1. I am searching high and low for the best probiotic, what do you guys recommend?
I’m on my second pack/month of the Tula probiotics and so far really like them. I feel like my skin is the best it’s ever been and I think these are definitely contributing! I would highly recommend trying them. Also – you can use the code SOMEWHERELATELY for 20% off + free shipping on your Tula order :)
Brooke: I just got the ones from Tula that Meggan is using and going to start taking them ASAP! Her skin is insane right now! #yesplease

2. My sweet boyfriend, though I love him dearly and he is wonderful 99.99999% of the time, has been biting his nails since he was little. It drives me crazy and I think it makes him looks less professional (he is a doctor). I have told him a few times he should stop but he is sensitive and also gets a little annoyed that I am trying to mother him….any recommendations for helping your men break their bad habits?
Okay I’m on the other side of this lol b/c I had/have a really bad habit of picking on/biting the skin on my thumbs (so gross, I know). It’s such a bad habit and I hate the way it looks – I’m sure your bf doesn’t actually enjoy the fact that he bites his nails lol, but habits are hard to break. The only thing that has worked for me is every time I’m tempted to do it (sometimes I notice myself doing it before I even realize it), I stop and say out loud, “I’m not going to pick on  my fingers.” It sounds dumb, but it is literally the only thing that works for me. If he wants to break this habit, have him try it. If he’s not open to your suggestion of stopping, I don’t think there’s a lot you can do since you said he gets a little annoyed. As annoying as it is for you, I would just try to ignore it if he can’t stop, and try to focus on that 99.9999% of goodness ;).
Meggan: I used to be a nail biter and it was sooo hard to break!! I didn’t stop until I was in college and started getting my nails done. I would bite them and be like WTF that was such a waste of money. Maybe you could just tell him that you want to help him stop and come up with some ideas. The only thing that helped me was putting nail polish removers on my fingers so they tasted horrible lol.

3. I’m hosting a Galentines party next week (no boys allowed!) and am looking for a cute red festive top/dress/jumpsuit that I can wear again! Would love something sweet and unique!
Okay this is kind of an overload but we found too many cute things and didn’t want to leave any out! Loving this jumpsuit, this lace overlay romper, this blousethis dress (seriously gorgeous!), this lace top, this knotted jumpsuit, and this mini.

4. Can you share your experiences with sleep training your kids? I have a 5 week old and am looking for the light at the end of the tunnel regarding sleep! And Meggan, did you try any colic remedies that worked? I’ve tried Mylicon and gripe water with no real improvement, and am now starting Gerber Soothe Drops.
Totally agree with what Meggan said about the days being long but the years being short! It can feel so hard at times, but just try to embrace it and know there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel! We started sleep training around 5-6 months, so you still have some time. I know it doesn’t work for everyone (annnd everyone has different opinions regarding sleep training), but it was great for us! We pretty much followed the Ferber method, and it can be SO hard the first couple of times – no mama wants to hear her baby crying, but by nights 3-4 we were done and my girls were sleep trained. My pediatrician also recommended never picking your baby up when you go back in their room during sleep training, just pat their tummies/back while they’re still in the crib and say, “It’s time to go to sleep,” and then leave again. You have a few months to go before sleep training, but it will go quickly! Enjoy those newborn cuddles while you still can mama! ;)
Ohh no I’m sorry your little one is colicky, it’s so so hard :( When Cam was colic my mom always said to me “the days are long but the years are short” which ended up being so true! I tried everything and felt like nothing really worked (he’s stubborn) but here they are: cut out dairy out of diet, essential oils (lavender and digestzen), gripe water, vacuum cleaner (this worked for my mom when my brother was colicky – the sound was the only thing that made him stop crying), Zantac, probiotics, bicycle legs, bouncing, warm baths, tummy massages, and baby wearing. My SIL brought her baby to the chiropractor and she thought it helped! And for sleep training we did the CIO method and started it at 6 months. It’s not for everyone but we started with short increments – 5mins, 10mins, 15mins, and so on. He is honestly the best sleeper! He sleeps 12 hours a night and still is taking a 4ish hour nap in the afternoon. Also, I think Brooke told me this trick but we would give him a little water at night when he was waking up (and shouldn’t of been) so he realized he wasn’t going to get fed. That helped cut out the late night feedings. Good luck mama!

5. How did you guys find a doctor that you could trust after moving? I just moved and the thought of finding a new family doctor/dentist/optometrists/obgyn sounds so daunting!
I actually found a lot of recommendations on the Nextdoor app and from there did a ton of research and read reviews! And luckily, my SIL had a friend that lived in my neighborhood and she actually recommended my OBGYN and Cam’s pediatrician.
Brooke: Well, if you read my “5 things you may not know about me” on our instastories you know about my nightmare with the first doctor I went to when we moved. After that, I used the website ZocDoc – it’s like yelp for doctors! I pretty much live off of reviews (restaurants, clothes, doctors…lol), so this website is great! Love that you can actually read/write reviews rather than just give a star rating. Good luck!

6. This may be too personal, but have either of you ever been in therapy? If so, did you find it helpful? I find myself really struggling with my anxiety lately and would appreciate any insight.
I haven’t, but after I shared my fears/”worst case scenario” thought process, a lot of people told me to try therapy because they feel the same way/have anxiety and said that therapy is the only thing that has helped! I would definitely try it!
I never have but I have a couple friends who have gone to therapy for their anxiety! It’s definitely worth a try and nothing to be ashamed of.

7. I have been going out on a few dates and need to refresh my wardrobe with some tops that I feel confident in. Do you have any recommendations for any date night tops?
Yes! Love this bodysuit, this halter top (I have it in black!), this blouse, and this bodysuit (simple but sexy!).

8. What are your Starbucks orders?
Soy latte or a medicine ball with steamed coconut milk instead of the lemonade!
Brooke: Vanilla latte with coconut milk or a medicine ball with coconut milk instead of the lemonade (so much sugar in their lemonade – Meggan came up with the coconut milk sub and it’s great!)

9. Do either of you have any good gift ideas for bridesmaids? What did you girls give?
I gave my girls scarves/pashminas to wear during the reception (it was an outdoor wedding in November in California, so it was chilly at night) and jewelry. I love the idea of cute silk robes to get ready in together, or fun personalized coffee mugs/champagne flutes to use while you’re all getting ready for the big day!
I did a post on it here (scroll to bottom)!

10. I’m going wine tasting with my boyfriend in Santa Barbara the weekend after Valentine’s Day and am looking for a perfect, breezy dress to wear. It will be mid 70’s- so wouldn’t be against a fun jacket too. Looking for something bright and fun. I’ve been searching high and low but am stumped!
Love this one (in white), this one, this one, and this one (runs big, go down a size). We always love denim jackets with dresses – this one is our favorite. 

11. I’m looking for some basic white/black tees to wear under jackets and cardigans. Do y’all have any favorites?
My favorites are these Topshop tees, these Madewell ones, and this Current Elliot vneck.
Brooke: I second the Madewell & Current Elliot tees Meggan linked (need to try those Topshop ones!), and I also love this one from Frame.

12. Brooke – did you figure out why your eye was twitching? What did you do to fix it?
 No! I never figured out what was making it twitch but OMG that may have been the most annoying thing ever! It lasted for over a month…every single day! Most people said lack of sleep, stress, and starting at a computer screen can all be causes. I’m sure it was one (if not all three) of those! It did finally go away and I’m so thankful lol! I’m trying to get more sleep & not stare at my computer/screen as much, and I also bought these blue light blockers after seeing them on the Skinny Confidential. Not cute lol, but they work really well!

13. I’m going to a surprise 30th birthday party in NY in March and cocktail attire is required. Any suggestions?
Fun! Love this dress, this onethis one, and this one!

14. Any recommendations for a great birthday gift for my 18 year old niece?
We feel like 18 year olds love beauty/makeup stuff or fun jewelry that they may not be able to buy themselves. Some ideas – this eyeshadow palette, fancy lipstick, a Clarisonic (great gift! not sure of your budget), these earrings, this jewelry box (love!),  and this personalized ring – so special, love this too!

15. I am going to San Francisco and Sonoma for Spring break this year! We will be doing lots of walking around and of course lots of wine tasting! Since we will be walking around a lot I would love some cute outfit ideas that would be practical for the trip. Also, I have no idea what the weather is like there in March!
We have no idea what the weather is like there in March either, but we’re guessing it could be cool in the mornings and warmer in the afternoons?! Maybe some dresses with a denim jacket or jeans and tees. Love this dress, this one (similar but long sleeves), this one for wine tasting, love these jeans, and these tees are a great closet staple.

16. Could you round up white dress outfit options for brides this spring and summer for all things bridal (shower, rehearsal dinner, etc.)?
Some perfect white dresses for brides (or anyone looking for a white dress really!) – one, two, three, four, and five.

17. This is kind of random but I’m looking for a good work bag that’s not huge or super preppy. I tend to have a slightly edgier style and I don’t love the super sleek classic work bags I see for women. Any suggestions? Preferably an affordable option!
Loving this tote (under $100 and looks designer!), this velvet backpack, and not sure if this bag is too big, but love the shape!

18. My husband and I currently drive a Nissan and an Audi – both SUVs of similar size. We have one child and eventually will round out our family with a second. My husband thinks we need to upgrade to an Escalade or Tahoe size but I just can’t imagine driving anything bigger than my SUV (only has two rows)! It just seems like a lot of work finding a place to park, fitting in the garage, etc. Do you ladies have large SUVs? Do you wish you had stuck with a smaller one or do you have a smaller and want to go bigger?
I drive a midsize SUV but I I feel like it’s already getting tight – I can’t imagine having two car seats back there! It does have a third row it’s not the roomiest. My husband and I have talked about getting a larger one and probably will eventually. I actually don’t mind driving big cars…my first one was a Denali and my parents have always had large ones that I drove from time to time!
Brooke: I drive a mid-size SUV also, and at the time decided on that one because it was rated the safest car (I think now the Volvo XC90 is), but it only has 2 rows and I wish I had 3. It’s fine when it’s just us and the kids, but if we ever have family or friends visiting it’s an issue b/c there’s not enough room. I wish I had a third row, I think we will probably get a Tahoe or Suburban also. I agree – they are seriously massive (my dad has always driven a Suburban and I hate driving/parking it), but SUVs with a lot of space are actually hard to find! I’ve heard good things about the GMC Acadia, Volvo XC90, and the new VW Atlas (these all have three rows but are a little smaller than a Tahoe/Suburban).

19. My bachelorette party will be in Scottsdale this September, and I’ve been scouring the internet for a white bikini and fun white dress to wear out. I’m a total sucker for brides in white. It’s a ways out, but thinking getting something now would be excellent motivation to keep at it in the gym/healthy eating. Would love your recommendations!
That’s where I had mine – you will have a blast! Obsessed with this one-piece (I got it for my bach + honeymoon!), these high-waisted bottoms, this bikini, this one-piece, and this simple off-the-shoulder! And for dresses – loving this one and this one!

20. I’m going on vacation to Mexico with mom in March. Looking for some cute new swimsuits and dresses for dinners out!
Some amazing swimsuits: here, here, here, and here. And dresses: here, here (Brooke has this and it’s sooo pretty!), here, and here. Have fun!

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