed with pasta so I swap it out for the red lentil version. Add some chopped spinach, mushrooms, and asparagus for a easy/healthy meal.

I’m not big on pumpkin spice but my mom bought this while she was staying with us and it’s actually really good – there’s just a small hint of it!

I was a peanut butter addict (my favorite after school snack was PB off the spoon) and didn’t like almond butter until I had this one. It’s so creamy and flavorful, I don’t even miss peanut butter!

They have the best seasonings. The everything but the bagel is my favorite – I put it on avo toast, eggs, steamed veggies…pretty much anything because it’s amazing.

A few of Cam’s favorites that I keep on hand. Wish I was that mom that made all their kids meals from scratch buttttt I’m not lol. The reduced gilt mac-n-cheese is SO good.

Love these quinoa burgers for when I don’t feel like a big lunch!

A few sweets I love: frozen banana slices (so good), dark chocolate covered espresso beans, and mango slices (very addicting, don’t start if you haven’t already lol). I also love the mochi ice cream balls and their gummy bears – even better frozen!

We drink tap water at our house and one day I decided to check how clean the Dallas water is and was disappointed to find out that at least 10 cancer causing contaminants are in it (enter your zip code here to check your city). We’re getting a water filter but for now I’ve been stocking up on TJ’s alkaline water.

The ginger beer is soooo good. Love it for moscow mules or just by itself.

Most mints are way too overpowering for my taste but these are light and refreshing!

Some honorable mentions that aren’t pictured: green dragon hot sauce, cauliflower rice, pita crackers with sea salt, eggplant hummus, frozen orange chicken, jalapeño limeade (amazing marg mix), plantain chips, and the chile lime chicken burgers. What are some of your favorite TJ’s buys?