October Beauty Favorites

We’ve had so many requests to do “beauty favorites” posts, so we are considering making it a monthly thing…what do you guys think? We will each pick a few things that we’ve been loving lately to share each month. Sometimes they will be staples in our beauty drawers, but most of the time we’ll try to share new products that have quickly become our favorites.

I’m obsessed with self tanners – I recently developed a sun allergy (is there anything worse?!), so I’m always trying to find the best fake tan. I recently discovered this one from Lancôme and I love it! It gives instant color and doesn’t rub off on my clothes – I’ve been using it on my arms and legs. It says you’re not supposed to use it on your face, so I still use this one on my face (my other favorite, but I do feel like I need to shower this one off before leaving the house). I use this mitt to apply both – this is a must have if you use self tanner!

I always love MAC blush – they’re not overly expensive and they have sooo many colors! I wanted a new one for fall, and this one is in the shade Mocah. Not too pink and not too brown, perfect! This blush is easy to layer, so you can decide how pigmented you want your cheeks.

Everyone always raves about Caudalíe, but I hadn’t tried it until recently. There are a few products I really like, but this eye cream is my favorite. It’s not very thick, so you can easily wear it under makeup, and it brightens/lightens the appearance dark circles (which I desperately need).

I forgot how much I love this mascara. I used to steal my moms in high school all the time lol. I re-discovered it at Nordstrom the other week. I’m super picky about mascara, and this is one of my all-time favorites for full, long lashes. I also love this primer, it makes your lashes even longer. This powder foundation is new (to me), and the reviews convinced me I needed to try it – am I the only one who would much rather order based on rave reviews than walk around the beauty department trying to find something I hope I’ll like? I feel like I always find my favorite beauty buys based on reviews! Anyway, you can use this powder alone as a foundation (I do this during the week when I don’t want to put on a full face of makeup), or as a setting powder over liquid foundation (which is why I actually purchased it). I do love loose powder (this one is my favorite), but I’ve been reaching for the pressed powder lately because it’s just easier and the coverage is great. PS – now is a great time to try these (and the self tanner) because Lancôme is offering a gift with purchase of $49.50 or more!

I mentioned this deodorant on #coffeetalk last week, and felt like I had to include it here! This is definitely one beauty product I can’t live without. I’ve tried every deodorant out there and this is the only one that continues to work for me, and it smells amazing (I want the lotion and perfume to go with it lol). It took me forever to finally try it because of the price (I’ll admit for deodorant it’s expensive), but after using it for over a year there’s no way I could go back now lol. If you use this, I know you understand.

I already mentioned this but I was walking around the beauty department at Nordstrom trying to kill some time (no intention to buy anything). And I walked by the Charlotte Tilbury counter and the girl who was working it had THE BEST makeup. I plopped in the chair and told her I wanted everything on her face lol. Out of the 10 things (exactly why I usually avoid the makeup counters!!) I bought, this highlight wand and contour wand are my favorites. They blend easily, give a natural/dewy glow, and are fool proof to apply. Definitely recommend!

I just got this mascara last week and really like it! It lengthens and separates and doesn’t leave any clumps. I love trying different mascaras (always on the hunt for the perfect one!) and really want to try the Lancôme one Brooke has too…the reviews are tempting!

I’ve only had this beach stick for a month and I’m already down to the nub lol. I pretty much use it everyday because it gives a nice creamy glow and isn’t too overpowering. Bonus: you can use it on your lips too! I have it in moon beach but debating on trying it in another color next.

This is the best primer that I’ve used in awhile! It holds your makeup in place or you can wear it alone for a subtle glow (perfect for days you don’t want to put any makeup on!). A little goes a long way too which is always a plus!

I got these eye patches before FW last month and love them! I wanted some that I can throw in my purse (the best for airplanes!) and these ones had great reviews so I gave them a try. You get a free gift with purchase too! Side note: has anyone tried this Lancôme lip oil? I’m intrigued but would love to hear some feedback first!!

Nordstrom has so many great beauty GWP promotions right now, check them all out here!

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