1. With thanksgiving approaching, I’ve got to know which deals you both are eyeing for clothes and home decor for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!
We’re definitely going to be doing a big roundup next week, so look out for that!

2. Christmas is right around the corner and I’m looking at making a cute little basket for my boyfriend I only have a Yeti in mind so far…do have any other ideas that are small like the Yeti that I could put in a basket?
We posted our men’s holiday gift guide yesterday and there’s definitely a few things that would fit in a gift basket! A few favorites: this aftershave, wireless headphones, travel cocktail kit, a cool hatdopp kit, phone case (holds his id/cards too!), and nice boxers/briefs.

3. I’m on the go a A LOT on the weekend so I’m looking for a new travel makeup bag…any recommendations?
Loving this onethis onethis one, and this one. I (Brooke) have this one and it’s kind of a splurge, but I couldn’t live without it now. It can hold a lot and I love that you can see everything (plus you can totally customize it!).

4. Did you girls ever lose your hair during postpartum or during a stressful period? Did you hair ever go through a rough period during the Fall/Winter season? What do you use on your hair to keep it from being dry and breaking? I just moved to the East Coast and my hair is a disaster!
I didn’t lose a lot of hair postpartum, I just had those damn baby hairs that would not grow out! My hair does get really dry though, so to keep it from breaking I use this hydrating shampoothis blow dry spray (great heat protector), and this spray before curling my hair.
Brooke: Yes! I swear I still lose a ton of hair every time I shower, it’s so frustrating! I think vitamins help (I’ve heard the Sugar Bear Hair ones are actually legit), and try doing a deep conditioning treatment or hot oil treatment once a week for dryness/breakage. The struggle is real!

5. Brooke – what shade do you use in the Tarte Shape Tape? I have really bad circles and need this!!
My dark circles are SO bad, and I swear by two things. This color corrector (in shade bisque, goes under concealer), and the Shape Tape in shade light neutral. With the shape tape, a little goes a loooong way so don’t cake it on. It’s so good!

6. Do you ladies have any thoughts on eloping? The stress and expense of planning a wedding for a bunch of extended family we rarely ever see is making us think otherwise. My fiance and I are both pretty reserved people and pretty practical. We considered going away just the two of us to get married and having a small immediate family dinner once we are back. It is a hard choice to make! We just can see thousands of dollars going to something more important – like a house! What are your thoughts/have either of you considered eloping?
 I’m all about doing whatever causes you and your guy the least amount of stress! If eloping is what you want, then you should do it! The only thing I would do is be sure that your immediate family is aware and okay with the idea. That would be my only concern – if my family felt like I did it behind their backs, but it sounds like they already know since you would do a family dinner once you’re back. I think sooo many people get caught up in the actual wedding (which is over in about 7 hours lol), and forget why they’re actually getting married.
Meggan: I agree with Brooke that you should do whatever makes you happy and doesn’t stress you out! If you want to save the money and put it toward a house you should totally do that!! I know people who have eloped and they do not regret it at all. The only thing that matters is that you two are happy 🙂

7. How often do you workout?
I (try) go to Orange Theory twice a week and the gym once *maybe twice* if I’m feeling extra motivated. Now that it’s not so hot in Texas I’ve been trying to go on walks everyday which makes me feel better if I don’t make it to the gym 😉 I skipped OT yesterday because I washed my hair the day before and didn’t want to deal with dirty hair again. Does anyone else revolve their life around hair washings lol!?
Brooke: Lately, never. Seriously, like once-twice/month. You guys know I’m in a major rut, but next week is my first meeting with my health coach (it got pushed back due to both of our schedules), so I know that will definitely be changing in the next couple of weeks. I’m not sure how many times a week she’ll have me working out but I’ll keep you posted!

8. I am pregnant with baby #2 and I wanted to get a good diaper bag because I never got one the first time around. Do you have any recommendations?
Some diaper bags we’re loving: herehere (backpack), herehere (customize it! we have the non-diaper bag version of this and are obsessed) and here! Congratulations mama, two is so much fun!

9. I need some new jeans that aren’t skinny jeans. What boyfriend style, or any other style would you suggest for a petite frame?
Jeans for a petite frame – these cropped flares (super flattering), these boyfriends, these mom jeans (cheap and I love them), and these.

10. Favorite product to use in between hair washings? Both of your hair always looks so good still, mine is greasy on like day two! I need some product recommendations and routine please?! And product for volume?! Can you both do a hair routine from start to finish?
I have really thick and textured hair so it’s easier for me to go days without washing. My favorite dry shampoos to use between washings are this Aveda one, Dove Refresh, Oribe Gold Lust, and I just got this dpHUE one I’m excited to try! Whoever invented dry shampoo needs an award 😉
Brooke: Definitely dry shampoo! I love and use all of the same ones Meggan mentioned above lol! Dove is my favorite b/c it’s so cheap and it works really well. I also love this one from DryBar.

11. Do you have any suggestions for an everyday pointed toe black leather bootie under $100? I’ve found a ton of cute suede ones but prefer leather for the rainy weather in Oregon!
These chelsea booties
are cute, this pair is a little over $100 but I have them and highly recommend them, these are a good everyday pair, and love these.

12. You girls always have the cutest beanies! What are your favorites under $50 (under $30 would be even better)?
I just ordered this one in 3 colors and am obsessed, it’s good! I’m also really loving this one! Also ordered this one– so cute and only $26!
Thanks! I have a massive beanie collection from living in Chicago but my move to Dallas hasn’t stopped me from buying lol. I just got this beanie in red and grey (here) and lovvve it! A few other favorites of mine are here, here, and here. And I saw this one in store the other day and loved it!

13. I’m wondering if you ladies have any fun recommendations for family picture outfit ideas! We’ve got 2 little ones (7 yo boy and 3 yo girl) and looking for some inspo and key pieces for the shoot. I’ve seen some super cute ones with a metallic skirt but I’m more of a dress girl.  Anything fun you’d recommend?
Love these ideas – one and two. But if you’re more of a dress girl here are some dresses that would easily go with those pieces: one (with tall boots in either color!), twothree, and four.

14. Is blogging stressful? I’ve seen a few bloggers talking about the stress recently and read a blog post basically dedicated to it. As an outsider, it seems fun & glamorous, but seems like a lot of bloggers disagree. What’s your take?
 I think a lot of people don’t understand what really goes in to blogging as a business. Of course it wouldn’t be stressful to just take a photo and post it and be done, but there’s a lot more that goes into it than that. Paperwork, taxes/payroll (all on your own unless you hire someone), contracts, negotiations, web design, etc. Also since blogging is very much about an online presence, it’s hard to “turn it off,” and go home at the end of the day…it feels 24/7. Jess just wrote a blog post all about it – such a great read if you’re interested! We definitely get stressed out, and 4th quarter is our busiest time – we have so many projects and deadlines, our heads are spinning ;). There are definitely perks to the job, and we’re super thankful that this is our job, but like any career, there are stressful parts that come with it! Blogging as a hobby is totally different and we both did that before this – that is not stressful.
Blogging is definitely fun and I’m so thankful it turned into my full-time job, but like any other job, it can be stressful! Like Brooke said, it’s not just taking a picture and uploading! We are wearing multiple hats – stylist, writers, editors, photographers. The second I put Camden down for a nap I’m on my computer/phone the rest of the day and pretty much every night too. There’s a lot of busy/backend work that people don’t see. I’m in no way complaining, just telling how it is! But I do think a lot of travel bloggers lives look glamorous but my life is most definitely not LOL. I’m just a regular mom trying to get through the day!!

15. I’m on the hunt for a good quality white tee. I’ve tried several brands (even the Madewell) and it always looks sheer and stretched after a few washes. Any other finds?
I have this Topshop tee (in three colors) and really like it! Another all-time favorite is this Current Elliot tee. It’s pricey but I’ve had it since I worked at Nordstrom (almost four years ago!) and it still feels and looks pretty new!
Brooke: This tee is a classic that I’ve had for a few years. Also check out Brunette tees, they are cute and have a little embroidery but the quality is really great! 

16. Meggan – can you link all your outfit details from insta story the other night (green sweater, booties, etc.)? I loved it all!
Thank you! The sweater is here, jeans here, and booties here! I was feelin’ Veronica Beard that night 😉

17. I have a holiday party coming up on December 2nd which is a cocktail party. Apparently it’s a pretty good time but I’m struggling with what pain to wear! Problem is I have to wear flats and am lost. I have a pair of Stuart Weitzman lowlands in black, are there any ideas of what I could pair those with? Any other ideas of flats and dress combos?
Definitely wear the boots – so cute! We love a good boot/dress combo! This sweater dress is so pretty (love the sleeves!), love this one, this one, and this one. Have fun!

18. I’m taking a trip to Costa Rica this January – trying to find cute swim suits, cover ups, and overall vacation outfits (rompers, shorts, off the shoulder tops, beach bags, towels, sandals) that are affordable. Since all Fall/Winter wear is the focus for the holidays, I’m having a hard time! I am sure vacation newness will come out post the holiday but any ideas would be amazing!
That will be such a fun getaway after the holidays! We rounded up a few warm weather favorites: this romper (I have it, see it on here!), these jean shorts, this jumpsuit, this one-piece suitthis coverup, this sarong, this off-the-shoulder bikini (obsessed!), these sandals, and this beach bag! Have fun!

19. I’m looking for a new agenda/calendar book for 2018 and don’t know where to find a cute one! Any ideas? It has to fit in a tote/purse because I take it to various jobs and have it in our office. I have one from Target now with a band to keep it closed but did not find any when I went there yesterday. Which ones do you both use?
Both of ours are from Target as well! Some we’re loving – one, two, three, and four!

20. Meggan – where are your gallery wall from from?
They are from PB and on sale here! Brooke has them too!

21. Do you know of any simple (West Elm /Crate & Barrel) styled chandelier ideas? I bought the Clive 8-arm but it was too big for our space (seems like it may cut the open floor plan in half!). I am clueless on where to go from here!
Oh dang that one is so pretty! You could do something smaller like these glass globes, this mobile chandelier, or you could hang pendants side-by-side like these or these!

22. I’m trying to help my friend find a dress for her rehearsal dinner. She is getting married on St. Patrick’s day in Chicago and looking for a green midi like this one.
Ugh love that dress!! This one isn’t midi but it’s similar to the one she likes and soo pretty! A couple other green ones that we love are here, here, and here!

23. I’m already trying to figure out my outfit for Christmas because I want it to be cute (but not too fancy). I either want to wear a dress or a romper because I’ll be celebrating in Miami so I don’t need anything too warm. Any suggestions? I’ve been struggling and you girls always have the best suggestions!
We’re loving this dress, this one, this velvet mini, this one in red, or this romper!

24. I have maternity photos next week and would like ideas for non-cheesy couples holiday outfits!
For you – this dress with booties (and a cardigan over it, so cute!), or this dress with simple strappy heels if you want something a little more fancy. For him – slim fit pants (love these) or jeans, with a button down and a nice sweater or casual blazer. If he wants to be dressy, nicer pants with a fancier jacket. It always looks better to keep it simple!

25. My birthday is next Friday and my boyfriend has a big surprise planned. I am not a fan of surprises, mostly because I want to be prepared with the appropriate outfit!! His advice is “dressy casual, not cocktail attire. Something nice you would wear to work. But festive”. 
Ahhh that’s exciting/so hard to outfit plan – the struggle! We would do a cute sweater (like this or this), or maybe a bodysuit like this (not sure if you could wear that to work but it’s festive?), with your favorite pair of jeans and cute booties like these or these. His requirements are confusing lol!
Please leave your questions below for next week or send us an email at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xo