1. What time do you guys usually go to bed every night and wake up in the mornings? Idk how you guys wake up and get to the gym so early?! What motivates or helps you?!
I stay up reading until 12-12:30ish depending on how tired I am and get up at 6:15 to workout. If I don’t workout I try to be up and making my coffee by 7. I honestly don’t need that much sleep to function, just 6-7 hours and I’m good to go! And I’m motivated to workout in the AM because that’s the only time I can do it (plus I like to get it over with!). When my alarm goes off I just have to jump out of bed otherwise there’s no way I’m getting up if I hit snooze! It was hard at first but now I’m just programmed to do it.
Brooke: One of my goals for this year was to get more sleep – I’m jealous of everyone (like Meggan!) who can get by with less sleep, I just cant function lol. It takes me forever to fall asleep, so I’ve been heading to bed at 9:30-9:45 and am usually asleep by 10:30 and it feels soooo good! I usually have to wake up between 5:30-6 with Louie, then start getting ready for the day – packing lunch, commuting to school, etc. so I need to get in bed that early to get enough sleep. My goal was 8-9 hours, and I’ve been averaging 7hrs 36min according to the FitBit app, so I’m happy with that. I feel a lot better than I did when I was getting 5-6 hours!

2. You both have incredibly flawless skin and I love following your beauty routines. You guys are the reason I am hooked on Tula! 🙂 I was wondering what your favorite serums or products are for wrinkles/anti-aging from other brands? Thanks!
Definitely not flawless, but thank you for the sweet compliment! Over the past few years, we’ve really gotten more serious about our skincare and products (since we’re not getting any younger), and we 100% feel like it has helped! Some of our favorite products for anti-again (besides Tula) are: this rosehip oil, the GloPro, this pro-collagen oil, and this vitamin c serum (pricey but it’s a game changer).

3. Can you give us both your updated everyday makeup routines? How long does it take? I feel like I either wear no makeup because it takes so long or spend forever getting ready!
A lot of days I don’t wear makeup during the week, but if I do my 10-minute routine is: this highlight (in opal) as a primer (some days I just use this – instant glow!), this foundation (in 5.25) applied with this sponge, this setting powder, this bronzer (laguna) or this one, blush, and go over everything lightly w/this setting powder (best ever!) and a swipe of this or this mascara.
Meggan: This is my everyday routine and it takes about 10 minutes: Bobbi Brown intensive skin serum corrector, CT wonderglow primer, Giorgio Armani foundation, IT Cosmetics concealer, highlighter (I rotate between this one and a Bobbi Brown one that was limited edition), blush (sometimes I skip), a few swipes of mascara, and finish with this Laura Geller setting powder. Somedays I’m too lazy to even spend 10 minutes doing it and will just do the primer and mascara lol.

4. I live in New York and am heading to San Diego for a wedding the beginning of March. I’m struggling to find a dress since everything out is too “wintery” and the dress code is cocktail. Any dress suggestions?
This dress
is seriously stunning and definitely not wintery, we’re also loving this one (amazingggg and on major sale!), this one, and this one!

5. You girls always seem to make delicious dinners. I was wondering if you meal plan or how do you schedules your dinners each week? I’m having such a tough time!
I try to plan my meals on Sunday night and go to the store Monday morning while Cam is at school. Sometimes I just plan Monday-Wednesday and go back to the store for Thursday-Sunday and we usually go out to eat on Friday’s. I have a few go-to recipes but try to find a new one each week so I don’t get bored with the meals! You should try some crockpot recipes – they’re so easy and then you don’t have to stress at dinner time! Some of my favorites are this salsa verde chicken (eat over cauliflower rice or as tacos), thai chicken curry, slow cooker beef tacosbuffalo chicken lettuce wraps, and turkey chili.
Brooke: I try to get my meals planned out for the week on Monday, so I’m not stressed out or left with no food in the house (which means I’m ordering from Seamless lol). I like to make soup (three favorite recipes herehere and here) that will last two days or more, so it’s one less meal to think about/buy for/cook. I don’t make dinner on Fridays, so this usually leaves me with 3-4 days of cooking. I think they key is to look for quick, easy recipes when you’re struggling with it (I love all the crockpot meals Meggan linked too!). That way it doesn’t feel like such a big task!

6. Can you recommend a handbag for spring under $300? Thanks!
Spring bags we’re loving under $300 – onetwothreefour, and five.

7. Meggan – I would love to know more about your new house and all the renovations you guys are doing. I think I noticed in one snap the kitchen is separate from the living room, do y’all plan on knocking down the wall in between them when you redo the kitchen? My husband and I are looking for a new house and I love the idea of renovating and making personal changes but aside from picking some tile, counter tops, etc any major demolition scares me!
That’s so exciting! We’ve done a lot of little (well not that little) work like adding can lighting throughout the house, painted, new light fixtures, fireplace makeover (painted and new tile), revamped the front door area (painted it black, new light fixtures and hardware), new tile, counters and hardware in the laundry room, and new tile and hardware in the powder room. Our master bath is the big project – we completely gut it and designed the whole thing. We want to do the kitchen in a couple years and would love to open it to the living room!

8. Tell us a little more about you + your hubby’s personalities? Things that make you guys similar and different?
Chad and I are opposites with a lot of things – he’s organized, self-disciplined, always has a plan, and I’m more go with the flow, spontaneous, and never have a plan lol. He always has a way of figuring things out in situations where I just panic or have no idea where to begin. He’s an extrovert (can literally start a conversation with anyone) and I’m an introvert (shy when I first meet people). He is a very thoughtful person – always giving his time and never does anything halfway, and sometimes I do the bare minimum to get by…cleaning & laundry, for example ;). We have the same sense of humor and are always laughing together, we both always think we’re right lol, we are both sensitive (babies of the family!), and we’re both driven, but I’m more competitive – esp when it comes to games. We’re both always saying, “Thank god you’re _____ (whatever personality trait the other person has),” because we just balance each other out. For us it’s so true that opposites attract!
Meggan: Kyle and I are both very laid back and chill. We would both be content sitting at home for like ever lol. I can get high strung and stressed out and is so calm!! He’s always calming me down or fixing the situation. I don’t know how to explain this but he always takes action and I’m kind of lazy/lallygag when it comes to getting things done. For example the house renovation – he’s on top of his shit and I take forever to make a decision. I finally just told him he can take it over and just run things by me haha!

9. What purses/bags do you guys usually wear with your workout clothes (not cute athleisure, like actual “I’m going to break a sweat” workout clothes)? My designer bags are just so pretty and deserve better than a gym locker!
I never use a gym bag because I only bring my headphones and phone with me! But if I did, I would bring this camo tote (I have the XL and it’s really spacious).
Brooke: I use my Goyard tote most days, so that’s usually what comes with me to the gym, but I also love this tote for the gym if I’m packing an actual “gym bag”.

10. Do either of you have any advice on cutting your own jeans for the raw hem look? I just bought the Levi 721s and they’re super long on me (I’m 5’2) so instead of hemming them I was just thinking of cutting them since they’re super distressed anyway. I’ve never cut my own jeans though and don’t want them to shred. I think one of you mentioned cutting your own recently – any advice?
I’m actually going to cut a pair this weekend, so I’m planning to do a tutorial blog post on it next week! Stay tuned! It’s nothing crazy (most of the time I wing it lol), but I get a lot of questions about it, so I thought I’d take pictures as I do it and turn it into a blog post.
The only time I’ve done it, I completely winged it haha. I put the jeans on, made a line wear I wanted to cut them and just went for it. They luckily turned out fine but theres probably a better way to do it!

11. Random question but where do your moms shop? My mom loves fashion but I often feel bad when she asks me “where did you get that” and it’s from trendy sites that skew younger. She is early sixties and I want to buy her a few things that will make her feel good but age appropriate.
My mom likes Banana Republic, Nordstrom, Lululemon, Shopbop, and Loft!
Brooke: My mom mostly shops at Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Athleta, and Lululemon (for comfy/athleisure clothes).

12. Meggan – Can you share a hair tutorial or styling tips? I think my hair is similar to yours (from your past comments). I have lots of natural wave, but cannot style it curly to save my life!
Okay I feel like I’m soo so boring when it comes to hair! I’ve been curling it the same way since high school. I’ve tried to use a wand so many times and burn my hands to death and the curls look wonky. I need Brooke to teach me lol! But here’s what I do: use this Bumble and bumble spray (also love this platinum blow-dry spray) after I towel dry my hair, dry, divide my hair in sections and use this heat protectant spray, curl my hair with a 1 inch curling iron, spray with hairspray and brush the curls out. My hair is really thick and texturized which helps hold the curl!

13. What are both your Valentine’s Day gifts or ideas for the day/night with your husbands?
My mom comes to Dallas on Valentine’s Day so I’ll be cooking a romantic meal for the three of us 😉 We don’t usually do gifts (just cards) but this year I’m getting him slippers because I just made him throw his away. They were disgusting lollll.
Brooke: We don’t do Valentine’s Day gifts…but we usually go out for dinner to celebrate!

14. For my job I can wear dark jeans but all of mine have distressing. Have you guys found a good pair of dark denim without distressing?! I like high waisted skinny jeans but am struggling lately.
A few pairs that look great: here, here, and here (on sale!). 

15. My boyfriend and I are trying something different for Valentine’s Day this year where I will be cooking Vday brunch & he will cook Vday dinner. I’m looking for some inspo or advice on creating a pretty tablescape! I loved Meggan’s chic Halloween decor and was thinking something similar and understated vday-ish/lovey-ish?!
That’s such a cute idea, seriously love it!! For my Halloween decor I got everything at Target and World Market and tried to get things that I could use again like candle sticks, lanterns, glasses, etc. I was at both places this week and they have some cute Valentine’s Day stuff! I like these marble/gold candle holdersthis wine decanter, these glasses, this hourglass (fun and different for a tablescape), this cheese board, and these mugs, and this dinnerware set (soo pretty!). I’d keep the table simple with neutrals and hints of pink and red with a pretty floral centerpiece. Love this, this, and this.

16. I’m going to Miami for a chill week with my boyfriend, I’m on the hunt for some date night and beach/pool lounge wear to pack. I would love any of your suggestions!
For date night we love this set (top + skirt), this lace overlay romper, this ruffle dress (would be cute for daytime too with a hat and sandals!), and this red dress! For the beach: this colorful coverup, this jumpsuit, and this maxi dress.

17. I’m looking to purchase a new designer handbag and have been trying to decide on a bag that has optimum style versatility and can be dressed right down or dressed up for nights out. I have been scouting these 3 (one, two, three) but would love to know your opinion and if you have any other suggestions!
We vote for the Dionysus or the Nano! The Dionysus is a little more durable and easy to wear, but the Nano is a classic too. The Soho Disco loses it’s shape really easily, and feel like it’s kind of been done, so that’s our vote!

18. My fiancé and I will be getting married in Italy at the end of April, just us two. 🙂 Prior to our trip we will have a celebratory dinner with our closest friends and families in Dallas. The dinner is being held at a fun steakhouse in a private room. I’m in search of a white spring outfit to wear!  The dinner is cocktail attire – would love a amazing jumpsuit or a fun white dress. I’m open to all price ranges and hopefully would be able to wear the outfit again!
Italy?! That will be so sweet and special! For dinner we love this dress (seriously stunning!), this dress, this one, and this jumpsuit

19. My mom and aunt are running in the Boston Marathon this April and I get to tag along as the professional cheerleader! I am at a complete loss though as to what to pack for Boston during this transitional weather time. Any suggestions?
We would just make sure to layer since it could be warm or it could be cold! Bring a couple tees (this is our favorite under $20!), a denim jacket, a sweater or sweatshirt (in case it’s colder), a warmer jacket, jeans, and sneakers/flats (since you’ll probably be doing a lot of walking). Just make sure you have warmer options with you, you can always take things off and just wear a tee if it’s warm! Have so much fun!

20. Meggan – I love the cactus wallpaper in Cam’s room and am thinking about ordering it for my little one’s “big boy” room. Any suggestions on bedding (twin bed) that might go well with it? Also, do you mind sharing where you got your drapes with the poms for his room? I remember seeing them and liking them in a previous post.
The wallpaper is so cute! I’m putting it in his room at our new house too! I got his pompom curtains from Urban (here) and love them because they’re blackout. I think simple modern bedding looks best with the wallpaper since it’s so busy. I found some cute options here (they have the cutessttt stuff!), here, and here!

21. I’m looking for boyfriend jeans – what are your favorites? I would love a pair that I can wear to work (no distressing) and also another pair to wear on the weekends. I’m also 5’10”, so not wanting anything too cropped. Also hoping to not break the bank on them. (With Levi’s and Abercrombie being so wonderful AND inexpensive, I’m loving not spending too much on jeans as of lately).
This pair is so cute and super affordable! Also loving these (super fun detail), and these! And…not for work b/c they are distressed, but we’re obsessed with this pair – only $40!

22. I’m looking for a white bag for spring – any you ladies are loving?
Not sure of the price range you’re looking for, but some white bags we are loving: here, here, here, and here.

23. Brooke – how was the non-dairy cheese? Did it taste like real cheese? Did it melt? I’m looking to cut dairy from my diet but I’m nervous!
I thought it was really good! I baked it (on a GG pizza), so I’m not sure how it tastes alone – like on a salad or something, but it was good on the little pizza! It didn’t melt all the way (you can see it on stories still!), but pretty well!

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