Tips For Shopping At Shein

jacket (size small) | tee | jeans | loafers | sunglasses (look for less here) | bag

We get asked a lot about ordering from Shein so we rounded up a few tips/tricks that help us when ordering from there! Their inventory is HUGE and it can be hard to weed through it but we’ve found some amazing finds (like these Gucci dupes!). The quality is comparable to Forever21 and H&M but some pieces have pleasantly surprised us!

1. Read the reviews! This is the first thing I check when I like an item! I usually only order pieces with amazing reviews to avoid being disappointed.

2. Check out their Instagram and tagged pictures. If I see something I like, I try to find pictures of real people wearing it. Their hashtag is #sheininspo and I’d recommend browsing that before you make an order!

3. Pay attention to the sizing. Every item has detailed sizing information. A few times I’ve got a measuring tape out to get a feel for the fit! I’ve ordered a few tops that could fit my 7 year old niece. So now when in doubt, I go up a size. This is another reason why I usually only buy things

4. Shipping can take up to 3 weeks. Don’t order anything that you want/need immediately because shipping can take awhile! A few times I’ve had a package show up in a week but don’t bank on that.

5. Returns. I’ve never returned anything so I can’t 100% confirm but I’ve heard it’s a hassle. If something doesn’t fit I usually just donate it because the shipping is usually more than the item lol.

My top Shein picks…