1. I’m planning a little weekend trip with my sister and our boyfriends this December in Park City! I know you guys were just in Utah. Would love to hear more about your trip and if you have any recommendations! Restaurants, spa, shopping, etc.
We were there on a retreat hosted by the Cecelia New York team so we had an itinerary planned for us! We want to go back though, so if we do we will definitely share all of our favorites! xx

2. My friend just found out that she is pregnant with her boyfriend, she is 26 years old and has been dating him for a year. They had planned on getting married eventually, but this was not a planned pregnancy. She is struggling emotionally on how to cope with this. She’s afraid she won’t love her baby or have postpartum depression. What advice do you have for her and how did you get motivated to be a mom?
This was my same situation except Kyle and I had been together for 5 months when I got pregnant. We talked about getting married and having kids someday, but it happened a lot sooner then planned! I could tear up just thinking about what she is going through – it’s definitely not easy and was a lonely time for me. I’m sure it feels scary and she probably can’t imagine her life with a baby right now, but it will get easier with time. I think it’s okay to take time and feel sad. Once you hear the heart beat, get a bump, start the nursery, etc the excitement will start! I loved getting the weekly updates from Babycenter and read What To Expect When You’re Expecting. It made me feel more connected with my baby! And I have no doubt she will love that baby more then anything in the world. The second the doctor but Cam in my arms, my whole world changed for the better. If she wants to reach out to me, I would love to talk to her one on one – I think it helps talking with people who have been in the same situation!

3. You guys have great taste in rugs. I’m looking for a neutral rug to go in a family room. It needs to match a gray couch and be child friendly (i.e. cover up spills and be really soft).
Vintage and textured rugs hide stains really well! A few we’re loving are here, here, and here!

4. I’m wondering if you have ever thought about under eye injections. I know one of you has talked about dark circles. I have deep hallow circles and have thought about filler someday but I’m scared!
Honestly, I didn’t even know this was a thing until I posted about my (crazy) dark circles! I had quite a few people tell me that filler is the best solution to dark & hollow circles! I would definitely consider it, but it scares me (uhg just thinking about a needle that close to my eye, and it’s such a sensitive area) and I think it’s pretty expensive. 
Same as Brooke – I didn’t know it was a thing either! I’ve definitely thought about it but I just wish they weren’t so expensive. I would love to wake up with no dark circles. This will be on my November beauty faves post but I’ve been using this illuminating eye balm in the AM and love it. Definitely helping with the dark circles!

5. I know this question is probably exhausted, but with all of the algorithm changes on Instagram, how have you noticed the best way to grow a following or engagements? I started my blog on the cusp of all of these changes so it’s been pretty difficult to influence. Is there any type of content you find is more successful? You guys are such an inspiration! Thanks for the help!!
Thanks so much for your sweet words! It’s definitely a tough time to grow on instagram, but at least everyone is in the same boat! 2 years ago, our following was growing at a faster rate than it is now on a daily average. We just try to keep consistently posting, interact with other bloggers, and we do participate in giveaways once in a while! We don’t really have any strategy behind what content does better (we’re sure a lot of people have a set stragey, but we don’t). Sadly, there’s no secret -just keep doing your best! Also, don’t worry SO much about instagram…it’s not your only platform! We care a lot more about our actual site than instagram. Just something to keep in mind!

6. What are some of your favorite ankle booties that can be worn with leggings, jeans, and dresses?
My two most worn pairs are these chelsea booties (on sale!) and these block heel booties (have them in both colors!). Both pairs are super versatile and comfy!
Brooke: I just got these boots and am obsessed with them (this pair is a great dupe under $100), and this pair is a great everyday bootie (with a ton of color options)!

7. What are your thoughts on elopements and having a small intimate family dinner after? I’ve been engaged for almost a year and to be completely honest, the stress (and ridiculous amounts of money) to plan a wedding that last for 5 hours isn’t adding up to me! Any advice?
Brooke: If the planning and cost of a wedding is stressing you out, I think you should definitely consider either a super small wedding or an elopement! I feel like sooo many people get caught up in the wedding and forget about the real reason for the wedding! You should do what feels “right” to you!
Meggan: If that’s what you want, you should totally do it – especially if it’s stressing you out so much (it definitely stressed me out!). Carrie Bradshaw and Big did it 😉

8. What are your opinions and thoughts on fashion trends and age? I have 2 girls under six but I’m 38 this year and I feel like I’m overthinking if I’m too old for some things/trends. For example I want a camo print hoody, but maybe that print is too young for me. And those Spanx leather leggings you recommend haha! My style is classic and functional pretty much. Obviously not feeling wearing short anything any more lol. But I am feeling a bit stuck as I age if that makes sense? I realize a lot of it has to do with comfort level etc.
You’re definitely overthinking it mama! 38 is YOUNG and age is just a number. Helllooo…some hot & trendy mamas over 38 include: Kourtney Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Alba (okay she’s 36 but still). We totally understand what you’re saying because we are starting to get to that stage in our lives where we’re saying, “are we too old for this?” But you could absolutely do a camo hoodie and leather leggings! We say go for anything you’re comfortable with! If you are wearing something you feel is super trendy, try pairing it with something more classic. So if you do a camo sweatshirt, wear classic denim (instead of ripped jeans), know what we’re saying? Hope this helps! xx

9. Meggan – what kids potty book recommendations did you get on insta stories?
I got so many good recommendations! We haven’t started potty training yet but we got Cam a potty and he’s very interested in it. So I wanted to get a couple books for him to look at to help him understand what it’s all about! I ended up ordering Potty and The Potty Book. A few other recs were: P is for Potty, Once Upon a Potty, Everyone Poops, and Daniel Goes to the Potty. Wow I just said potty way too many times lol.

11. How did you deal with the first year of motherhood? I am a new mom of a 10 month old boy and I never realized how hard it is 🙁 What are your tips on how to balance motherhood, marriage, baby, work, etc. Any good advice?
No one tells you how hard it is! I’ve touched a little on this before but Camden was colicky and I had postpartum depression so it was a rollercoaster for me. I feel like the first few months I was in a fog and then I realized like okay I need to get control of my life again! I hired a sitter to come once a week so I could get out of the house and have some ME time – run errands, get my nails done, grab lunch with a girlfriend, do work at a coffee shop, cry in the car (kinda joking but not really LOL). As for balancing marriage – we would try to go on a date once a week but it was usually every other week. Night was our time to connect so we would put Cam down, make dinner together, and watch a show or do whatever! And for awhile, Kyle and I would go to the gym together after he got home from work which we loved so much! Ours had a great daycare and the girls we’re so good with Cam being fussy. I would suggest trying to find something to do together that you both love! And accept any help you are offered!! One of my best friends older sister always offered to help with Cam and I would usually say no because I felt bad. But looking back I’m like why didn’t I say yes more?!
Brooke: It definitely is a huge life adjustment, and takes time to get to your “new normal.” When I had my first baby I was still working full-time in the corporate world, so I had a nanny that helped me with Sophia as well as things around the house. She would help me clean during nap time and I swear this saved my sanity that first year! In terms of marriage – we always had (and still do) regular date nights which is so important! You get out of “mom mode,” get dressed up, spend time with your guy, and get out of the house! It’s so necessary! Also, it’s so important to take time for yourself when you can. Read a book, go on a walk, take a bath, or even go to the gym or to get your nails done. Whatever it is, you still need to make time for self care! Hope this helps! xx

12. I’m having a hard time figuring out a warm casual comfy shoe to wear that covers my ankles and doesn’t have a heel. I’m tempted to just get UGGS but I’ve never liked them. Any suggestions?
Honestly, we would just go for the Uggs! They are the most comfortable and warm option out there! This pair and this pair are super cute and don’t look like traditional Uggs (but the second option does have a heel).

13. Brooke – saw on insta stories you’re getting a health coach. Just curious, why? Thinking this could be something I need as well ha! 
Yes, because I need to get my life together lol. I’ve gained 9 lbs since February…I just had bloodwork done and it’s normal, so I have nothing to blame but my unhealthy habits. I know how to eat healthy and work out, but for some reason I’ve been really struggling with it lately – I can’t get motivated even though I feel terrible. I think having someone to talk to, to help motivate me, and to just talk through life things with is going to be a huge help for me. I’m not afraid to ask for help when I know I need it…and I def need it right now ;). I’ll definitely share more/what I learn throughout the process if you guys are interested, just let me know!

14. Curious if either of you ladies have tried the Dermaflash? I have seen it all over Instagram but wanted to get someone’s take on it if they have used it.
Neither of us have used it, sorry we’re no help! We’re all about skincare though, so it’s definitely worth checking out! Right now, we’re obsessed with the GloPro!

15. Do you ladies have any recommendation for a good charcoal wall color? I have an accent wall in my living room that I want to change because it comes off a little brown. I have Revere Pewter for the remaining walls!
Brooke: We used Kendall Charcoal from BM on the exterior of our home and I love it! It would go well with Revere Pewter! See some pics of Kendall Charcoal here.
Meggan: I thought about doing charcoal in my bedroom and really liked Kendall Charcoal and Amherst Grey.

16. I’m heading to Miami in two weeks and was wondering your favorite spots to go both during the day and at night?
 Okay so I’ve only been with my girlfriends for crazy/going out trips when we were young (sigh) and single. I need to go back and actually enjoy, relax, and go to good restaurants ha! But the only places I can remember are The Clevelander (so fun), LIV, The W (good happy hour spot), and Nikki Beach. Lincoln Road is so fun to walk around too – there’s tons of outdoor dining and shops. Nexxt Cafe was our fav. Cheap, yummy, and huge portions – we seriously ate there like everyday.
Brooke: I feel like I don’t have any great Miami recommendations anymore b/c it’s always changing and I haven’t actually been to South Beach area in like 4 years! My friend told me that Upland is an amazing new restaurant (they also have one in NY). I think LIV is still fun (?), Lincoln Road is a fun outdoor shopping area to walk around, Shops at Bal Harbor is one of the prettiest malls (but maybe 20 min from South Beach), and personally I just love being on the beach or by the pool with a drink in hand ;).

17. Do you girls have any suggestions for outfits for outside engagement pictures? I live in Iowa so it will be cold!
Burrrr, I’m cold just thinking about it! A velvet dress like this one or this one would be pretty and warm! For a casual look we would do a sweater, jeans, over-the-knee boots, and a cute scarf or hat. This look and this look are so cute!

18. Have either of you ladies been to Nashville? If so do you have any recommendations on places to go/things to do/eat? And any fall outfit ideas that would be appropriate? Making a trip there in November and I’m a West-coaster so have no idea!
I went for my friends bachelorette party last fall and it was sooo much fun! One morning we did the pedal tavern (do it in the am because it gets so hot in the afternoon) which was a blast. Definitely go to Biscuit Love for brunch and get the bonuts and hot chicken (my mouth is watering just thinking about it!). Josephine was another good brunch/lunch spot. A few bars that sand out to me that we went to were The Stage, Tootsies, and Honky Tonk (we pretty much lived at The Stage lol). One afternoon we went to the 12 South neighborhood which was fun to explore. Lot’s of cute shops, bars, and restaurants! We got burgers at Burger-Up, drinks at Bartaco, and shopped at Draper James (Reese Witherspoons store. And that’s where the famous “I Believe In Nashville” sign is too! As for what to pack – it’s pretty casual so I would pack cute sweaters/cardigans, jeans, booties (these are my fav), and a dress for night! 
I’ve never been, but really want to go!

19. I’m looking for this dress (it’s been sold out forever!) or similar for a wedding next month. I love the maxi with long sleeves & slit. Any ideas?
Bummer! That one is so cute but we found a couple similar ones here, here, and here!

18. I live in Chicago and in need of a new winter jacket! Any recommendations?
We love our Canada Goose & Moncler jackets, but if you’re looking for something a little more budget-friendly here are a few super cute options: one (looks like CG!), two, and three! Stay warm!

20. The theme for our company holiday party is “out of this world” – cocktail attire with an outer space flare. What are some suggestions or ideas to dress to theme yet also not look like you’re in a costume but more holiday chic!
That’s a fun theme! This skirt is cute (could pair with a jewel tone velvet top), love this dress (looks space-y if that makes sense lol), this dress is fun, or you could do a velvet dress (like this one) and pair it with cute star heels (these are amazing) or a star bag!

21. What are some of the over-the-knee boots you’d recommend that are more or less similar to Stuart Weitzman but less pricey?
This pair
is pretty much identical! See them on in black here. These boots and this pair are a couple other great options!

22. This time of year my hands get so dry. Do either of you have a favorite hand cream?
Same here! I have two favorites – this one from Tula and this J.R Watkins one (theres so many yummy scents). I keep the Tula one in my car and a tube of the J.R Watkins one next to my sink and bed (I hate waking up with dry skin!).
Brooke: My faves are the two that Meggan linked to and this one from L’Occitane!

23. Brooke – Heading to NY next week for work. Do you have an great restaurant recommendations? Looking for amazing food (obviously) and cozy atmospheres! Lunch and dinner recs would be great!
My faves are still the same from this post (question 21)! Have so much fun! xx 

24. Any recommendations for cute, timeless belts? Looking for something I could wear with black pants for work and another I can wear with jeans more casually. Preferably around $50! Thank you so much for your help!
A few classic belts that would go well with black pants and jeans: here, here, and here (love)!

25. So ever since the weather changed my skin has been feeling so dry during the day, I wanted to know your guys top products to combat the cold weather. I live in Texas so nothing too cold, but has been getting pretty chilly lately.
Some of our favorite products for dry skin are this overnight treatment (you can use it during the day if your skin is feeling super dry – use code SLHOLIDAY for 20% off), and a facial oil – we love this one (light enough to use under makeup) and this one (night time)!

Leave your questions below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xo