Healthy New Year

Happy hump day! We said we were going to do a ‘healthy new year’ post on insta stories, and the response was overwhelming! We’ve compiled all the requests and answered the questions in this post with our “favorites.” We are both very focused on health, fitness & happiness for 2018 and excited to bring you along for the ride!

Our breakfast…
For breakfast we usually have a protein shake (chocolate protein – linked favorite below, banana, almond milk, ice, chia seeds, almond butter), eggs with avocado (hard boiled or scrambled), GG pancakes, toast with almond butter or avocado, or a high fiber cereal.

Our favorite healthy recipes…
Salsa Verde Chicken, Sweet Potato BowlHealthy Alibi Quinoa (so easy for lunch meal prep) and her turkey meatball recipe (SO good with black bean spaghetti!), Chicken Curry, Thai Chicken Lettuce TacosWhite Chicken Chili, Cauli Fried Rice, Balsamic Chicken with Roasted VeggiesPizza Spaghetti Pie, Honey & Lime Salmon Bowls, Jalapeño Turkey BurgersVegan Enchilada CasseroleWhole30 Chili, and tons of other healthy options here.

Our favorite healthy snacks…
Hummus with veggies, almond butter & banana toast, dried mangoes, GG crackers (tons of inspo/options here), hard-boiled eggs, egg & avocado salad (hard-boiled egg chopped and mixed with avocado, salt & pepper), banana (or plantain) chips with guilt free gauc, Larabars, almonds, fruit, dark chocolate (90% cocoa for sweet cravings). Oh, and always LaCroix! We used to do 2 Diet Cokes/day, but now we only drink them on occasion – if we’re out and really want one, we’ll get one! But it’s probably like 2 x’s a month, something that we’re still totally shocked by!

Our diets…
Neither of us are following any specific diets currently, just trying to make healthy changes. We try to do a lot of protein, low(ish) carbs (we definitely do not cut carbs entirely, impossible for us!), high fiber, no dairy (90% of the time), and low to no added sugars. I just got the F-Factor book (linked below), and am so excited to dive in – so far, it’s great!

Our favorite workouts…
Treadmill HIIT Workout
Home Workouts – Full Body Circuit, Cardio Circuit, Tracy Anderson workouts (these are so good!), this yoga video, Tone It Up, and love this one from Jillian Michaels!
Orange Theory – I always get so many comments that people are intimidated to try it. I was too but you can go at your own pace and trust me no one is paying attention to you!

Supplements & Extras…
Collagen Peptides – we add to our coffee in the morning (benefits here)
Daily Probiotics
Calm Powder (great to take at night before bed)
goopglow Morning Skin Superpowder
Elderberry Gummies (for your immune system)
Chlorophyll – we add to water (benefits here)
Non-Dairy Protein Powder

Our favorite books & cookbooks…
Whole30 Cookbook
The Body Book

Our favorites for the gym…

If you have any other questions (or suggestions!), please leave them below! xx