1. Which designer bag(s) do you think will be good investment for Spring/Summer 2018?
If you can’t tell, we’re loving everything Gucci right now – just so good! Their new Ophidia bag is so pretty and looks vintage (which means it will never go out of style!). We love the Ophidia GG medium! Some other bags we’re loving are this Givenchy crossbody, this Chloe, and this Saint Laurent (how amazing is this color for spring/summer?!).

2. I just purchased the Charlotte Tilbury contour wand and highlighter – do you think they are easy to apply? Any tricks?
They are super easy to use! This video is really helpful/pretty much how I apply except I use a brush to blend it in.

3. As someone who enjoys blogging as a hobby (with hopes to go full time someday), was curious how you handle criticism from people – friends, family, and strangers – that don’t understand that it is a legitimate career? How do you combat the negativity and set them straight?
Truthfully, criticism used to really bother us. We were definitely naive/oblivious and didn’t realize there would be any criticism involved (we thought we were just having fun?). Also, when we started blogging, instagram was nothing like it is today – people were not so opinionated about every little thing, making fake profiles, etc just to spread/write mean-spirited comments. After doing this for 4 years, it does not affect us anymore and we don’t even give it a second thought (unless it’s constructive) – there will always be people who will try to bring you down whether they’re a friend/family member or a complete stranger (who actually knows nothing about your life lol). You’ll come to a point where you realize that when someone says something negative to you or about you, it has a lot less to do with you and a lot more to do with them! Confidence is quiet, insecurities are loud – also, this. If someone doesn’t understand that blogging is a legit career, you could always point them in the direction of articles like this and this (which proves you do not have to be a ‘big’ blogger to be successful!). It’s an industry, and if they don’t understand that, it’s not your problem. You just keep doing you, and soon they’ll be asking how you did it ;).

4. Meggan – what are you getting your brothers for Christmas?
I got my brothers white Converse, Jack Black products, dress socks, and Travis Matthews golf shirts!

5. Do you have any suggestions for jewelry for my 30th birthday? I‘m looking for something timeless and classy but not too expensive (no rings because my hands are full). It will be my husbands gift to me.
Not sure of the price point you’re trying to stick to, but some pieces we love: this necklace from Smith + Mara, these earrings, this bracelet (50% off right now!), these earrings, and this necklace (also 50% off, looove the evil eye!).

6. Brooke – did you stop eating your favorite breakfast with squash because of the amount of carbs?
Not at all! I just needed to take a break from it for a little bit lol, I was getting a little burnt out on the flavor. I still love it, and the carbs in the bowl are healthy (sweet potato)! I’m not a person who can cut carbs without feeling shaky, so I embrace them and just try to stick with good carbs.

7. What are some cute/festive outfit ideas for Christmas Eve at home? And also for a Christmas house party (nothing too fancy, more cozy yet festive!)?
We would probably just do a fun sweater or sweatshirt with jeans – love this one, this top (omg, ordering!), this hoodie (okay, love!), this one, and this sweatshirt (LOL, love it)! You can still get any of these by Christmas Eve if you order today! Merry Christmas! xx

8. What is your favorite part about having a blog partner?
It’s hard to pick one thing because I love having Brooke as a partner! But I think the best part is just having someone to talk to about blogging and having her to lean on! We seriously text 24/7 (not just about blogging) but it’s just so nice to have someone who gets it. At my old job, I was the only person on my team in the Chicago office and it was pretty lonely!
Brooke: I love having Meggan as a partner, and cannot imagine doing it on my own/without her! It’s so great to have someone working towards the same goal as you. We motivate, encourage and support each other, and we truly want what is best for each other, which (I think) is rare to find! We can lean on each other if we’re having a bad day, or just feel like we’re in a rut which is beyond helpful. It’s funny because a lot of people ask us if we argue a lot or disagree on things, and it couldn’t be farther from the reality (thank god!). Definitely not something that we take for granted! I realize that was not one “favorite thing,” lol sorry – but it just sums up how I feel about having a blog partner as a whole.

9. I’m going to Hawaii for my honeymoon this winter and was wondering if you ladies had some makeup tips as to what products to use. I don’t want to wear a lot of makeup but I also want to look good for all the photos we will be taking!
This skin illuminator gives you an instant glow (apply before makeup, like a primer), love this beach stick, maybe a tiny bit of foundation (we love and both wear 5.25 in this one), some blush, a swipe of mascara and this setting spray and you’ll be out the door in 10 min! 

10. I’m trying to come up with something to wear for Christmas mass. Something classy yet stylish, any ideas?
Maybe a pencil skirt with a pretty/fun blouse – something like this and this! Or a metallic skirt with a soft sweater – like this skirt and this sweater

11. What are your thoughts on wearing lace on lace? I thought about wearing a black lace top with the red lace J. Crew pants…?
We love love love lace on lace, definitely go for it! So pretty! 

12. I am getting married in February in Santa Barbara and I have been STRUGGLING to find something to wear to the rehearsal dinner. Do you have any winter wedding outfit tips for the bride? It doesn’t necessarily need to be white, but I am open to any suggestions! The rehearsal dinner is at a winery so nothing too fancy, but it will probably be cold.
Since you’re open to non-white options (which we love!)…here are our picks: this dress, this one, this one, and this one (looks great with a moto jacket if it’s cold!). 

13. I am going to Cabo in late January for my cousins wedding. We will be staying at an all inclusive resort with family for four days. I need help with swimsuits, cute coverups, what to wear to dinners and day activities as well as a wedding dress that are family appropriate. I would love to find things that aren’t too over the top expensive. ANY help would be appreciated!
That will be sooo fun! Some things we would pack are this dress (would be a cute coverup), this romperthis one-piece, this midi dress (could wear for rehearsal dinner), this coverup, this dress (cute for the wedding!), these mules, this jumpsuit, and this swim suit!

14. I’m planning a NYC trip with my bf in February, and, even though we’re Western New Yorkers, I’m a little nervous about exploring the city during wintertime (praying for no storms!). Any recommendations for winter activities/must-see sights?
We’re not big into touristy type activities, but Central Park is so pretty in the winter, Rockefeller Center (ice skating) is fun, drinks at the Baccarat Hotel (they are expensive, but it’s seriously so beautiful – just get one and then go somewhere else lol), or grab a hot cocoa at the NoMad Bar, walking around our favorite neighborhoods and stopping into restaurants/shops is always fun in Soho, Tribeca, and The West Village. If it’s not too cold, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and make a visit to DUMBO – such a fun and cute neighborhood in Brooklyn. Have fun!

15. Going to Montego Bay in February with the family, looking for suggestions on sandals for beach/pool, cover ups and casual outfits for night, tops and dresses. Thank you!
For beachwear we like this coverup (could be worn as a dress too!), this suit, these sandalsthis one-piece, this sarong. For nights out we’re loving this set (top + bottoms), this maxi dress, this top, and this romper!

16. My fiancé and I would like to take our engagement photos in the next couple of months which means our photos will be taken in the winter. We live in NYC and I’m having trouble figuring out what to wear that won’t leave me freezing but is also flattering and pretty. I would like to wear something that is on the dressier side (but not formal) and keep the outfit classic and timeless (i.e. not too trendy!). I would love to keep it under $250.
We would do a really pretty coat that can be belted with skinny jeans and boots or classic pumps. This look will be beautiful and flattering in photos, and it won’t be unnatural (like in a short dress in NYC winter). We’re loving this coat, this one, and this one! Inspo here and here

17. I am looking to replace some hall light fixtures but the ceiling is pretty low (8’) so they have to be semi-flush mount. I have a classic/contemporary aesthetic and am looking for something timeless under $150 a piece. Any recs? Thanks! xo
So much fun! We love this one, this one, and this one (amazing dupe for a much more expensive light)! 

Please leave your questions for next week below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. Have a great weekend and happy holidays! xx