1. Brooke – can you do a roundup of vintage runners that are similar to the one in your kitchen? I like the one you shared from Target, but I’m really looking for a vintage, one-of-a-kind runnder (under $600-$700 if possible).
Yes! Here are some vintage options that are very similar: one (the colors are amazing!),twothreefourfive, and six! The last two are most similar to mine, but these are all soooo good!

2. Do you ladies have any tips on achieving a consistent/cohesive Instagram feed? Your feed is beautiful!
Thank you! We would suggest playing around with a couple filters that work with your skin tone and vibe. We use VSCO and really like the A and J series but have heard good things about Lightroom too! We don’t always focus on this too much but it’s good to choose a grid layout. We like post 2-3 outfits in a row and then will break it up with a product or lifestyle picture. Planoly is a helpful app for planning your feed!

3. Meggan – you’ve inspired me to want to become more eco-friendly! Have you ever made your own cleaning products? I know you’ve talked about Meyers brand but I’ve heard of people that make their own. If so what have you done?
Yay, I love that! I’ve actually never made any of my own cleaning products but I’ve always wanted to make my own laundry detergent. I’ve had this recipe saved forever but have never got around to making it. Maybe I should try it soon and report back! But yes, for eco-friendly brands I love Mrs. Meyers and J.R Watkins.

4. I know you girls have done Whole30 in the past. Did it help you lose weight? Any diets/programs you recommend? How are you liking the F-Factor diet?
I didn’t exactly do Whole30 to lose weight but yes, I definitely lost bloat and a few pounds which was nice! I’m not really into following a certain diet, I just try to live a healthy lifestyle. To me, it’s all about balance because if I restrict myself from something, I’m going to want it more. I try to follow the 80:20 rule which is eating healthy 80% of the time and indulging 20% of the time. I just started reading the F-Factor book because I really enjoyed listening to Tanya when she was on the The Skinny Confidential podcast. I’m not going to follow it strictly but I’m taking some of her advice like adding more fiber into my diet!
Brooke: Ditto to what Meggan said. Yes, I lost weight on Whole30, but that’s not really why I did it. I was having skin issues, and just not feeling great, so I wanted to figure out what foods worked for my body and what didn’t. I’m reading F-Factor, but not following the diet (yet). I think I will try it to see if it works for me – it’s definitely a lifestyle, not a diet – which is what I love about it. I’m over dieting. It’s temporary which means all results will be temporary. I need something that is more sustainable…it’s hard for me to live by the 80/20 rule, because it usually reverses and I’m only eating healthy 20% of the time lol. I feel like I need some sort of structure or I just let my eating/diet get out of control like it has this past year. The struggle is real for me. 

5. Can you please start a book club already? You girls have the best picks!
Okay we really wanted to do this but don’t know where to start! Maybe to start we will do a blog post and round up all of our favorite books. Or if you guys have any suggestions on how we should/could do it, please let us know! 

6. This may be a tough question given that it’s just you two who work together, but how did you avoid negativity in the workplace in your previous jobs? I work with a lot of young women my age and the gossip and negativity can be tough to avoid in such close quarters (an open office space). Any tips would be helpful!
OMG this sounds like working at Trunk Club! There was SO much office gossip and (unhealthy) competition between girls. Working there stressed me out to the max and sometimes it felt like high school all over again. I had a couple close friends at work and we just tried to not get caught up in the drama. Which was hard because it was an open office space too – like you could see girls whispering across the room lol. When I got pregnant a girl in the office spread a horrible rumor about me and I hated walking into work everyday. I actually switched to a new department my last few months and it was so much better (not sure if that’s an option for you?). Anyway, some tips I have are: just don’t participate in the gossip, change the subject if the conversation is going to a negative place, vent outside of the office, and walk away if the conversation makes you uncomfortable.
Brooke: Uhg, that is so terrible! I never had to deal with catty/gossip-y coworkers in regards to women talking about other women, but I actually quit my first job because the office/culture was openly racist, negative, and so unprofessional. It was the worst – so uncomfortable, and I actually bawled my eyes out when I quit because I was just so overwhelmed, frustrated, and upset with that environment. I left, found another company that was 1000 x’s more professional with a diverse, uplifting, and positive culture and it was the best decision ever! I worked there remotely until 2 years ago. I’m not telling you to quit your job (lol), just sharing my personal experience. In regards to avoiding the drama in your office – I would just stay as far away from it as you possibly can. When you’re in the office, just try to focus on your work (or make yourself look busy even if you’re not) and ignore anything else (drama). If there are any women who don’t participate in the drama, I would befriend them and just stick together. I know that can be tough because like you said it’s an open office space, but there’s not a a lot you can do besides just ignoring it, walking away from it, and doing your own thing. Hope it gets better for you!

7. I’m planning a bachelorette party in Chicago at the end of March for one of my closest friends. She lives in Chicago, what are some must-do and out-of-the-box recommendations you would suggest?
Some fun ideas: Polish and Pour for some mid-day pampering and cocktails, a comedy show (there’s so many in Chicago!), drinks at LondonHouse or Cindy’s (amazing views), dueling pianos, a drag show (we did this for my aunts bach party and it was fun), escape room, cooking class, or a pole dancing class (I think there’s a cool studio in Lincoln Park. I hope those are helpful! The last two years I lived in Chicago I didn’t go out as much since I was pregnant and then had a newborn so I always get nervous giving recommendations there lol.

8. I wanted to ask you both a handbag question. I have a Chanel medium flap, which I love, but it is definitely not large enough for daily use. I was thinking of going for a Chanel jumbo (black/silver hardware or ruthenium), but wonder if its too similar to a medium flap? versus the Gucci Dionysus (as I saw you have one!) would love to know your thoughts and opinions.
We think you should go for a different bag since they are very similar! If you don’t think the medium flap is big enough for everyday use, the Dionysus probably won’t be big enough either. We both use totes for everyday use – a few we love: here, here, and here!

9. Brooke – I think you used to be an Isagenix user. Wondering if you still use these products and why or why not? I’m considering purchasing and wondering your thoughts on them? Also, did you ever do the Isagenix cleanse?
Yes, I used to! The only reason I stopped using Isagenix is because I’m dairy free, and at the time I found out dairy doesn’t work for me, Isagenix didn’t offer a non-dairy option (I just saw they do now!). I looooved their shakes though – I would do 1 scoop of chocolate, 1 of vanilla, 1/2 banana, milk or water, and almond butter – it was SO good. I had that for breakfast every single day for like 2 years. I did the cleanse a long time ago, and it worked really well for me since it’s not like a traditional (starvation) cleanse. A few of my friends and family members also love Isagenix and have lost major weight doing the cleanse and just sticking with the shakes after the cleanse is over. Hope that helps!

10. I’m recently engaged, and looking for outfit ideas for our engagement party. I would love to help dress my fiancé because it brings him so much happiness if I lay out a smoking new outfit for something he is nervous about. Any ideas for a tall slim fit look on a guy? It’s a mid-day party in a semi cold environment (Reno/Tahoe). I would love if we coordinated for photos. Any ideas for me too?
has so many great options for tall, slim guys – we’re loving these pants (so flattering on!), with this shirt, and a blazer (or a sweater) over the top. Love it! Classic, simple, and great looking! For you we love the idea of a solid color dress (would look great with his outfit, no matter the colors) – love this onethis one, and this one (amazing details!)! Congrats! xx

11. Your nails always look great! How often do you have to get them done?
I get my nails done every 2-2.5 weeks. I wish I could go longer, but my nails grow so fast that the gel/polish is like halfway down my nails by 2.5 weeks lol.
Meggan: Same here! And I really dislike getting my nails done so I try to hold out as long as I can haha!

12. My sister is turning 40 in February and I would love to get her a piece of jewelry that she will remember always and will always be classic. She prefers simple, not statement, jewelry. I would love to hear your suggestions.
Love this little heart bracelet (comes in 3 colors and the price is great for fine jewelry!), this David Yurman ring is a classic, this ring is beautiful, and this necklace is so pretty – I gave it to my mom a few years ago, it’s currently 30% off!

13. I’m getting a little frustrated with all the “men” I’m meeting nowadays. They seem great at first but then turn into fboys and ghost! What’s the best way to get over these guys? What’s the best spot/way to meet a great guy?
Okay, not gonna lie – we had to google “fboy” and “ghost,” lol we officially feel old! We aren’t sure that we have the best advice, but what worked for us was when we stopped looking and trying to meet guys/force relationships to happen. That might sound like the opposite of what you were thinking, but it’s when we stopped trying (and said we were going to “stay single” lol) that we both met our husbands! Who are both amazing…have to brag on them a little! 😉 We think it’s probably a lot harder to date now because of all the dating apps out there and social media, but our advice would be to just live your life, focus on yourself (be selfish!), have fun with your girlfriends, and it will happen!

14. I just bought some faux leather leggings (for Vegas) not sure what kind of tops to wear with them, I still want to look classy not biker babe. Also, I know heels look good but could you wear booties with them?
Yes you could definitely wear booties with them – lots of inspo here! Some tops you could pair with the leggings are: this peplum top, this oversized blouse, this choker sweater (love!), and this off-the-shoulder top.

15. I’ve been on an activewear shopping kick lately since we all know cute workout clothes make you feel better while at the gym. 🙂 I’ve been frequenting lululemon, obvi, but am looking for some cheaper options. Specifically, I am looking for a black or grey zip-up hoodie/lightweight sweatshirt. Thoughts?
This hoodie 
looks great and comes in black and gray (on sale for $56)! Love this one from Zella, and this one looks super comfy & flattering b/c the material is a little more thick. This Nike zip-up is one we have & would recommend (also has good reviews). This velour hoodie is sooo cute (it’s not zip up or super budget-friendly), but we had to include it because it’s 40% off! Just added it to my cart!

16. I’m celebrating my 35th birthday in March, we’re planning to celebrate with drinks and music in downtown LA . I need help with outfits? Comfort is everything to me but I’d like to put a little more effort on my outfit for my special day. A little sexy but nothing too out there!
This jumpsuit
is fun and flirty (looks comfy too!), this bodysuit would be cute high waisted jeans and a fun belt, this dress is simple but I love the deep V, and love this lace dress too (have it in yellow and it’s so pretty)!

17. My husband is the sweetest and got me this Gucci bag for Christmas. I love it but gah feel like I need some styling ideas/looks. I have a pretty classic capsule wardrobe that I would say is timeless meets sporty and consists of a LOT of grey, black and cream/white. Definitely am always in some kind of denim with some kind of tennie or booty but working this bag into my day to day seems like a huge task for me.
Lucky you! We feel like that bag goes with pretty much anything and it sounds like the perfect addition to your wardrobe! It’s a classic shape, a solid color, and nothing crazy so it would go well with so many different outfits from sporty to dressy. Here are some ideas for inspo that we love – outfit 1 (you could wear sneakers or booties with this instead of OTK boots), outfit 2outfit 3outfit 4outfit 5, and outfit 6. These would all look great with that bag!

18. I would love to see a one-piece round up! To stylishly cover a mom bod 😉
We are big fans of one-pieces! A few favorites are here, here, here, here, and here. SO many cute ones out right now!!

19. I’m heading to a wedding in February in Arizona. I am struggling with a dress choice as it’s in a desert so my normal “wedding go-to’s” don’t work as well (I feel they’re a bit too fancy). The wedding is more casual – taking place at the Rancho De Los Caballeros and the reception will be in the desert and will have a bonfire, etc. Any dress suggestions?
OMG that sounds like a fun wedding! Some dresses we think could work are this floral dress, this maxi, this long sleeve one, and this midi dress. Also, not sure if you want to spend a lot but this dress is amazing and would look so cute in the desert!

20. We are taking a family trip to Aspen in February. Any outfit ideas or inspo you can share? Anything from ski attire to après ski attire. I will have my three year old in tow and just want to be practical, but also cute 😉
Okay for some aprés ski vibes we are loving this shearling jacket, this cardiganthese boots, this sweater, this oversized scarf, this rainbow sweater, these booties, and this long cardigan.

Please leave your questions for next week below or shoot us an email at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. Have a great weekend! xx