1. What candles are you loving right now for Christmas?
My two favorites are the Nest Holiday Candle and this one in Fir And Firewood – both smell SO amazing – just like Christmas!
Brooke: I always love all of the holiday candles from Bath & Body, and I love the Nest one Meggan linked to, and this one is an all-time favorite (it smells like the best Christmas tree you’ve ever smelled!).

2. I’m looking for a new primer since it’s winter and my skin needs more help. Do you use a primer and makeup setting spray? If so what kind?
I use this primer and it’s amazing for dry skin (or winter months) – it’s so hydrating and makes your skin silky smooth! I use this setting spray (when I remember).
Meggan: I use this Wonder Glow primer and love it! It makes your skin look hydrated and dewy. For a setting spray, I use this rosewater (smells so good) or this oil-control spray. I have the one Brooke linked and really like that one too!

3. Wondering if you guys had any recommendations for matching pj’s for the holiday. My mom sister and I love to match!
We got matching PJ’s this year! Usually we just get them for the kids but we wanted in on the fun too 😉 We got ours from this Etsy shop but I also really like this pair and this pair (Burts has a ton of options!.
My mom gets the girls matching PJ’s every year for Christmas too, it’s so fun! We do this pair in a different color every year. They are seriously the most comfortable, I do a size small, long – obsessed! I’m also loving this pair and these!

4. I really want to buy a face oil and I know you both have said great things about the Elemis ones. Do you prefer the superfood to the pro collagen? Any other good ones to recommend?
I’ve only used the pro collagen oil but I’m obsessed with it! My favorite budget friendly facial oil is this one from Amazon – such a great value and I really love it as well, and one more I love is this one from Origins. I would recommend any of these without hesitation!
Meggan: I’ve used both and don’t really prefer one over the other – they are both great! Two other ones I really like are this Colleen Rothschild one (her whole line is amazing, especially this cleansing balm and this enzyme polish) and this Caudalie one.

5. Could you share more outfits from your Park City trip? I am going to Tahoe in a few weeks and could use some ski and apres ski style inspiration!
We were only there for two days, so we don’t have a lot more to share…but we did pack a lot more lol! Here’s what we packed, but didn’t have time to wear: this sweater, this beanie, this jacket, this dress, and these boots.

6. What are your favorite capsules for the Nespresso coffee maker?! I have one on my Christmas list.
My favorites are any of the gold tone ones! I know that seems broad, but there are only a few (gold ones) and I love them all equally – those are the ones I always buy when I stock up! I just saw they came out with a peppermint one and I realllly want to try that!
Meggan: Yes omg I want to try the peppermint one so bad! There’s a Nespresso store by my house and I’m going there asap to try it lol. I really like the vanilla, caramel, pure origins, and the yellow & orange Espresso capsules.

7. I’m going to Hawaii with my boyfriends family for Christmas. I’ve always been in the Midwest for the holidays, so picking outfits to wear for warm holiday weather has been a bit of a struggle. I also need to have bathing suits that are appropriate to wear in front of family members (smh that I have none). Do you have any suggestions for some warm holiday outfits and appropriate bathing suits?!
This dress
is probably the most amazing I’ve seen under $150 in a looooong time! Obsessed! It would be perfect for Christmas in Hawaii (and not to show-y). Also loving this one, this one, and this one (soo pretty and under $100)! Not sure if you need one pieces or just a little more coverage when it comes to suits, but here are some we love: one, two (so cute with the higher waisted bottoms!), three, and four – okay this one is obviously SO family friendly lol, but we looove it, so cute and different. Have a blast, we’re jealous!

8. I just had a new baby and am looking to update my (non-maternity!) wardrobe with 2–3 trendier tops. Any versatile recommendations to make the most impact? Bonus if they are nursing friendly!
Congrats! This side-tie top is cute for everyday wear, this one is fun for going to dinner, a party, etc., this balloon sleeve top is pretty, and love this one too!

9. Best facial recommendations? Any in Chicago?
I’ve actually only done a facial once and I was on vacay in Mexico – so I don’t have any recommendations sorry! Looks like Temilla’s Skin Care and Bare Glow Spa have really good reviews!

10. My brother is getting married in L.A. this summer, and my mom is looking for a dress for the black-tie affair. Any suggestions?
has some beautiful black tie options. We are loving this dress, this one, this one, and this one!

11. Now that colder (and drier) days are here my hair and clothes are so staticky! Do you have any static prevention tips or products?
Uhg – we feel you, the struggle is real! Dryer sheets for hair and clothes works well! Also, putting on lotion is another good tip, as well as hair oil in your hair (or in your purse to tame your hair when you’re on the go!). We’ve heard that a humidifier can really help things at home as well – this also majorly helps with dry skin!

12. I’m trying to get my boyfriend to wear nicer, more age-appropriate clothes (anything other than athletic shorts and a t-shirt lol – he’s 25). Do you ladies have any suggestions for some easy, comfortable, cool outfits for guys? 
J. Crew is always a great one-stop-shop for the guys! Their clothes are really nicely tailored (love the slim fit options), and the pants are nice and super comfy (and not so baggy!). Some favorites – this sweater, these pants, these jeans, and this jacket.

13. Best under eye serum and cream?
I have several eye creams that I really like: this one from Tula (use code SLHOLIDAY to get 20% off!), this one, and this one from Origins.
I love this Tula one (the applicator is cooling and helps depuff/refresh your eyes) and also have used this one and liked it as well.

14. What are your favorite coffee table books? Love fashion but that doesn’t represent my boyfriend so thinking more lifestyle, home decor/any fun books. I have Eat Drink Nap – something along those lines. Need multiple!!
All of ours are fashion but we rounded up some cool ones! Humans of New York, Beaches, All In Good Taste, StyledThe Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails, The Bucket List, Ultimate Travel, and Food in Vogue.

15. Gift ideas under $25 (for her)?
These candles
smell so good and make a great gift! We are also loving: this pretty vase, best lip balm ever, this Kiehl’s set (great gift!), our favorite eye patches (so cute with the sleep mask!), this coffee mug, or this mini Chloe perfume set.

16. What are good gift ideas for dads?
Dads are always hard to shop for ugh lol. We put together gift guides for “him” here and some of those would be good options (any Yeti items are always a hit with the guys in our fam!). A couple other options are an Apple Watch (my dad asked for one), this small speaker, a Nest thermostat (we have one and it’s seriously amazing), comfy sneakers, a pullover sweater, or slippers.

17. I missed the giveaway entry you guys posted on insta stories the other day – can I still enter?
Yes! If anyone else missed it – we’re giving away a ton of our favorite products (Glopro!!) and will be posting it on Insta soon. For your first entry, you can sign up on LTK app (here), follow us, and DM or email us the screen shot of you following!

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