1. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect gold pendant forever and I’m hoping you can help. The closest one I’ve found is this one but I really don’t want to pay $60 for it. Any suggestions for ones like this that aren’t quite as expensive?
This one
looks great and you can customize it! Here is another great option, and we are loving this one as well (under $20)! 

2. I’m getting engagement photos taken in Chicago end of Jan/Feb. I would love to do a long dress and open to any other suggestions you ladies may have.
Love this velvet dress (so gorgeous for winter in Chicago!), this one is fun and the skirt would be so pretty (flowing/blowing) in photos!, the details on this dress are stunning, and we also looove this one

3. Going to Cabo for a long weekend in 2 weeks. Any cute swimsuit or dinner outfits you ladies have seen?  Meggan – any restaurant’s that you loved?
Ugh take me with you please!? 😉 My favorite restaurants are Edith’s, Acre, Javier’s, Flora Farms, and Manta. Oh and The Office is fun too! Some cute suits: this one piece (love!), this bikini, this scallop bikini, and this off-the-shoulder one (more colors here, I have it in navy). Dinner outfit ideas: this set (top + skirt), this midi dress, this romper, and this dress. Have so much fun!

4. What kind of dogs do you both have? Love seeing them on instastories! Brooke – have you named yours yet?!
We just got a mini Australian Labradoodle. He’s not a super mini/teacup type, more medium – he’ll be around 30 lbs. And yes! He finally has a name – Louie! 🙂
Meggan: I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback! He’s only 8 months but is already about 75 lbs and huggee. Sometimes I have to remind myself that he’s still just a puppy when he acts naughty!

5. Do either of you have any big travel plans for 2018 (domestic or international)?
Not really!! Which really bums me out because we went on so many fun trips last year! But I have some small trips – Chicago, New York, and possibly somewhere for Kyle’s 30th 🙂
We don’t have any major travel plans yet, but we have a busy year ahead (more on that later). The only thing we have actually booked is a ski trip! We (Meggan, Kyle, Chad, and I) were planning to do a big trip for our b-days, but we both have so much happening right now, we’re postponing it. 🙁 

6. I’m considering investing in the Gucci Princetown loafers in the un-embroidered Black. However, I’m really on the fence as to whether I should get the version with the fur or without. Brooke, if I’m not mistaken you have both, which do you prefer and which would you recommend? I live in Chicago and between negative temperatures and rain/snow, I probably won’t get as much wear out of them as if I lived in say Southern California, haha. Since NY has similar weather conditions, I’m wondering if you have any regrets on your purchase?
I have zero regrets! I wear the ones with fur much more often and prefer them over the non-fur 100%. I wear them at least once/week (even in the snow lol). Obviously not to do a ton of walking in the snow, but if we’re just going to dinner, I’ll throw them on. I love them! Definitely one of my favorite purchases of 2017. 

7. I’m attending a wedding at the end of February and will be about 5 months pregnant. Any dress recommendations? I’m also in a wedding at the end of March and will be about 28 weeks at that point. I need a dress for the rehearsal dinner. I don’t want to spend too much since I won’t wear them that often.
ASOS has a ton of cute maternity dress options for under $100! A few we’re loving are this black one (could add tights and do fun jewelry/shoes for rehearsal dinner), this midi/mesh one, this burgundy one, and this off-the-shoulder dress.

8. Best simple, black leggings that suck you in and are high waisted?
My favorites are this pair from Nordstrom (only $29!) and this pair from Spanx (these realllly suck you in).
Meggan: I like the Zella leggings and the Spanx leggings. Both are so comfy but if you want something that really sucks you in, I’d go with the Spanx!

9. Do you ladies have any recommendations on low heels/flats for a fancy dinner or night out in winter? I know neither of you have this problem, but I am 5’7 and my husband is basically the same height. He has told me repeatedly he doesn’t mind me wearing tall heels but I just feel like a giant! I typically wear slides or TB flats but I feel like they just look too casual. Any ideas??
If you’re open to a splurge, the Gucci loafers would be perfect! This pair is a great dupe if you want a more budget-friendly option. A few other options we love: here, here (sooo cute, love the black), and here (amazing Chanel dupe!).

10. I was wondering where you go to find affordable “every day” clothes? I’m all for spending more $$ on my jeans, shoes, coats & purses but for some reason have the hardest time pulling the trigger on loungewear and blouses/tops more than $45. I just see how trends are always changing and I cheap out. Do either of you have this problem?
We totally understand and feel the same way! We try to keep our blouses/tops under $100 as often as we can for the same reason. If it’s not something we can wear all the time, we don’t want to splurge on it! We are always on the lookout for sales, and some of our favorite stores for budget-friendly options are: LOFT, Shein, Nordstrom (over 1,700 tops under $50), Revolve (again, search by price), Vici, and Zara. We’re probably leaving off a few, but these are the stores that come to mind!

11. Any recommendations – websites/stores for finding vintage pieces? (especially purses)?
Vestiaire Collective, Portero, Fashionphile, and Second Time Around – all great, reputable places to buy vintage bags!

12. I am going to Vegas in February (for a little chapel wedding, how fun!) and need some going out options that are fun and flirty, but not too revealing or short (I have curves!). I want to look effortless, but I always feel underdressed in Vegas (in jeans and tops). We will be going out to a night club the night after the wedding and two other nights just drinks and dinner. Help please!
This strapless dress
is fun + flirty but not too revealing, this bodysuit with a midi skirt would be fab, this ruffle dress is pretty, obsessed with this dress, and this jumpsuit is amazing!

13. Is there any specific beauty or skincare prep that either of you did for your wedding day?
 Before my wedding, I did two IPL treatments on my face and chest. I also did lots of face masks, exfoliating (shave my face with these razors and I love these treatment pads), and I drank a ton of water!
Brooke: I got married when I was 23, and at that point in my life skincare was the last thing on my mind – uhg, regrets! I still had a (very simple) routine, but of course didn’t have to put in the effort that I do now.

14. I’m going to Mammoth at the end of the month and need to buy some snow/waterproof boots that I can walk around in, go sledding in, etc. Of course they need to be cute! Any favorite pairs?
This pair
is a really great classic (also found this dupe on sale!), love these, and these are soo fun.

15. Are there any sneakers out there that look similar to Golden Goose but without the price tag? Target recently came out with a sparkly pair, but I found them to be so uncomfortable! Other than that, I haven’t seen any pairs that look similar. Any suggestions? Thanks!
This pair
is nearly identical, these are so cute and pretty much the exact same profile as the GG, this blush pair, and this pair is another great option! 

16. Looking for black or nude date night heels that can be worn all night (without complaining, haha is that possible) under $150.
We both have this pair of Steve Madden’s and they’re not the comfiest but they aren’t uncomfortable…if that makes sense lol. A couple other cute pairs are here, here, and here!

17. What do you think of the recent accusations of Revolve lacking racial and body diversity?
The accusations are certainly valid and it’s disappointing because they have some great pieces and clothing that we love (obviously you guys know that)! They should absolutely be including women of ALL backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and colors. Hopefully now that it has definitely been brought to their attention, they will make some changes! 

18. I’m looking for a pair of jeans with holes in the knees, high waisted with a raw or distressed hem (more on the medium to dark wash). Looking for a pair around a $100 dollars. I know that’s a lot to ask for, so thank you in advance for working in your magic 😉
We both have/love this pair of Levi’s (Brooke cut the hem off hers!), this pair is cute, love this pair (on sale!), and these are a good option too.

19. I’m heading to Mexico next month with my best friend and am looking for a few new (affordable) swim suits options!  What are some cute ones you’d recommend?
So many cute (and inexpensive) options here! Really loving this one and this one. This bikini is amazing (looks designer!), and some one-pieces we love: here and here.

20. I have been on the search for months for a camel colored suede heeled bootie under $100. Y’all seem to always know where to shop and I look forward to checking your blog and instagram daily for deals etc.
This pair is so gorgeous and just went on sale! Kind of obsessed with the crossover detail on these booties! And this pair is giving us Aquazzura vibes without the price tag!

21. I’m now pregnant with my first and just finishing up my first trimester (thank God!)! Anyway, I’m hoping you can help direct me to the places you shopped and pieces that were essential in building your maternity wardrobe!
Congratulations! Yesss the first trimester can be so hard! See question 19 from this post and 25 from this post! xx

22. I live in NYC and am looking for tops for dinner with friends, going out, etc. that are appropriate for this freezing weather!  Feels like everything I have is short sleeved. Also, looking for a long sleeved black body suit!
This body suit
is amazing and on sale (love the sleeves!), this one is a bit more simple, and some fun long-sleeve tops for nights out – here, here, here, and here.

23. Do you have any boot/bootie suggestions? I need a pair for work (professional attire) and another pair to wear while running around after the kids. I have these and I’ve run them to the ground. Looking for an update please!
are good flat booties for everyday wear. When I worked at Nordstrom I had them in putty and wore them allll the time – they go with everything and are comfy! These boots have amazing reviews and are 40% off, these are cute, and these would be a good option too!

We had a ton of questions this week so if you don’t see yours it will be up next week! As always, leave your questions below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx