1. I’m going to a “garden party” themed wedding next month. Any suggestions for a spring-y and super pretty dress?
Not sure if you have a specific budget, but some of our favorites at different price points – one, two, three, fourfive (loving everything from this brand!), and six!

2. Brooke – I know you mentioned on insta stories, but I forgot to screenshot! Who do you go to in NYC for cut/color? I’m looking to do balayage and feel like it’s hard to find someone good!
I go to Bianca at BIANCHI SALON (@hairthrone on instagram) – looove her, she’s so great! She also does free consultations if you’re nervous – which is amazing and such a good idea.

3. Are there any trends you see being really big for spring/summer 2018?
Some trends we think will be big this year – fanny packs/belt bags, smaller sunglasses, lots of logos (think of all the new Fendi bags, Dior slingbacks & Gucci tees for example), straw bags & hats are big again this year (we love!), and slide sandals again (yay)! 

 4. I absolutely love your blog. I have been thinking about starting one for a while now and I just don’t know what website to use or even where to start! Any tips or tricks?
Thank you! You kind of just have to go for it! We had no clue what we were doing when we started either, but you learn as you go. We use WordPress (used to use blogger), and are really happy with it! We hired someone to design our site, but there are a lot of templates that you can purchase inexpensively on Etsy as well! Just go for it girl! xx

 5. Any recommendations for cute jean shorts (mom friendly length, nothing too short) in a few price points? Going on a family vacay to FL in March and need a cute pair!
Some longer shorts at various price points (and lengths) we think look great: here, here, here, and here. Have fun!

6. My 30th birthday party is in a few weeks and I will be 16 weeks pregnant. I am having a hard time finding a cute but loose fitting tops. Any ideas?
This one 
is so cute and has a loose fit, also loving this one, this one, and this one (obsessed with the ivory)! Happy early 30th! xx

7. I’m going to NYC for the first time. We are staying in Times Square…I’m trying to decide what I need to do while I’m there, what are some “most” you need to do while in New York?
I think it totally depends on the type of traveler you are (do you like to see touristy places or live like a local?). Either way, some of my favorite spots are – Rockefeller Center (and Top of The Rock), Central Park, Madison & 5th Avenue if you want to get that NYC shopping experience/look at all the windows, Tribeca, West Village & Soho to discover cute shops, restaurants, and coffee shops (my favorite NYC neighborhoods), The 9/11 Memorial is a must-see in my opinion, The High Line, Walk the Brooklyn Bridge (or just see it, so pretty!), and then go to DUMBO (favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn). That’s a lot in itself, but it just totally depends. Obviously NYC is full of amazing museums as well if you’re interested in that – The Met and the MOMA are my favorites. Not sure when you’re coming, but The Met has a beautiful rooftop in the spring/summer that is fun! One thing I really want to do this year is find the best restaurant in Chinatown and eat there, but I need to find out what it is first ;). Hope that helps!

8. I’m going to Nashville in late March with some friends – can you help with some outfit ideas for day/night? I want to look cute but not TOO country!
Nashville is very casual so you can definitely get away with jeans, booties, cute top – don’t need anything too fancy! For daytime we would pack distressed jeans (love this pair and this pair), this henley bodysuit (could be cute with a scarf like this or this), this denim button downthis slouchy sweater, these booties, this blouse, and this cutoff denim jacket. For night we love: this jumpsuit, this floral blouse, and this dress (so cute with booties!).

9. Hey girls! I am going on a vacation with my husband & kids this March to visiting BIL in Australia. It will be in the mid 80s. Since we are traveling with our 3 kids we are trying to pack as light as possible. I could use any recommendations you have on items that are comfortable & will still look cute- can be a struggle! Ideally things I can mix & match & wear multiple times/ways throughout the trip. Shoes, tops, bottoms, swimsuits- I’d love any suggestions!
SO jealous omg! When we’re traveling light, we try to pack as many dresses as possible – one outfit in 1/2 the space! Some versatile ones that could easily be worn multiple times on your trip here, here, and here. Pack a denim jacket (tie around your waist during the day & wear at night), a couple tees & tanks (solid or stripe, no print so you don’t get sick of them or feel like you can’t wear them again), a pair of denim shorts, and a nicer dress (obsessed!) or two if you plan to go to any nice restaurants. For shoes, we really try to only pack three pairs (and we wear one pair on the plane). A pair of sneakers, a pair of flip flops/slides or whatever you’d wear to a beach/pool, and a pair of nude heels or wedges for any nicer outfits you end up packing (this pair goes with everything). Loving this swimsuit and this bikini. Some lightweight cover-ups and other fun outfits here, here, and here. Have fun!

10. I have 3 bachelorette parties this spring and summer in Scottsdale, Miami and Denver so I’m in need of a few cute bathing suits. Where are your favorite places to shop for suits? Or any suggestions?! We look pretty much everywhere when it comes to swim b/c honestly you never know what you’ll find! Some we’re loving – this one, this one (looks designer, under $20!), okay THIS color combo is so good, this bikini (okay, LOVE!), and this one! SO many cute, affordable suit & coverup options here – seriously impressed! We don’t love spending a lot on suits (but we will if we find one we love) because there are so many amazing options that aren’t expensive! 

11. Your ladies’ favorite protein shake/smoothie recipe?
Mine is – ice (exclude if I remember to freeze 1/2 banana), 1/2 banana, almond milk, chia seeds, vegan chocolate protein powder (I use this), almond butter, and sometimes like to add cinnamon and spinach. I always add spinach if I have it in my fridge – you can’t taste it at all.
Meggan: I haven’t been making smoothies lately (need to start again!) but my mom just made this for me and it was soo good. Handful of ice, almond milk, protein powder, chia seeds, almond butter, 1/2 banana, kale, spinach, 1 scoop collagen peptides, 1 tsp bulletproof brain octane.

12. Can you recommend any good gifts for a sister’s 40th birthday? Something pretty and kept at $100 or less.  Thanks!
We think a piece of jewelry that is personalized is so sweet and doesn’t have to be expensive. Love this necklace, this ring, and these earrings. Another idea would be a jewelry holder (on sale! you can also monogram this) or tray

13. Even though smaller frames are supposed to be all the rage this year, my high cheekbones simply do not work with those (I look like a chipmunk wearing a child’s sunnies). For this reason, I’m on the lookout for a new pair of oversized sunglasses and would love your opinion! Are there any that have caught your eye?
LOL! Not sure if we can pull them off either, so we feel you! Some larger frames we’re loving: this pair (so cute on!), this pair, these, and these

14. I’m looking for an outfit for a work event next week. Hoping to purchase on Revolve (love their fast shipping!) something under $100. Any suggestions?
Not sure of the dress code of your event, but some options we think look great are: this dress (could throw a cardigan or blazer over the top if needed), this blouse or this one with wide leg or any work pants, this dress, and this dress.

15. Meggan – how do you style your Givenchy buckle boots?? Also, have you found any good dupes? Love them!
I wear them with pretty much anything! My Spanx faux leather leggings (the moto pair too), raw hem jeans, band tees, oversized sweaters, etc. For spring I think the look so cute with cutoff shorts and a lightweight sweater like this. Some good dupes are here (on clearance!), here, here, and here!

16. My friend’s mom recently passed away and her birthday is coming up. I would like to get her a great meaningful gift that she can cherish forever. Any ideas you ladies have would be appreciated!
Oh my gosh, we are so sorry :(. Maybe a piece of jewelry with her mom’s initials or birthstone. This necklace can actually be personalized with her mom’s handwriting if she has any notes from her mom – this would probably be the most special gift she would cherish. More custom hand-written jewelry options here. A letter to your friend from you would probably mean a lot as well (she knows you’re there, but sometimes written words can be so powerful), we can’t imagine what she’s going through. 

17. Can you do a roundup of your current favorite belts to wear with jeans preferably under $50?
Love this one, this one (love!), this one (great Gucci dupe!), and this one

18. I’m going to Italy at the end of March for vacation! I’m struggling to find the perfect chic and light spring coat that will go with just about everything (weather could range from 50-65 degrees or so), could you recommend any?!
We love a good trench – this one is 40% off and so cute! This one looks so cozy and comfy (50s is definitely chilly!), and loving this one and this one (love!) too! These are all super versatile and so cute! Have fun! 

19. We are throwing my best friend a bachelorette party weekend in New Orleans at the end of April. Any suggestions on great day to night outfits that don’t cost a fortune and are a little more modest? I like to keep my fashion simple but fun and am struggling to find things that aren’t too revealing and that won’t make my husband cringe when he checks the bank account!
A simple black jumpsuit is something that’s easy to take from day to night! During the day you can style with a jean jacket, sneakers (or sandals) and night throw on some heels and red lipstick! Love this one, this one, this one, and this one!

20. Meggan – I love seeing progress on the new house (I’m in the middle of a remodel too!). When are you officially moving in?
We have gradually been moving what we can this past week (did you guys see our couch hanging out of our car LOL – luckily we only have to drive a couple blocks) but have our truck on Monday. Most of our stuff is over there except big pieces of furniture and our clothes! They finally get to start on the master bath this weekend so we will be staying in the guest room until thats finished. I can’t wait to be settled!

Please leave your questions for next week below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xo