1. Do you normally shop for an entire outfit every time or do you mix and match? Also, when you buy designer stuff do you splurge or normally find those things on sale?
I pretty much only ever shop for an entire outfit if it’s for an event! As for designer pieces, I try to find things on sale but that can be hard. Fashionphile is a good place to find gently used designer items! I’ve never ordered but it has really great reviews.
Brooke: I agree – the only time I shop for an entire outfit is when I have an event, otherwise I just shop for key pieces. It can be hard to find designer pieces on sale (but now is a good time), but for bags and shoes I usually pay full price, or check sites like Farfetch & My Theresa b/c sometimes they’re a little cheaper there (and no tax!).

2. I’ve been traveling more lately and feel like I need a good travel bag that is larger than a purse and big enough to hold a decent amount, but still works as a “personal item” on planes. I generally tend to go for more neutral tones, camel, grey, black, etc. Any ideas?
This travel tote is cute and a good size, we both have this bag from Barrington Gifts and love it (so fun because you can personalize it!), this duffle is perfect (love the color), and this nylon tote is a good option too!

3. What do you typically eat for lunch? With a lot of heavy holiday dinners coming up, I’m looking to lighten up my lunch routine. Any ideas for some healthy and easy lunches (other than sweet potato bowl lol)?
I rarely ever make an actual lunch unless I have leftovers. I’m more of a grazer and pick at things throughout the afternoon. Some easy/favorites are berries, carrots + almond butter, bell peppers and cucumbers with hummus, ezekiel bread with avo (with this seasoning YUM) or almond butter, butternut squash soup (the premade Trader Joe’s one), crackers with eggplant hummus (so good), hardboiled eggs, quinoa cowboy veggie burger.
Brooke: I usually eat leftovers from the night before, or I’ll make –  a simple tuna salad, hardboiled eggs with toast or avocado, almond butter toast with banana, or order pho lol – sadly those days are over, though…had my first session with my health coach last week ;). I’ll keep you posted there – BUT she did say the sweet potato bowl is one of the best (healthy) lunches you could eat 😉 lol!

4. Have either of you had Botox? If so, what has your experience with it been like?
Yes and I love it! I’ve got Botox and Dysport (it’s very similar to Botox) and Dysport works so much better on me. I usually just do my forehead and 11’s but before my wedding I did my crows feet too. I’ve only had good experiences and always love how it looks! I think it’s important to find someone you trust and let them know exactly what you want.
Brooke: Yes, I got it for the first time this year on my forehead and 11’s. It’s not permanent, so if you don’t like it, it will be “back to normal” in 3-4 months. I was noticing a lot of fine lines and starting to get the 11’s and they always say it’s better to try to prevent than correct. I had a great experience, no bad side effects or anything! Finding someone who really knows what they’re doing is the most important thing (also, don’t overdo it!).

5. What are some trendy, casual work appropriate outfits?
LOFT (everything is 50% off today!) has some of our favorite trendy work outfits. It depends on the dress code in your office (as to what is ‘appropriate’), but we love – this blouse, this blouse, this cami (with a blazer or cardigan over it), this ruffle sleeve top, this skirt (with tights and boots or booties), these pants, and these pants (love the tie waist!).

6. What were your favorite Christmas gifts you got last year? My family is bugging me for ideas but I have no clue what to ask for!
I think my favorites were a classic leather moto jacket that had been on my wishlist forever & this perfume (I love getting perfume as a gift b/c I hate spending money on it lol). My parents got my husband an iPad pro and he loooved it, and now I wish I had one – that would be a good thing to ask for! You can see all of our ideas from our wishlists for this year here.
My favorite gifts were the Roomba (I run it daily!), this chunky knit blanket, these slippers, and this food processor. Listing out those gifts made me feel old lolll.

7. Can you share where you find nice looking snow/winter boots?
and Shopbop have a lot of good pairs and some are currently on sale. A few favorites are here, here, here (ordered these, can’t wait for them to arrive), and here!

8. We are getting pictures taken outside at a tree farm, what are some warm neutral options for me, my husband, and two boys (7 and 1.5) that you would choose?
For a tree farm photoshoot, we love the idea of casual, comfy & cozy. For you – A sweater with jeans and OTK boots or booties. Neutral sweaters we’re loving: here, here, here, and here! For your boys – this sweater, this jacket, this coat, this sweater, and maybe a beanie – love it! For your husband – probably jeans and a jacket or sweater. This jacket or this one with a sweater like this under!

9. Can you all do a roundup of some of your favorite nail colors for this time of year? I feel like I get in a rut of choosing the same ones over and over again. I love the neutrals you all choose!
I feel like I get in a rut sometimes too but then never like when I try something different lol #thestruggle. Some of my favorites are OPI ‘Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around’, CND ‘Romantique’, OPI ‘In The Clouds’ (last time I mixed it with Funny Bunny!), CND ‘Cityscape’, CND ‘Black Pool’, and OPI ‘Be There In A Prosecco’.
Brooke: I feel the same way, whenever I try something new I end up regretting it lol. I still love most of these – our top 10 favorite gel colors! But I feel like I usually stick to the same few b/c I’ve tried so many and have narrowed it down to my favorites. CND: Winter Glow, Plum Paisley, Field Fox, and Romantique. OPI: Funny Bunny (favorite white), Alpine Snow, Let’s Be Friends, Lincoln Park After Dark, Visions of Love, Malaga Wine, Shh…It’s Top Secret, and Let Them Eat Rice Cake.

10. I have a Gatsby themed party (for work) in December, and I have NO idea what to wear. I don’t want to buy something I’ll never wear again, and I don’t wan to do full-on costume. With all the feathers, velvet, and shift styles I feel like this should be easy but I’m spiraling. HELP!
You could definitely get a cute dress or jumpsuit and dress it up with accessories fun/themed accessories. Some favorites are: this metallic dress, this maxithis lace dress, this jumpsuit, and this off-the-shoulder dress.

11. I wanted to get some inspo from the two of you about my upcoming 28th birthday brunch with all of my girlfriends. We’re having it at Palma in NYC in the rose garden. I want something cute that will work with the floral-y theme but also different than just an average floral dress.  Since it’ll be in December, it will have to be warm-ish or at the very least easily layered with like a suede or leather jacket. I’m also into super into wide legged pants and jumpsuits! Can’t wait to see what you ladies find – I trust your judgements ALWAYS!
Love Palma! Okay, this dress is pricey but would be so amazing with a cropped moto jacket over it (beige or black!), and definitely fitting for the guest of honor! Also loving this dress (would be so cute with OTK boots), this dress (with a black moto over it!), or this blouse (check out the amazing details!), with wide leg pants or a pleated skirt! Ok, so good! Have fun and happy birthday! xx

12. Meggan – what size did you get in the camo sweater you posted on insta stories?
I got a size xs and it fits oversized!

13. I’m wearing this dress to a New Year’s Eve wedding in Chicago, so it is going to be COLD…but I don’t know what shoes I should wear. What are your thoughts on open toe during the winter? Do you have any suggestions for closed or open toe to wear with this dress?
That dress is so cute! We think you could definitely do open toe since you will only be outside when you’re going to/leaving the venues. We rounded up some open and closed toe that would look cute: here, here, and here.

14. I need some pieces for Cabo…going in January (usually in the 80s then). I’ll be nursing my 4 month old – looking for dresses and one piece swimsuits, and coverups.
FUN! Some pieces we love for your trip – this dress (so gorgeous and good for nursing!), this dress, this dress (super easy access), swimsuits – here, here, and here, and coverups – love this one and this one (comes in so many different colors)!

15. Brooke – any recommendations on favorite restaurants in NYC? We will be there in a couple weeks with the hubby and fam!
BG Restaurant (on top of Bergdorf’s – great views of Central Park!), Rosemary’s (so cute for brunch), Bubby’s (love it for breakfast or lunch), Locanda Verde, Buddakan (still one of my favorites 4 years later!), Quality Meats (fun, not-so-stuffy steakhouse), Gemma, Beauty & Essex, Salinas (gorgeous & romantic), Catch (really fun area – Meatpacking), Tao Downtown, Sushi Seki, ABC Kitchen or Cocina (both have great food), Vandal, Upland, Gramercy Tavern, Boucherie, Balthazar, Joe’s Pizza (for a slice!), Blue Ribbon Sushi, The Office (for cocktails, make  res!), Tutto il Giorno, Terra (cutest wine bar – great for the whole family!). Have so much fun! xx 

16. I’m looking for a cute work holiday party dress? Preferably under $100.
Love this lace dress, this one is pretty, this one is so good, and obsessed with this one – the color is gorg!

17. Can you give some product insights into baby must have’s for an expecting mom? Stylish bags, room decor, etc. and products that you loved and couldn’t live without when you were pregnant and when you had newborns. I don’t want it to look like a daycare center in my house. 🙂 Possibly even some Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on things would be awesome!
Congrats! Some of my favorite products are this bottle drying rack, these foam floor tiles, this stroller organizer, this crib, this diaper bag, and this lounger seat. Also, the Emily & Merritt Pottery Barn collection is sooo amazing and has the most stylish/chic baby gear. Seriously how cute is this baby mat?
 Brooke: I couldn’t live without this sleep sack (100x’s easier than swaddling with a blanket, especially during those middle of the night feedings!), this swing (sadly, I know it’s not chic but it’s honestly the best invention ever lol), or the Rock N’ Play (I had and used both daily – Rock n’ Play is nice b/c you can easily move it to different rooms), the same bottle drying rack Meggan linked, a sound machine with white noise, comfy sleepers (hold off on the cute outfits until at least 4 months, they pretty much live in sleepers and onesies!), the Dock A Tot (nice to be able to move from room to room), and for room decor & toys I love The TotLand of Nod, PB Kids, and Target!
Leave your questions below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xo