1. I’m headed to Cabo this winter and looking for suggestions of things to do and places to see off of our Resort. I’ve always been kind of skeptical to travel off the resort but have heard that it’s pretty safe so I’m looking to venture out! Do you usually take cabs to other places from your resort? What restaurants/bars would you recommend and any day activities would be appreciated as well!
Every time I go to Cabo I’ve felt totally safe but always stay aware of my surroundings because you never know! We’ve either had the hotel get us a cab or we’ve arranged a car service ahead of time and both have been fine. A few of my favorite bars/restaurants are The Cape (pretty view – go during sunset!), Flora Farms (where I had my rehearsal dinner), Edith’s, Javier’s (at Cabo Azul where I got married), Mango Deck, The Office (so fun!), Bar Esquina, and Sunset Monalisa.
Brooke: It’s been sooo long since I went to Cabo (6 years ago), so I don’t really feel like I have a lot of recent/relevant suggestions, so I would go with what Meggan said! I’ve heard amazing things about The Cape and it looks soooo beautiful. We stayed at Esperanza and the service was incredible, and my favorite dinner was at One and Only Palmilla. Esperanza had it’s own car service, so we didn’t have to worry about getting taxis, but your hotel should definitely be able to help you out with that! Have fun!

2. How often and how long do you use the GloPro?
I use it every other day for about 1-3 minutes. Here is a great tutorial!
Meggan: I use mine every other day as well and I’m obsessed with it! I feel like my skin has seriously benefited from it since I started using it.

3. How did you guys figure out how to pose for photos? I’m trying to start blogging and feel like I look awkward in all the photos I’m in.
It’s definitely an awkward feeling “posing” for pictures but we try to make it as natural and fun as possible! Try walking shots (you’re literally just walking and the photog is shooting a ton of frames), and just have fun with it! If you feel awkward, try sitting on stairs or a ledge to start – those can be easier. Or just find poses from blogs you like and copy those until you feel comfortable!

4. Any suggestions on cute, affordable bar carts? And fun bar accessories?
Target’s bar cart game is so strong right now! Love this wood/metal one, this round one, and this acrylic one (so obsessed!). West Elm and CB2 also have a couple on sale right now too (I have this one!). Some cute accessories: marble wine cooler, decanterletter board, flutescocktail shaker, ice bucket, wine rack, candle holders (love the rose gold!), bar tools, cocktail book, and wine glasses! Sorry that was kind of an overload but there’s so many cute things 🙂

5. I recently purchased a pair of the Spanx faux leather leggings in black and I am in need of styling help! Can you help me with tops and shoes?
We love wearing them with oversized/tunic sweaters & boots, or longer tees/sweaters with sneakers! The key to pulling them off is to have a top that covers your toosh and the crotch (hate that word, lol) area! Some sweaters that would be great – here, here, and here!

6. I wanted to get your opinions on the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. I think you started using it in the summer but I don’t see it on your stories anymore. I’m just wondering did you stop for a specific reason or just weren’t seeing the results you were hoping for? Or am I crazy and you’re still using? I’m on my second order and I am enjoying it but just some insight would be awesome!
No I really like it but I ran out and forgot to order more so thank you for the reminder 😉 I was putting it in my coffee every AM and it seriously helps keep me full – it’s a game changer!
I need to get back to using it! I love it, but life got so busy these past few months and I honestly just forget in the morning – thank you for the reminder! I have a brand new package.

7. Do you have suggestions for a versatile black dress? I have a few bachelorette parties next year and want to find a dress that I’ll be able to wear to all of them.
Yes! A few favorites we found are here, herehere, and here!

8. Meggan – where did you get your pillow covers from that you posted on insta stories? I meant to screen shot but forgot!
No worries! I got them from this Etsy shop – so many cute options and affordable!

9. My husband and I never got the chance to plan/go on our honeymoon after our wedding since we immediately got pregnant with our little one! Now that she’s turning one in December we want to plan a week long vacation somewhere relaxing (preferably not Mexico even though we love it, or anywhere heavy on the tourist activities since the goal is to relax). I was wondering if you ladies can tell me where you’re favorite couples vacations have been or places you have your eye on?
I would highly recommend St. Lucia or Turks & Caicos! We went to St. Lucia in June for our honeymoon and stayed at Sugar Beach which was amazing. The resort is nuzzled between to huge pitons right on a private beach. It’s a quieter hotel – not a lot of kids when we went and mostly people just there on their honeymoon to relax too 🙂 When we went to Turk & Caicos, we stayed on Grace Bay which was recently rated one of the best beaches in the world. The water is SO blue it looked fake! Both we’re very relaxing and didn’t feel so touristy.
Brooke: Some of the most beautiful places I’ve been are the Cayman Islands, St Thomas & St John, and Maui (but so far and lots of tourists). I also really want to go to St. Lucia and Anguilla!

10. I’ve been struggling to figure out what tops to wear with this leather skirt. Could you give me some suggestions for both warm and cold weather? It’s a simple basic but I’m struggling!
That skirt is so cute and can definitely be worn with blouses, sweaters, a basic tee, etc. A couple suggestions are this sweater, this graphic tee, this blouse, this simple tee (paired with sneakers would be a good casual look!), this bodysuit, and this red sweater (would be cute with tights for the holidays!).

11. Brooke – what tea suggestions did you get on insta stories this week?! I need something for my sweet tooth too!
I got so many great suggestions! These were what I heard the most: apple cinnamon, chai, anything with vanilla, mint, sugar cookie (like what!? I need to find that!), licorice, and Puerh chocolate.

12. I bit the bullet on the SW lowland boots during the Shopbop sale and am so obsessed! I can’t wait to wear them! I wanted to ask you guys how you typically store them? Which made me wonder if you treated them with any suede protectant at all? Which THEN made me wonder how good you guys are about treating/storing your leather/suede anything — purses, shoes, etc. Do you stuff all of your handbags when you aren’t using them as well? Now that I’m investing in nicer items, I want to make sure they last forever, but it’s all kind of overwhelming!
I’m actually pretty bad at storage (need a designated space/bigger closet!), but I’m very careful with my things. The number one thing I think is so important is to not have everything smashed together – this will leave imprints of chains, straps, etc. and create dents in your bags/shoes/etc. I don’t treat my suede, but know that I probably need to! I try to keep my bags stuffed when I’m not using them, but that doesn’t always happen. Just be careful not to overstuff them! It’s best to keep them in their dust bags (but I don’t lol), I just make sure they’re not shoved on a shelf too close together – this keeps them looking their best. Space is key!
Meggan: I store all my nice shoes in their boxes lol. It’s kind of annoying because they take up so much space but I get so worried about them getting ruined! I also stuff my handbags and keep them in their dust bags when I’m not using them. Again, kind of annoying but I’d rather them keep their shape and last as long as possible! I’ve never treated any of my suede/leather accessories but I should probably start doing that. There’s a place by my house called Deno’s that I’ve brought a pair of shoes to get repaired and they do protection treatments as well. I’ve been wanting to bring some bags/shoes (like my SW boots) there!

13. I love the look of a lacy bralette peeking out from under a tank, but every bralette I find isn’t padded. I’m a small B cup (at best…), so my worry isn’t over lack of support, but rather that I’m going to look even flatter if I buy a non-padded bra. Do you know of any padded bralettes with some pretty lace that would look good under a loose tank?
Neither of us have a padded one (and we’re in the same boat as you lol) but we rounded up a few that are pretty and look like they’ll give you some oomph here, here, here, and here!

14. I’m looking for a nice affordable robe (something not hooded). Any suggestions?
Our favorite robe (hands-down) is this one from Barefoot Dreams. Some other suggestions are this one, this one, and this one.

15. I’m going to my boyfriend’s office holiday party and the theme is Mad Men, and it’s at a super fun bowling alley, so I’ll have to be able to move around to play games. Any outfit ideas?
We found this site which has some cute ideas but seem a little fancy if you’re going to be playing games (the Sally Draper one is amazing though). Modcloth has a ton of 1960’s dresses that would be perfect and Chicwish has a huge selection too!

16. Any ideas for a dress/jumpsuit for an office holiday party? Nothing too fancy, yet office appropriate.
This wide leg jumpsuit
is cute (great color too!), love this metallic smocked dress, this jumpsuit is festive, kinda obsessed with this dress, and this off-the-shoulder dress is pretty and comes in a few colors!

17. I always tell myself I need to get a belt, but never do. Any suggestion for a budget-friendly and functional belt? Preferably not super wide.
This one
is super cute and has great reviews. This one is pretty and it’s reversible, and we love the elongated buckle on this one.

18. I know you girls get this question all the time and you recently did a dress round up, but I’m looking for a dress to wear to a wedding in San Diego at the end of December. Any suggestions?
This wrap dress
is pretty, this metallic maxi is fun, loving this velvet one, and this one is gorgeous. It can be chilly so bring a shawl or jacket!

19. I’m going to Arizona for the holidays and my family there wants to throw me a small bridal shower. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for sweater dresses or outfits to wear, preferably under $100? I’m from Chicago so I feel like I never know what’s appropriate to wear in Arizona in December lol.
It’s usually kind of cold in AZ in December (we usually go for Christmas every year), so a sweater dress would be great! We love this one, this one (so cute and $100 off!), this one in grey, and this one (love it with a belt!). Have fun! xx

20. Do you ladies have any card holder recommendations? I have a Goyard but sometimes I don’t want to use the mini wallet that comes with it (or it doesn’t fit in a clutch!).
Both of us have card holders from YSL and love them. Meggan has this one and Brooke has this one. We’re also loving this one!

21. I need an everyday boot for jeans when I’m running around with my baby and 2 year old. Would love your suggestions!
Some great everyday boots – here, here (40% off, so many colors!), here (love! on sale!), here, and here!

22. I am engagement ring shopping with my boyfriend and need some setting suggestions, please.  Are both of you still happy with your ring choice?
I didn’t choose my setting, my husband surprised me with it – I had no idea we were even getting engaged lol! But I have a cushion cut with a simple pave halo and pave band and I still love it!
Meggan: We never looked at rings and Kyle surprised me too! He did ask Brooke for approval once he got it though 🙂 Mine is cushion cut with with a pave band and also still love mine. I also think this shape and this shape are gorgeous!

23. Brooke – I’d love to hear more about your girls. I have a daughter around the same age. Just things you dress them in, what they eat, what’s on their Christmas list, and any activities they enjoy, etc. Also, I’m having a little boy any day now and I still don’t have a good “take home” outfit, would love some ideas on an inexpensive but cute outfit! Thanks so much!
I get most of my girls clothes at Zara, Gap, Old Navy, and Nordstrom, and my girls prefer comfort over fashion 😉 and I don’t really fight them on that- who doesn’t want to be comfy?!. Sophia will eat anything I make, but Avery is so much pickier! They of course love pasta (but lately I’ve been making them red lentil and chicpea pasta – they still love it), fruit – they eat it all, salmon (this is a new one, but they really like it!), avocados, eggs (hardboiled or scrambled), cheese, greek yogurt, almond butter toast, veggies with hummus, and they would eat chicken nuggets all day everyday if I’d let them ;). For Christmas, Sophia asked for a guitar (I got her this one), and Avery asked for a doll with long hair (lol, like American Girl style) and a stroller for her babies, and I’m still looking for those. My parents sent Sophia this nightlight and she loooves it – it’s so cute and actually gives off a lot of light in the dark. My girls love going on outings – Sophia loves swimming, gymnastics, and rock climbing which we do at our gym, and Avery loves to go to the library, and have play dates with her “friends.” 😉 They love coloring with crayons/markers, but we also just got them these boards and they’re obsessed (great for road trips or the airplane too!). Congrats on your new babe! Some cute and comfy outfits for the trip home: one, two (over a onesie/sleeper! omg so cute, especially if it needs to be warm!), and three (matching pants) – all of these are 40% off today! Best of luck to you mama!

24. I share your love of ripped jeans and am lucky enough to have a casual work environment. I wear jeans almost every day but am wondering if you have any pairs you recommend (under $100) that are somewhat distressed but still look nice?
The ripped jean addiction is real lol. This pair is lightly distressed and on sale for $40, love this pair, this pair is nice, and you may have noticed already but we both practically live in this pair 🙂

25. How often do you clean out your closet? And when do you know when to get rid of things!? For example, I feel like I should ditch my statement necklaces since I’m only wearing dainty gold jewelry, but I just can’t bring myself to do it… any suggestions?
I feel like I’m constantly cleaning mine out – I do a donation bag probably once a month. Lately though I’ve been trying to hang on to some pieces since trends get recycled. But if I haven’t worn the item in over a year and it’s not the best quality, I’ll throw it in the bag. Maybe you could keep one statement necklace and get rid of the rest? That’s what I’ve been doing with trendier items like cold shoulder tops, etc.
Uhg, NOT ENOUGH! I desperately need to clean out my closet right now, the current state is giving me anxiety. I usually say, if I wouldn’t want to put it on (whatever the item is) right now and wear it out, it’s time to get rid of it!

26. Do you have any makeup bag recommendations?!
Loving this travel makeup case, this one (have it, love it!), and this one! All of these are a great size and make it super easy to access your makeup! 

27. Meggan – what was the vegan enchilada recipe you made the other night?
is the recipe and they were SO good. I actually added ground turkey because my hubby doesn’t get full unless he has meat lol. It was pretty spicy so if you don’t like spice make sure you don’t use the jalapeño seeds.

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