1. Do you own all of the bags, clothing, shoes that you post or are some of these items loaned to you by the brands you are promoting?
Yes, we own everything we post in regular & sponsored posts. Sometimes when we work with brands, they will gift us the product (meaning we don’t purchase it), but most of the time we are required to purchase it ourselves.

2. I have been looking non stop for a new pair of black flat booties. Meggan I looooove your Givenchy ones but I would love to spend under $500. I’ve been eyeing these but I’m just not sure. Do you know of any similar options?
Those booties are cute but I personally wouldn’t spend that much on them because I’ve seen similar pairs for much less! These look very similar to the Givenchy ones but are under $100, this pair is super cute, this pair from Target are pretty good, and so are these!

3. When you ladies get your nails done, do you do acrylic, gel? What is your preference?
I always do gel. I would love to just get a regular mani, but my nails will chip in .2 seconds, so I always go with gel.
Meggan: Same here! I honestly can’t remember the last time I got a regular mani – it’s been years! I started getting gel pedicures too and I’m obsessed.

4. What are you favorite dry shampoos?
I have so many dry shampoos in my cabinet (#hoarder) but the main ones I’m always reaching for are this Dove one and this one by Aveda! I just tried this Philosophy one for the first time this week and really like it. It smells amazing!
Brooke: I feel like I’ve tried soo many, and my favorites are this one from Dovethis one from Aveda, and this one from DryBar.

5. All of my cozy, “around the house” clothes have gotten really worn out, so I’m looking to upgrade everything! Any suggestions on chic loungewear that won’t break the bank?
I’m the queen of loungewear – I feel like anytime I’m home I just want to be in comfies lol. These joggers from Target are my most worn, I just got these pants in black and grey for Christmas (very soft), and I lovee this pj set. I also have a few things from Brunette the Label which are all amazing!
Brooke: Same – I wear loungewear 90% of the time lol. I mean, why would you not? I have the same Make + Model pair that Meggan mentioned above, and they’re so comfy! I also have and love these sweatpants (in size xs/s – on sale!), this tee, and my new favorites are these pants and this jacket (on sale!) I got for Christmas. Sooo comfy and cute enough to wear out if you need!

6. Meggan – have you still been getting laser treatments? What were the results and how quickly did you see them? I have some pigmentation on my cheeks and think I’m going to spend my Christmas money on some treatments. Oh, and did it hurt??
I haven’t got one since this summer and really need to get one on the calendar (I try to do two a year). I’ve done BBL and IPL treatments which I believe are essentially the same, just a slightly different laser. Both are for treating sun damage, dark spots, irregular pigmentation, texture, freckles and redness. Everyone is different but I don’t think you will see full results with just one treatment (obviously depending on how bad the damage is). And It doesn’t really hurt – it just feels like someone is snapping you with a rubber brand which is more of an annoying pain ha! My mom is huge on skincare and she got me started with the treatments. She always says she wish she would of started younger so I’m all over it! Your skin is so important to invest in and take care of!

7. This is so random, but I’m curious to know if either of you like Indian food? If so, what is your favorite dish?
I rarely ever eat it but I have made this dish before and it was really good. I should try it more because I love all the flavors and spices in Indian food!
Brooke: I haven’t tried a ton of difference dishes, but everything I’ve had I loooove (so I’d love more suggestions!). My favorites are chicken tikka masala, the Skinnytaste chicken curry Meggan linked (one of my all-time favorite Skinnytaste recipes!), naan, and butter chicken.

8. I’m getting married in July 2018, and have been trying to desperately hard to make my hair grow. So it’s longer for my big day! You both seem to have great length and thickness to your hair, what’s your guys hair regimen?? Do you wear extensions, if so, what kind? I have some time so I’m not opposed to switching products, but would love your guys input.
 My hair has always grown super quickly, and I’ve never done anything specific to get it to grow. I’ve actually heard great things about the SugarBear Hair vitamins as well as these vitamins from HUM. I would try to let your hair air dry as often as possible, and limit the amount of heat you expose your hair to (only flat iorn/curl when you absolutely have to). When you do use heat, be sure to apply a heat protectant spray before you dry/style your hair – I love this one from  Kenra.
Same with my hair – it’s really thick and grows at a decent pace. I would start taking a biotin, use this spray (has really good reviews!), use a strengthening shampoo like this one, and like Brooke said stay away from heat! Also, this serum is expensive but you have to read through the reviews – sounds like a miracle product!

9. Brooke – which Patagonia do you have (I think it either zips up all the way or 1/2 way), and how is the sizing?
This is the Patagonia I have 
– it’s one of my all-time favorite purchases because I wear it almost every day in the fall, winter, and spring. It’s so comfy and soft – I wear it around the house and to run errands. I sized up to a medium.

10. My bedroom is so blah, looking for a rug to spice it up! Any suggestions? Preferably under $200!
Some rugs under $200 we’re loving: onetwothree, and four.

11. Meggan – I love your Celine (Tilda) sunglasses but they are a little big for my face, do you guys have any suggestions on similar glasses with a slightly smaller frame?
I rounded up a few here, here, and here. They look similar but I haven’t tried them on so I’m not exactly sure if they are smaller!

12. My bachelorette party is coming up and in Mexico! Would love your suggestions on going out clothes and beachwear!
That will be so amazing! For the beach we’re loving: this coverup, this suit (I have it in navy and love it), these sandals, this one-piece, this kimonothese sunglasses, and this maxi. For going out: this dress, this romper, these wedges, this bodysuit, and this jumpsuit.

13. Best slippers?
I’m sure you guys can tell I’m obsessed with these slippers from my insta stories – I have them in black/white and natural. They’re so warm and cozy and I like that they’re open because my feet don’t get too hot. I also have this cute gold pair but don’t wear them as often now that I have the FP ones!
Brooke: I have the FP pair also and loooove – so cute and comfy! But for winter, I love a closed-toe slipper since it’s freezing here. My favorites are these from Uggsthis pair, and these.

14. Any recommendations on a stylish but functional diaper bag that won’t break the bank? I’m due at the end of February with my second child, and have a 2.5 year old already, so I need something that’s easy to carry.
Love the athleisure look of this backpack and the reviews are amazing (a bpack would be great with two kids since it’s hands free!), we’re kind of obsessed with these bags from Freshly Picked, and this one is so pretty if you prefer a tote over a backpack.

15. I’m attending a wedding February 16th in Michigan. I’ve been having the hardest time finding an appropriate dress for a winter wedding! I want something under $150 that is still trendy and super cute. #help!!!
Winter weddings are hard to dress for but luckily you are only outside for a few seconds at a time! This dress is pretty (the color!!), this one is gorg, obsessed with this one, and love this one (a little over budget but it’s a classic!). Definitely bring a wrap or a warm jacket!

16. Brooke – I know you have the Gucci double g buckle belt. Which size do you have (the .5 inch or the 1.5 inch belt) and what size did you go with in terms of size of belt (70, 75, 80). Was it very hard for you to hunt one down and did you have to pre-order your size? I believe we wear the same size jeans (25, 26) and I really want it as I feel like it goes with everything! Let me know your thoughts.
I have a size 80, but definitely could have gone with a 75 because it’s a little big. I have the 1.5 inch width. It was really hard to track one down, that’s why I ended up settling for the 80. It definitely goes with everything, so if you find one if your size I would snag it!

17. What would you guys wear in Vegas in February? Any suggestions would be awesome!
We would pack this dress, this bodysuit, this jumpsuit, and this velvet dress – looove the length and high slit.

18. What type of wallets do you ladies use? I am looking for something small, that zips all the way around (nothing with a snap closure) and has room for both cash and cards. I’ve had no luck checking all these boxes without it being super expensive!
I’ve been obsessed with this one recently (50% off!). It can hold so much and the organization is amazing! The only downside is it won’t fit in a mini bag (I use my card case for that), but it’s so great!
Meggan: I use my card case or this one from Sézane which isn’t a zip around. This one (on sale!) and this one sound like what you’re looking for!

19. I’m a bride and have my bridal shower in NY in February and need some dress recommendations. Since it’ll be cold there it’s sort of putting a damper on my shopping! Looking to spend less than $100.
We would definitely do a sweater dress! Some cute ones under $100 are here, here, and here. You dress it up with OTK boots, a faux fur vest or jacket, heels (depending on how dressy it is), or booties!

20. I’m getting married April 28th in Minnesota and need a stunning rehearsal dress. We have about 100 people coming to the rehearsal dinner. Insane, I know…about 80% are traveling from New York and my mother-in-law insists everyone is invited. I want something that is stunning, classic but also isn’t too plain for having such a large group. I was planning on just a simple white dress but with so many people attending, I want it to be something that stands out.
This one
is seriously stunning (and love the long sleeves for April in Minnesota), but it’s expensive – uhg. Not sure if it’s out of your price range, but so gorgeous! A few other options we love: this dress (so pretty & on sale!), this one (the details! and 50% off!), and this one (w-o-w factor!).

21. I’m borderline obsessed with the signature black Gucci belt with gold GG in front. But I don’t want to shell out $600+ for it…is there a good copycat out there that you know of?
This one 
is a great dupe, this is a straight up knockoff with good reviews (if you want the exact look), and this is another great option.

22. How do you find time to work out with toddlers?
I used to bring Cam to the gym daycare when he was younger but I honestly stressed over it because he cried every. single. time. So now I go in the AM before him and Kyle wake up. Does it suck getting up at 6? Yes, but it feels so good to get it done with for the day! And sometimes I’ll even stop at the grocery store when I’m done and shop in peace!
Brooke: I’m getting back into it, and I will either take Avery to the gym with me (they have a daycare – this was key for me once I started working out again), or workout at home during nap time or first thing in the morning before the kids wake up. At home I do BBG (no real equipment necessary), or hop on the treadmill or Peloton.

Please leave your questions for next week below or send us an email at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xo