1. Can you two do a roundup of some statement layering pieces for winter? I’d love to find a great leopard coat that isn’t too bulky on a small frame.
Some fun layering pieces we’re loving: this coat, this coat, this sweater, this coat, this jacket, this sweater, and this sweater! This thermal isn’t a statement piece, but it’s amazing and great for layering!

2. I’m looking for gift ideas for my mother and father in-law? This is always tricky!
Some ideas we love for in-laws are: this platter with glass dome, this serving board (amazing!), a pretty vase (fill it with flowers and bring a candle or wine with it, such a nice gift and they can enjoy the flowers & keep the vase!), nice wine glasses (this is a super nice brand, amazing deal – get 2 for free!) or a cozy faux fur throw – this is soo soft and looks pretty draped over a sofa or chair! And last year we got my MIL comfy/everyday sneakers – this pair and this pair are stylish/cute options!

3. I’m going to Breckenridge for a ski trip with friends this winter. I haven’t skied for about 15 years (yikes) and have nothing to wear skiing. Do you guys have any good active winter gear you’d recommend? I don’t even know where to begin to look for a cute pair of snow pants…
First of all, good luck lol! I went skiing for the first time in about 15 years also, and it felt so much more difficult as an adult. The struggle was REAL! Ha! It’s so much fun though, just go for the greens at first and it will all come back to you! 😉 I went to a local ski shop to pick up my stuff b/c it was so last minute, but these are similar to the pants I got and they were great – not bulky! Lots of other great options here for pants. I bought these googles and this helmet, and I honestly can’t even remember what I wore for gloves, but definitely do gloves over mittens! Have so much fun, Breckenridge is one of the best places ever!

4. Do you guys have any recommendations on haircuts for girls with long hair?? I’m sick of getting the same ‘long layers with basic face framing pieces’ and want something fresh and interesting while still keeping it long! (When I say long it comes about 7 – 8 inches past my shoulders).
That’s hard because there aren’t a lot of different styles for long hair! Have you ever thought of bangs – loving this lookYou could also do a blunt cut if you’re tired of the layers! We know you said you want to keep it long, but you could always chop it for something super fresh! 😉 Sorry we don’t have a ton of suggestions for you, here’s some inspo!

5. I see that someone has already asked a similar question, but I’m looking to display some books on my coffee table/shelves throughout my house but I can’t seem to find any, at least any that are reasonably priced. I love the ones you guys suggested in last weeks #coffeetalk, but which ones do you have? I’m definitely interested in fashion, etc.
Brooke: Coffee table books are always so expensive, I usually put them on my Christmas list (great gift idea!). Some of my favorites are this TOM FORD book, this one, this one, and this one (not so expensive). Also check the sale section at Barnes and Nobel – I’ve found some there before!
Meggan: I have/love this Chanel book, this Vogue one, and Harper’s Bazaar Greatest Hits. I’ve also been eyeing this stack for a side table!

6. Brooke – I would love to know where you got your chairs in your living room. I figured Restoration Hardware but wasn’t sure and wasn’t sure what style they were. Also, I would LOVE to see more of both of your living areas/homes. Thank you!
My living room chairs are the shelter arm chair in the luxe depth (almost too deep in my opinion, I’d probably do classic for the chairs if I ordered again) in the sand Belgian linen, down fill. We’ve had them for over 3 years and they’ve held up so well, still love them! We will try to share more of our homes soon! xx

7. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for a probiotic that either of you have taken, or heard of that are worth trying?
OMG thank you for the reminder – this pack of Tula probiotics has been sitting in my cabinet forever now! Just took my first one and will let you ladies know how I like them!
I need to start taking them, I don’t right now – any recommendations? My mom (who take them) gets them from a health food store from the refrigerated section. I really want to try the TULA ones Meggan mentioned because I love everything else they do, I’m sure the supplements are amazing! Especially since the co-founder of the company is a gastroenterologist!

8. I will be attending my national sales meeting with my company this January in Scottsdale; one even for an awards banquet women typically wear cocktail dresses. Any recommendations for something that’s fashion forward, cute yet not too revealing as I will be surrounded by a bunch of older men.
This one
is fun but still professional and not too revealing, love the details on this one, this one is great, and here is another great option

9. I am planning on doing the Whole30 after the holidays! Do you still eliminate some of the things you did for example, dairy, gluten, etc. Also do you recommend this? I usually don’t “diet” but want to get back on track after the holidays!
I am still dairy free (95% of the time) and I don’t eat a ton of gluten. I just feel better without those things! I thought Whole30 was really difficult (technically we didn’t successfully complete it lol – you can read our recap here), but it helped me so much because I figured out what was causing my breakouts (dairy), and got me on track for the new year. I don’t know if I would do it again, b/c it’s not a ‘lifestyle’ way of eating for me…and gives temporary results since eating that way is temporary. If you’re trying to figure out what foods works best for your body, it’s great! But if you’re doing it just to lose weight, I would say don’t do it – b/c your results won’t last. I’m trying to be more realistic this year and not “diet,” but just change my eating habits/lifestyle. You should listen to the Skinny Confidential podcast with the F-Factor creator (it’s #90), it’s SO informative (she’s a registered dietician so she knows her stuff!), and I felt like it really really resonated with me! It’s not a ‘quick fix,’ or super strict, it’s a way of life…just go listen!
Meggan: That was the only “diet” I’ve ever tried and I would definitely recommend it if you’re wanting to get back on track after the holidays. When it comes to eating, I’m all about having things in moderation and not restricting myself from anything. So Whole30 was reallllly difficult but I learned so much about how my body reacts to food. I had more energy and less bloating from cutting out gluten and dairy. I still try to avoid both because I feel so much better without it. I used to complain every night that my stomach hurt (don’t get Kyle started lol) and I never get those pains anymore! And yes to the podcast! I listened to it last week and want to listen again with pen and paper so I can take notes. It’s SO good and very informative!

10. What do you usually eat for breakfast, I’m in a big slump! I know its so important but hard to not just have coffee!
I like avocado toast (especially with the TJ’s everything but the bagel seasoning), these waffles with almond butter, eggs (over-easy or hardboiled), Fiber One cereal with almond milk and fruit, banana with almond butter and chia seeds, or if I’m in a hurry I’ll just grab a Larabar!
Brooke: Avocado toast (on GG crackers), smoked salmon with Kite Hill cream cheese and capers on GG’s, hardboiled eggs with avocado, Fiber One cereal with almond milk and raspberries (lol, can you tell we loved the F-Factor podcast?!), or a cashew cookie Larabar if I’m rushing out the door like Meggan said. We pretty  much have the exact same breakfast ideas lol! They’re all an easy, healthy way to start your day! 

11. I’m looking for a long-sleeved sweatshirt dress thats comfy and sporty, but also cute and stylish.  I live in Southern California so I’m not too worried about needing to stay warm in the winter. Do you have any recommendations?
Love this one – the raw hem is so good and it comes in 3 colors! Love the cowl neck on this one, the ruffle sleeves on this one are so good, and I might have to buy this one – so good! 

12. My boyfriend and I are looking to plan a trip to Arizona (Scottsdale) in February. Any suggestions for places to stay, things to do, must try restaurants/bars?
Last time I went to Scottsdale we stayed at an Airbnb so not sure on good hotels! The restaurants we went to were The Montauk, Diego Pops (the brussels sprout nachos are so good), and Farm and Craft – I would recommend them all! Things to do: hike (so many options but I’ve done Camelback and Squaw Peak), Fashion Square Mall, horseback riding, and if you’re looking for a fun pool party go to the W!

13. Brooke – I was wondering how you like your farmhouse style sink? We are re-doing our kitchen and I really want to put one in! Can you tell me any pros/cons you’ve experienced with yours? Thanks!
I love it and would do it again in a heartbeat! Make sure you buy a metal sink protector for the bottom (they are fragile since they’re porcelain). I don’t really have any cons, I love it!

14. My college roommates and I are planning a spring break trip to Texas and we want to know what we should do. What suggestions do you have? Which cities should we visit, beaches, restaurants, fun things to do?
I haven’t really been anywhere in Texas except Dallas and Austin – definitely stop at both! My friends went to South Padre for spring break when we were in college and they had a lot of fun. It’s very spring break-ish if you know what I mean lol. For Dallas I like the Knox/Henderson area and Greenville – there’s a ton of great bars and restaurants! I only went out one night in Austin but we bar hoped on 6th street and Rainey street.

15. My brother is getting married in Mexico this February. They have requested that everyone wear white to the rehearsal dinner. Do you have any suggestions for a white outfit? I am very petite and am open to wearing a jumpsuit, dress, skirt, pants…whatever!
So fun…Mexico weddings are the best 😉 This jumpsuit is so cute, love this flowy dress, obsessed with this skirt (and top if you can pull it off!), this lace jumpsuit is gorg, and love this maxi too!

16. Do you have any good gift ideas to get my 2 and 4 year old nephews for Christmas?
We just posted our kids gift guide here! Some of our kids favorites are this scooter, this water table, car racetrack/tower, shopping carts (or anything they can push), coloring books/paints, and books are always a hit!

17. I recently got a pair of metallic booties, but am not sure how to style them. Can you give me some ideas as to how to wear them with jeans and dresses?
Love a simple outfit with jeans like this one, this one, and this one! With a dress, we would probably do something simple and structured like this look! We prefer metallic booties with jeans for sure though! Such a fun look! 

18. I’m having my bridal party in mid February and ordered this dress. I’d like to add something fun to it like a faux fur vest that I could wear with it all night! Any suggestions?
Love that dress – it’s so chic! We both have Unreal Fur jackets that were obsessed (more here) with and would look super cute with that dress! This vest is super cute, love this moto jacket, and this faux fur vest.

19. Favorite Nike’s for the new year? I need to get my butt to the gym and cute, new sneakers always get me motivated ;).
Us too! We are loving so many sneakers right now and favorite Nike’s for working out are these, these, and these!

20. I’m headed to Chicago for my birthday this year, which happens to be on New Year’s Eve. We are going to see Hamilton on the 30th, but I would love recommendations for New Year’s Eve night, good restaurants, etc. I would also love your recommendations on what to pack. I want to be cute but also warm and comfy during the day and dressier, but still warm, at night.
 Okay I was lame in Chicago and always skipped NYE night lol but some of my favorite restaurants were GT Fish & Oyster, RPM Italian, Momotaro, Girl & The Goat, Bar Siena, and Formento’s. You should try to get drinks at London House or the Signature Lounge for some of the best views of the city! Definitely bring your winter coat for during the day – it’s a frozen tundra and you will be doing a lot of walking. Some cute things to pack: this sweater, these tights, this velvet dress (would be cute with a moto jacket), this cozy cardigan, this faux fur vest, this bodysuit for night, this sherpa jacket, and this turtleneck.

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